Sunday, October 25, 2009


Every time when i doubted You, You somehow showed me the wonders You can do and instantly, I am back at Your feet.Trusting You more and somehow holding onto You, believing that everything is going to be all right cause You are there.

Every time when i thought i was alone, You somehow bring someone into my life and that someone will eventually guide me back to You. It is awesome that way cause You know that i live skeptically, so You bring practicality into my life and I'd fall for that and be in Your arms again.

Every time when i cried silently thinking that no one else would know or understand what i am going through, but You know it all along and You pulled me back up from the dirt that i was in, cleaned me up, taught me to held high my head and start all over again. With You by my side.

When every thing around me seemed to be against me, You are always there for me.
You always forgive me and never ever criticized me and love me for who i am.
For that reason~



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