Thursday, October 1, 2009

He Thinks He Owns It

This is what I will see and deal with everyday when i am at work. Those papers are filled with customer's data which we are needed to key in those, the computer(obviously)to store the keyed in data and the remote control(the essential)is to control the air con's temperature so that i do not freeze to death and not too hot till i sweat la.

I keep adjusting the temperature today then kena sounding wtf.

And he thinks he owns the place!!!
Sleeping samo!

Till someone messaged him and his funny ringtone jolted him up! He should put his "horny ringtone" weh! LOL


Seraph said...

hahaha blardy jeffro lol

Victoria said...

LOL!!! He did his work so damn fast i tell you! Made me envy only!

Jeffro said...

Imma Da Man! =P

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