Monday, October 26, 2009

No More

Today can be the worst day ever and it might be the best day i had in my whole entire college life.

Thing is, I have got no money(extra)even though i work and work and work and dropped off my ass due to that but i still can live on with no EXTRA cash in hand. I am happy with no worries in life, as in big worries.

Tralala~ Guess i wouldn't be blogging much after today cause i got no laptop now. I had decided, well, SOMEONE had decided to part me away from my dear lappie. Fated. And i will never trust You again when i thought i should, You took the trust away.

I shall be emo till i get what i want, which is a New Laptop and some Extra cash on hand.
It hurts so much deep down inside to see but to not get what you see. It's like someone placing a Hope in front of you and do all sorts of monkey-do's to get you closer, and when you are within reach with Hope, the giver snatches it back(harshly) and all you get is a nice *slap* on the face and leaves you stranded there all alone.

Wouldn't want to go church ANYMORE too. I have lost trust.


ftw said...

there is a chinese saying goes..."look far abit", infact we must think positively as said in d book "secret". what go around, come around...
so cheerup lil' (@,@)

Victoria said...

ftw:: hahahaha i dun quite get what u say but thanks for consoling

ftw said...

oh, jus wanna share some great thoughts wif u from a book called "secret".
or let's put it this way: do u believe in seeing a rainbow after rainy day?

Victoria said...

ftw:: i used to believe and now i can only hope that i still believe that i still hold on to that belief.

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