Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where Was I?

When was the last time i blogged again?
okay, total impromptu. Cause that was the one and only think that i was thinking when i clicked "New Post" and i am on this site with a blank piece of box for me to type.
I still don't remember when was the last time i blogged but i remember the last time i blog, it was also an overdue post. Not that I don't have anything to write here, but i think i am back being the procrastinating me. The blogging bug is just isn't parasitic on me for the past few days. Could be due to nothing THAT interesting things happened in my life that i would want the rest to read about, or it could be something that is TOO secretive that I don't want people to know about.

It's either way. To the reason that i blogged less nowadays.
Ohh ohh~ can the addiction to Cafe World be in the reasons too??
Cause i think i Cafe World-ed way too much.

Anywhos, there are still people harping and asking on me or rather should i say,CHECKING on me to want to know that whether i am still in a relationship or no. The answer is a big NO.
I am no longer in a relationship (that i think some of you read before) that i thought it was made in heaven and he is the Mr.Right for me. Turns out to be a Mr.All Wrong wtf.
It was a short relationship. As short as i could count it all using ONLY my fingers. I guess we did not know each other well enough and i totally UPPER-estimated him, if there were such a word.

I thought i can just practice the good ol' Give-And-Take. But boohoo~Victoria is always known to be the Taker and not the Giver. Cause i am just not that noble la okay. Hate me for it? Well, f you!! I am just being "the" who i am and not like some of you bitch out there who looks like a doll outside but a real hateable tranny when there's no one around.*this is not a flaming post* I tried, really, to arrange my college time and with his working time so that both of us can meet up together once every week and i was mad gung ho at the planning till to the day that we can meet up.

He screwed up one day. And i was sad obviously, not VERY but just SAD. Cause then i would have to wait for another week. By the third day of the another week, i realized that "hey, he is not that important after all!" and i started to emit "Live Without Him but I Still Am Alive". And he is getting really boring cause he kept asking the same ol questions like 5 - 6 times a day at every and very unapproriate timings. Which turned love into annoyance.
I get annoyed easily i know. That's me. Annoyance turned into hatred then.
Walah!! I am single!! But i don't think i want to hang the sign "available" cause that sounds a lil bitchy and Chow Kit chick wtf.
End of love life story. I still like being a loner who is allowed to flirt once in a while.

So since that day onwards, my life is a boring one. Teehee but i am loving every minute of self indulgence with close friends doing things i love doing without having the urge to "report" to someone so that the someone wouldn't need to crack their brains thinking what am i up to and who am i with. I just hate reporting la okay knn.

On a total random note... My results arent good and i feel like i want to blame on him can?
It's because he suddenly exist in my life and coincidentally on my finals week and i have to think about my then bf and then procrastination to study was so heavy fml and every single minute all i wanted to do was to message and talk to him. Totally ignored studies. Regret much?? Hell yeah!!

Am still in search of what i want.<3


ftw said...

sometimes, free as a bird is great but there are times u really feel like missing something, especially day like ...okay say the next year cny first day...

Victoria said...

ftw:: hahahahaha!!! cny next year!! angpau ma!
yea i noe~ its so so wtf la cause sometimes i wna be free but there are times where i just want someone to be there.

ftw said...

aiya ah lui, more than angpau, i mean d date on that day. u know when it times like that, wouldn't it be great to hv someone there?

p/s: pls check 2010 cal k :)

by d way, how was akon party?

Victoria said...

ftw:: what?? what 2010 cal??
and i wasnt at the akon party.
eh eh who are u ar? u sound like u noe me!! hahahahahah

ftw said...

ok, story cut's Feb 14th.
me who? yes, i noe d panda (@,@) an average drinker...remember?

Victoria said...

ftw:: yea i noe feb 14 and yea u said i was an average drinker.. cause u say my face turns red after drinking?

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