Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Am Back To Business

There are always reasons to why I update blog like 2-3 times per day and why when sometimes i do not update for days which leads to weeks. Mainly, college assignments and frustrations filled up too much space in my brain and that leads to stress and inferiority. When that happens, I feel oh-so-dayum tired and so I release stress at Facebook.


wtf. My besttie irreplaceable okay! She chiow with me one! LOL!


And we finally realized that we had to do more than just eating less in a day, more than just sitting there cracking our brains on what to eat everyday in college after classes because we want to so-called diet like that, more than just envying other people who have no flabs at their tummy, hands, thighs and etc place you all could think of and most importanly, more than just sitting there whining and day dreaming the "what if's".

There isn't any "what if's". There are no free lunch in this world, you gotta work your ass hard to get what you deserve. So we finally gym-ed! With each other! Awesome okay!!

us at the Leg Press machine. It was so OMFG heavy okay!
Previously, theres this guy,really scrutiny type was at it with 20kg of weight each side and he was like shivering at his 6th press. We thought "wth! wah shaky already, so hard meh?!" cause we did not realized that it was frigging 20KGS!!

We OBVIOUSLY took it out and did it without the added weight and i felt like i was doing 50 KGS wtf. So lack of exercise okay! Now leg pain.O.o


Woohoo! I like this the most really!
I really like to play bend backwards and to practice my flex. And i realized that i am not as flex as how i used to be 3 years back. FML.

Although that was all the pictures that we took cause did you notice that there are others who were in there too and they were all practically looking at us cam-ho-ing like a whore wtf and luckily did not stand and stare la.
We took pictures at the end of the one hour ++ session of us working out that is. Had a great one and the treadmill told me that i lost 50 calories! ^^

Leaving you here with a big picture of my very tired,non makeup and filled with dark heavy eyebags face.

I will be right back again. Loves all!


ftw said...

luv that panda eyes (@,@)

Victoria said...

ftw:: hahahahaha sarcasm!!! me likey!! LOL :roll:
yea yea nice right the eyebag wtf

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