Sunday, October 11, 2009

College Officially Restarts!


Well, for me it is OFFICIAL tomorrow because no more sleeping till late in the afternoons, waking up to prepared breakfast on the table and going online the whole day. Of course, there will also be NO time for me to do the things i want to do such as shopping, outing with friends or just sit back, relax and stone wtf.

I am actually very happy with my semester break this time around. I totally did what i wrote on my "To-Do-List-For-Break" and much much happy with all the events, all the meeting up and all the run abouts.LOL.

So i am not hesitating to replace back my arse to college life where there is no life but heaps and piles of assignment thrusting to my face everyday. Where there is today and forever but no ending. Where problems and bitchings here and there emits. Not forgetting, where my eye bags will darken and sag a 360 degree wtf.

Going off now cause Monday is a 8 a.m lecture.FML.

p/s: every picture that i use XiuXiu editor will be labeled so that people don't think that i hate myself and uses photoshop like hell. I dun have photoshop anyway.
p/p/s: that is a way back date picture, my hair looks nothing like that now. More like lalang now. Should i move my arse to da salon??


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