Thursday, October 8, 2009

Semester Restarts

After a whole 3 weeks of vacation, outings with friends, time to chill and of course to work, my 2nd year of Diploma's 2nd semester restarts! Actually, the college reopens for 4 days now, counting today and today is the first day where i decide to go college to have a look around.

Our timetable says that there will only be lectures on the first week and everything will resume as normal starting of the second week. To us, lectures means not much of teaching but more of bullshitting from the lectures and(ofcourse)from us. So we decided to skip the first week of this semester. Big mistake! Cause the lecturers started to teach. Found out about that today, but it was covered during my first semester, so no worries.

The bill came in today. So fast! Usually is the third week! TARC not enough cash flow ka?! LOL

So it's bye to work and hi to good ol' lecture classes and tutorials.

Went around town for a walk before heading home cause it was still early, and suddenly i have this urge to do the Pringles post to entitled me to get an expense-paid trip to Singapore and also to attend the NN Awards. And i went hunting for the Prawn Flavored Pringles. To my dismay, there is none. Nadah~ Emo-ed and head back home wtf.
A bit dulan and tired. This is behind Times Square where the bus do not come on time and luckily the weather is nice today.

20 minutes later, my bus arrived and i happily hoped onto the bus and nearly got conned for the bus fare. WTF. Do i look like i am some Japanese looking girl who do not understand English?!
Then i got more irritated when two aunties came up on the next stop and sat harshly beside me, a bit of her butt kena-ed me and it was damn pain la! Cause she is fat. And talked about me!


p/s:: all pictures of me cause i deserve it okay. after like so many post of pictures filled with Jeff's, no its time to indulge your eyes on me okay. LOL


~XiAnG~ said...

TARC bills came after the first week? Then Sunway more hungry for money dy lor... Before class commence we have to purposely go to campus to pay tuition fees...

Victoria said...

xiang:: LOL! omfg! is that fer real? purposely go to PAY! lol salute salute

Jeffro said...

=.= Where got lotsa picture of me? nvm nvm.. i like seeing ur pictures though.. pictures of u.. @.@

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