Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vox In a Week

Yes I have not been blogging regularly and as you can see, i would LOVE to summarize everything into one blog post cause i am lazy like that wtf. But! I am so gonna bribe you all with nice, moving and damn lomo kinda pictures. Cause i just discovered something that people discovered long ago and probably tired of it already wtf.


For the past whole week, i had been out and about all around Kuala Lumpur i would say so myself. I think i went out almost every night too after working with cousins and yumcha sessions with friends. Yea yea, i did. And i have got to tell you, for this past week, would have been the one awesome week that i had gone out so much without mum nagging and asking so much. I think she has come to her senses that i am no longer her 9 year old diaper wearing daughter and i am turning into my twenty SOON.. But i still love her unceasely!

Other than being selfish and going out with my friends ALL the time, i went out with her too okay. To do grocery wtf. Cause that is all the reason that she will go out. NO~ she is not a boring and not sporting mum, she really is in fact but going EVERY WHERE this days equals to traffic jam EVERY WHERE. So she is tired of it and mind you, went grocery shopping today also jam okay wtf...


And there were so many people that it scared me silly enough to just stand there and stone. While waiting for my mum to go pick out what she ones, then she will order me to go weigh the thing for the price, then order me around some more with the trolley, then order me around more when people is in her way(yea i bodyguard cause i bigger size than her wtf) and at the end of the day, i get my "pay" which is what i like to eat most! ICE CREAM! teehee wtf *giggles like a kiddo* Oh well, i guess i am still her diaper wearing 9 year old daughter! LOL.

Meanwhile, I was quite pissed and cheesed off for this one whole week because...


That above, is what i have been clicking to more than anything including my Bejeweled Blitz game when i go online which is almost 24 hours a day. Okay not 24 hours la, i am not a geek, for as long as i am awake. I wonder where i get the strength to sit here whole day and absorbing all the UV rays from the Laptop and when it comes to study, i straight away eye pain after 10 minutes wtf.

This post is getting longer and i have got to say, I am liking this new photo editor! It is very very addictive and i ez agree with Agnes. But the con is that it is a chinese software so boohoo to banana people like me and Agnes, we have to fumble around and simply click around like cuckoo to figure this awesome thing which can make me from

this~ damn tired look and wasted makeup. By the way, i played with eye liner and loads of mascara. My uneven skin tone and really damn bad lighting to something like

Nice or not! But from then on, i will NOT do till like this la okay~ I still like normal me, and it really takes time to put all those shits in okay~ And it is not flawless yet, cause you still can see the flaws.

To sum up my weekend, i met someone with an interesting name, character(i presume), things he consume(i presume) and his lifestyle(i presume too)
And he goes by the name..

wtf. annoying people


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