Friday, October 2, 2009

He Die-ed On Me!!!

Yes, this is another post about my whole journey to work, at work and after work because this is what revolves around me for the time being. My college starts next week but i am not going back till the second week cause i will still be(yes)working and(no)I don't hate college, I love it but there are only lecture classes where the lecturers will be telling us story from way beyond time in which i have no interest to. My interest focuses solely on money now cause I still need to do my expensive shopping wtf.(LOL)

"Someone" die-ed on me today and leave me standing waiting for bus all alone with no "entertainment" then made me feel sleepy on the bus and i nearly missed my stop cause i was half asleep and awake. That "someone" is non other than my very own MP4! PWNED(i know teehee). And it's all my own fault, really.
I remembered that i used it on the first day of work cause the radio was on OneFm(chinese station)and that sets me to dream land so listened to my own songs instead. Then someone talked to me, i took it off and leave it beside me and packed it into the bag when its time to go. Without shutting it off. And you know the rest of the story.*looks at the battery bar going up and down as it charges*

So back to my working life. Must Must jot down things that I do so that i can look back and laugh at old memories, yes, this blog is gonna stay for a longggg time~
I reached one hour earlier to work today cause i did not wait long for the bus and was wandering whether will there be anyone besides me who reached so early!
So decided to yum cha alone at this mamak stall where i would pass by everyday,walking up the hill to my work place.

The mamaks here operate under selfmade shades, hanging string of the shades to branches on the trees and i have always wonder will the string patah and the whol shade drop down on the guy/customer?! Then that would be a godayum good laugh weh~
*oh no! i just realized got pole one! cheh~ wont plummet to the people underneath!*

Scene like this continues all the way up the hill and this is actually side walks you know! So clever of them to open stall there, no need pay rental! Got free shade! Got free tar-ed road! And amazingly got water source okay! Maybe from the fire extinguisher wtf.

Finally reached office. The one to open all the lights, air con and everything that needs to be open except for the main door cause i got no key. Super early okay and they don't pay me for being early, so i camwhore and explored the place out!
The place is unexpectedly clean and a lot of computer spare parts!
*please stare into the retarded picture, you will see, super dry skin, chipped lips, slanted nose(Wtf), a mole that looks like pimple(not pimple okay is mole, super small eyes, chubby face*

Was quite quick at work today. I even had time to sms my besttie and sent her a few mms, dose off awhile on the table and still able to finish up quota with half an hour left and i Solitaire-d. Efficient boh!
Did three stack of that and that is the last stack and i sian already! See the face! That is what i MMS to besttie. Fuah the eyebagSS!

At the end of the day, I fulfill the quota and i was very happy with myself!
*cina apek sound*
Remember ar~ This is what you see times it with triple the amount.*winks*


Jeffro said...

This would be my first time doing data entry FOR 1 WEEK plus! O_O Sien ady... lucky got u around to talk, otherwise like the rest, OMG so quiet...

i think hor, they must be saying what doinks we are.. "STFU lah making so much noise.." LOL xD

Victoria said...

LOL!!! I think we talk alot this days lo! and the gay like kept looking inside! lol

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