Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Satay Haji Zamzuri

Had an outing earlier last week with the peeps/nuffnangers for a satay session at Haji Zamzuri in Kajang. Totally near my place ya all, so if i did not go, i will surely kena bash up one wtf. To those that follows my twitter, the will notice that i seconded my thoughts about this outing. But i made the right decision cause i had fun and it was a stress reliever for me.


I guess this people do give me good advice after all. Tsk tsk! xDD

was what we had, loads and loads of it.
the above are chicken meat if not mistaken.

My bunch of friends.

Alex G and Jackie Loi.

Samuel and Pui Yeng

Kim and Zhao.

Are some of the nuffnangers that went for this outing. There are more but i shall no make my blog post into another long tissue roll post filled with pictures so i shall conclude everything into a group picture.

Top left: Nigel, Pui Yeng, Jackie, Xiang, Samuel.
Middle left: Zhao, Kim, Myself, Alex G, Jacqualine.
Below left: Chris, Josh and Jeffro.

Picture of the day wtf!!

She Ate and She Shat And She's Proud! LOL! Pwned!!!


iriene said...

Satay Haji Zamzuri is very popular. Now it is available at Dengkil Rest Area too, at the North South Highway..

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My Profile said...

lol. yea. did u try the fish satay? I Think it is special too!

Victoria said...

my profile::O.o oooh! i did not noe that that exist! i shall try it the next time! thanks

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