Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LOL(is what i hear everyday now)

Started first day of work at Sasa office today and fol, first day itself, we got locked out. My "we" here refers to Jeffro and me. It's not that I and him got locked out for being late or whatsoever you all's evil mind could think of, the WHOLE Sasa gang arrived but could not get into the office. We were all in the office premise but we could not get in into the office, ok now wtf was that.

FML even more is that I wore a skirt today and it rained. I can't say massively heavy but the wind was good, not very good to skirts though... That was why i walked slower, if somebody was wandering la hor~ Teehee~ Later upskirt then not good la. Maruah habis wtf.

When we so called "reached" our destination, it was still raining. So the clever me suggested "Why don't we call Mr Harrison(the person who employed us)to fetch us from here to the office?Then mai wont get wet and no need to walk lo!!*beams*" Jeffro was all behind my back for the suggestion and when i was half way through the conversation with Mr H, he did a "wtf you so geng ar call your own boss to fetch you"face.(-.-)
Then the rain subsided after we sat down at the bustop for a minute or two. Alas, need to walk up hill also la~ But nevermind, all for the sake of leaner legs and healthy body wtf.

5 minutes later, we finally reached the office premise(which is so ulu till i don't know how to tell you all)and what fml more is that, the door is NOT open yet. It was 9.45a.m. So we thought "oh maybe the key person is not here yet, we wait la". 15 minutes later, almost all the Sasa staff are waiting outside with us because this is their first time facing a closed shutter door and non of them has the keys.NON! Well, only three keys were made and coincidently the three were stuck in jam(raining ma remember!!) Till a man came and saved the day! wtf. I wasn't saved yet cause i was sweating like a pig for standing outside for a good whole 20 minutes, i think.

Went inside and went straight to our assignated place and checked our place out. Then realized that the air con was not turned on then someone saved my day again! So many superheroes wtf.
Mad excited when Jeffro found out that we can go online as our pcs were STILL connected to the Internet. And i tweet like there is no tomorrow. My joy lasted for a good whole 1 hour or so before the guy who walked up and down and turned on OneFm(and disturbed our concentration to key in data)in which i don't hear to and DIE-ED my internet connection.(-.-) Kiam siap, don't let me use.

Nothing to do already, key in datas lo..
Nearly dose off while keying in the numbers and i nearly whack my head to the keyboard! Luckily Jeffro and the another guy did not notice wtf if not embarrasing siut! LOL~
And Jeffro keep saying LOL in the "LOL" sound instead of "laugh out loud" and it sounds kinda stupid! LOL! (-.-) Okay tired~ I shall try to snap pictures of what we do in our cubicle tomorrow. Night!


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