Sunday, September 20, 2009

To Be With Friends

Yes, I kinda MIA eventhough i had just finished my finals and no, not that i am lazy to blog but i just had all my days all planned and was jam packed.

The next day after the finals, the whole gang lot of us went to Genting and had a helluva time, not so much for the games, foods or the scenery there, but mostly the companion of us friends and i am sure that we are much much closer now after the trip. Closer as in friends okay.


Total 15 out of the whole class went for this trip and those who cant make it is either still having their papers or back to their respective hometown. Nevertheless, it was fun! And this was my first time going there by bus and the cable car was just that awesome.


Each car could only fit 8 at a time and i was so darn worry that the weight of the 8 of us and not forgetting the weight of our luggage, the rickety cable car could not support and i kept imagining that darn thing tilting to one side and i am going to land at the Hutan Khatulistiwa wtf. One lil thing that i notice is, among the Hutan below us, named Khatulistiwa, they put fake stuffs like fake Rafflesia, fake monkeys, fake other flowers! LOL wtf can!!

Cause we were so that close like that wtf, even the each cable car's distance is around 6 cars away, my friend shouts way above the forest in the middle of the sky and was chatting away, shouting. People in the next lane of the cable who is going down cant helped but to look at us and snicker. wtf so embarrasing, here i am scaring that i would fall, he was shouting there waking up all the fake stuffs down there wtf.

Finally reached to the Theme Park hotel which has larger rooms compared to the First World hotel. Not forgetting that it is less haunted too wtf! Joking people! Teehee!

Seriously, the service there is kinda slow. Friendly but slow. I need friendly but efficient. I think we waited for more than 30 minutes, i think cause it feels like it and hell, we camwhore so much and with everything that came across our eyes. Even the dustbin tray got victimized wtf.

No.1 camwhorer *besides me, i am the Queen!* Teehee

Then the pictures below are the Poh siblings wtf! LOL
Poh Jiang Huei pretending to be all goodie

And here is me Victoria Poh, who longs to have the feel of people sanding behind a "SECURITY" stand and on top of it, placed things like phone and record books like those you can find at INFORMATION COUNTER wtf.
*i look candid there cause people looking at me*
*but i still wanna take this pix*

Let's take a break now and i shall upload more tomorrow okay. I gotta go now. Go find job replacement wtf. Bye people!


joshuaongys said...

i wan go genting also!!

kenwooi said...

genting.. so fun!! =D

Seraph said...

lol sayang we're heading up for genting on wed ..about 10 or more bloggers haha...wanna join us? can't contact u as i lost ur hp number

Victoria said...

Joshua:: haha go go gooo! But must go with a bunch of wacky and funster then it will be an awesome trip

Kenwooi:: it is!!!

Seraph:: Just talked to you on the msn! LOL eh ask my number from Jeffro, dude

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