Friday, September 11, 2009

The Reason That I Like

Some of you who added me on Facebook, MSN Messenger, and even my Tweeter will know that i am actually 24/7 around the clock with an "Online" status. And yes, i do not even MIA like some do even when finals period, like now. I see bloggers ditching their blog with a reason and that is to study, voila, I see them chating on Innit wtf.

People might assumed that i do not study seeing that i am like "engaged" to the Internet and i even spend more time here than spending it with my baby. Teehee wtf. But i do study people. I really do. Scoring and ace-ing it is another mind related subject. But i think i procrastinate more than i study, seriously. I can't stand looking at papers for an hour but i can just lay here and online 24 hour wtf. I really need some therapy wake up call sort of thing already cause even I can't bare with my own overwhelming procrastinating character. I guess that everyone has it but God accidentally pour a lil' bit to much in me when creating me wtf.

Being techy isn't such a bad or nerdy thing. I figured that out when i chose to major E-Commerce and Marketing. Yes, my major requires me to be savvy and techy cause besides studying Marketing, my root of major is E-Commerce. E-Commerce is electronic commerce just so you people don't know. And if you still go "wtf is that?", go google or research on it la okay cause this is one great, interesting, mind boogling and stressful fun course to be enrolled into. See! I can do the underlinestrike thing! xD

With that said, i always do my studies like this now


cause i always make my notes and tutorial papers go "Lost and Can't Be Found" and my besttie gets so -.- me everytime i say "I lost my notes AGAIN! Borrow me please!!"
Yes, she is always my lifesaver wtf.

I don't need her now unless suddenly no electric and i cannot use my laptop to go online to use PowerPoint to study!! Choi! *poofs back to PP*


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