Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Existence: Part Three

Part three only then got sad case already wtf. How am i going to suit myself in and get used to this kind of on going relationship where plans are planned perfectly and we are all huu haa-ing and counting on the days till we meet again, then BAM! Some blardy people came along with a pity face SOS-ing that they need to have a swap on the appointed rest day.

Stick to your own appointed day la MCB! And what is it that it is so urgent that you can't do it the next day? Isn't it just the same? Unlike my case, i have exams! Okay~ I can't simply swap days now cause my exam days are set unless someone in the college gets a AH1N1 viral flu, must be the super ones, then only they will delay the exam appointed day. If not, it will be on the same day okay!

I am not mad mad but just a bit mad and mad sad can! I planned nicely, i planned everything, he just follow suit cause he has to depend on my time to meet each other. Then someone came and happily say " Can i swap with you cause i got some very important things to do!!". Kai is also another dumbass for agreeing to it. I would too if i gets persuade non-stop, so that makes me a dumbass too wtf.

Okay~ mad sad, back to study! 6 chapters more wtf. And why did i agree to sign up a bf earlier on? Oh yea~ Cause i love him so.


vialentino said...

hey vox....thanks for ur long message....kekeke.....happy belated birthday to u....dunno y not able to reply in ur cbox

Victoria said...

hahahaha no prob and thanks for the birthday wish!
The cbox is a bitch sometimes! hahahahaah

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