Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Vox In Me


Fuuh~ a big arse size photo of me.
All thanks to Joyce a.k.a Intimidated(in Innit) for this great photoshoot.

Now i must put more effort in diet wtf.

p/s:: more to come from Jackie


Spectre said...

Wa... Vox is now a beautiful leng lui already XD

Victoria said...

Now only la?? Not HAS ALWAYS meh?? Teehee!


Chris Thoo said...

big big girl already.....
so happy....*tears rolling down*

CWKen said...

wah sicne when u so leng wan? LOL

Victoria said...

Chris:: awwww~ LOL macam abang saya pulak!! hahahaha
*ngor dai gor jor laAA!! whee~* LOL

Ken:: wah wah!!! apa itu maksud laaa?? T-T

Aidi-Safuan said...

worhhh...very big lorh.huhu

Victoria said...

LOL aidi! i vain ma
But this is taken with DSLR?! shud be big right? LOL

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