Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stress ke Pre-"I am scare" of old Syndrome?

After going through friends that i usually stalk visit their Facebook to see what they are doing and what is going on in their life, cause i have friends scattered all over the place now, be it in Australia all the way to Texas and Spain, they are all at least achieving something or at least having a "taste" of the outside world other than Malaysia, in accordance to further pursue their studies. I got really or kinda blur and emotional and I posted "When do you all think i will grow up?"

Then a good Samaritan came along and liked my post and gave me word of wisdom using the technological innovations which is googled and Samaritan googled How to Deal Stress?
Actually i am not stress but i just feel kinda useless, up to the age of 19, i have no whatsoever big acheivement, no awesome talent waiting to be found, lazy and haste character and my biggest "pride" is my ability to continue the procrastination for days, weeks, months, years! wtf.

I checked out the site.
Does not really apply to what i am feeling now cause i still feel shitty and i need something like "How To Acheive Big in Life At Tender Age". (19 is still tender age okay)
On a side contrary, never in my life am i being so touchy about people metioning my age and i would go "Cheh, (age) only ma~ So what!!?"
Well, i am feeling the pinch now.*snorts* It is not and will never be a "so what" thing anymore. Its really a cliche, i want to grow up for certain reasons but for the another certain reason, i just don't wanna age. You know what i mean? I am greedy la ok wtf.

How to Deal With Stress
Let's see what i can use when moments like this hits me again. Like always.

Stop! Take a deep breath and realize that you have power to control your life. Just like everyone else!
(I always do that, the deep breath thing and it feels like a small lil' burden is release out from deep down your heart. You feel a bit light hearted. A 5 minutes of relieve. Then you feel shitty again. Not a long run remedy.)

Be aware of your choices; you always have a choice. This is true for emotions and work. Sometimes you need to let your emotions out but still stay in control.
(Not always for my case okay. With people around you especially close ones, they will make ALL decisions for YOU!)

Say something positive to yourself as soon as you wake up.
("Oh hey! You looking pretty messed up today and you have a lot to do today too. As always!" So positive lo~wtf.)

Set goals for what needs to be achieved in the day then write a "to do list". When writing "your to do list"
(I have seen this steps everywhere and on all things! I tried this out by listing out the amount i spend so that i could spend wisely but i always spend more compared to when i am not having a list. I had evern semangated and write out what topic should i study everyday least i lazy to do last minute study and it only lasted me half a day. The list thing that is.)

Be organized. Much stress arises from feeling overwhelmed. Being organized and getting your priorities straight can help you break responsibilities down into manageable pieces and focus on the things that really matter.
(I am so not an organized person! I cant work nor think in a not messed up place, so yeah.)

Stop worrying about what you cannot change. Learning to accept things as they are is an important coping mechanism, but not as easy as it sounds.
(I love telling people this but i cant fulfill it myself too and it is an ego thing. Stuborn, whatever you call it, Lo Que Soy.)

Treat your body right - You will have more self-confidence and energy, and be less likely to experience the physical side effects of stress
(I had been eating lesser and lesser as days goes by, diet ma. and maybe this is one of the biggest contributor to my messed up mind now.)

Listen to music. Stress can inspire intense emotional reaction. Utilize it. Vent the spleen to a favourite piece of music and experience a happy release. Also, positive and relaxing music can be helpful.
(Need you to tell meh?! I hear loads of it everyday okay! It did not help lo cause i keep thinking that i should be the singer wtf.)

And a whole lot more in which i don't think either works for me. I hate motivational talks actually cause WHO CAN'T?! Every one can give some motivational shit workshop talk and the listeners, yes, they might feel changed at that moment, right there right now. But what happens what they reached home? Or back to the place where it all begins? It is back to square one again. Believe me. I had been there. Felt lifted and felt even shittier than before when i leave.

Wanna know my best remedy?
Fake up smile. Makes people around me happy and so i am and will(at least)try to be.


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