Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy 19th To Me

So i am now OFFICIALLY 19! Woohoo! Am not one that is scared of getting old cause someone say today that, being grown up is being more mature, being more experienced wtf and being more elegant! Hahaha~ Aww~ I know~ This was said by once, my Bachelor Club President and i am the Vice President wtf cause there is no other people in the club except the two of us!

So now i am out of it, this President got jealous and said i "sai meng" wtf.

Ok so back to the topic, I totally look forward being "old" wtf. I meant grown up. Growing up means a lot to me, counting onto the days that i had experience when i was way way younger, when i was a kid. Not much fond memories though but not bad to the extend of unbearable. There might be a whole load of fond memories that i can't remember cause all i remember now is the bad ones cause i emo like that wtf.

Okay~ I remember one incident where i was around the age of 5 - 6 years old, where kids that age find sweet things such as candy a "meal". I love sweets and anything that is sweet wtf and i shall gallop the whole thing and yes, including sugar. Sugar that you all used to make coffee wtf cause i do have such strong sweet teeth. Then, one fine day, mummy got so darn irritated cause i went to the kitchen every 5 minutes to get a scoop of my "daily meal" wtf, now that explains why i am so fat wtf. I would grab a sweet, unwrapped the wrapper and then headed towards the shelf and scoop a whole scoop of sugar and load it into my already full mouth. Then i would proudly walked to the living hall showing brother what i just did.
Mummy straight away grab me by the arm and shoved me to the back of the kitchen, the wet kitchen, grabbed the bottle of sweets and sugars, angrily demand me to eat the whole shit down, right there and then and she wants to see me "telan-ing" all those! Evil can! Frustratedly and disturbedly, cause i am afraid of mummy la~ she damn garang okay~ I resorted into stuffing 5 big table spoon of sugar and ate around 20 sweets at one go. wtf i phobia sugar and sweets since then, even till now.

Then then i remembered how i used to love morning walks and afternoon jogs with Mummy, even when i was at the age of 3, just got a steady feet, mummy would hold my hands and walked with me around my house area. When i was at the age of 6, i remembered vividly because it was a melodramatic nightmare wtf. My looks were at stake okay! Because i was jogging at that time and being a nosy kid (in born character ok wtf), i was running instead of jogging and was looking at some kid plucking don't know what from a tree. And housing area has a lot of this small bump that they save money from gotong royong wtf and they just made it themselves by placing thin simens, well, i tripped on one of those farkers and i splattered to the floor! The hard and rough tarred floor okay not some marble floor, mind you. And when i got up still laughing and all wtf cause i thought nothing wrong, but i went beserk and fainted when i saw blood from my hand. Then when i got home and mummy made me well and i got consious, I remembered looking at my retort face and the scar was somewhat like someone dragged me on the floor! Freaked out, i went to school looking like that the next day. Luckily now no scar *touches left side of the face*

See! I told you right! Bad memories more than the good ones cause i naughty what! xD
But i am hoping the best for myself in 20 more years, 30 more years, 50 more years(if i will be able to live so long)to come! I know people that love me hopes the same and of course i want to live it out and up with the people i love and with the special one.

To end here, i had a boring birthday day today cause i was indoor the whole day! I did not planned anything for today, though it will sound pathetic but yea, i do plan my own birthday celebration. Ephic right! I made a date with the books cause finals are in two days and all i can remember and might score A+ is on the subject of "Peng Yuan Kai The Boo" wtf!
Nevertheless, i am very much amused just by looking the amount of birthday wishes i got on my Facebook wall and the non stop incoming messages from peeps that i love and there are also peeps that i even forgot their existence cause long lost already la wtf!! But they remember me! Aww~ Thanks muchas!!! But i got to safe credit for boo hor~ Lol xD

I practically needs to clear my phone's inbox, put it there and let it received incoming messages for a whole 10 minutes! Ephic or not! Aren't my friends the bestest in the whole world!! Whole universe la! xD


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