Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Out and About

Yup, this is the real me again. The me who like to get up feeling all drowsy due to the lack of sleep the night before, sits by the bedside thinking what i have got to do for the day after i brush teeth and all, then remember today i need to run some errand, have a self fight in mind and voila, i ended up sitting at the bus stop waiting for bus after 30 minutes.

Super duper fast because as i mentioned on the earlier post, i went out looking like aunty wtf.

A photo of me with the spectacles on!! Woots! on Twitpic

First time looking at me with the spectacles on right? I know i look "awesome" wtf but i got irritated eyes and i am contemplating whether to go to college looking like this tomorrow and give my eyes a time out from lens for the time being. Or~ Just be a suck up diva bitch and continue on using the lens and i might end up being blind or have cataract or what ever eye infection that comes due to excessive lens usage...

Was studying earlier of the day and i ended up walking around Sg Wang, one floor i rounded it twice cause i was searching for this particular shop that sells the things that i want. And i only want that shop! And i don't know where it is cause Sg Wang has this awesome T-junction and in the middle of the junction will branch out another T-junction and then another T-junction branch out from the second branched out T-junction and then another T-junction branched out from the third branched out T-junction and then i know that you rereading it for the second time cause you lost count how many T-junction there were.
I was just that super utterly confused so i think i rounded at least twice perfloor wtf.

This is what i love doing! I so totally got all this for RM12! on Twitpic

Only to realized that the shop has already close down and was replaced by this Japanese shop named Yokuso. People that goes to Sg Wang so totally know what shop i am talking about. They sell Japanese stuffs at ridiculous prices and they do not keep extra stock. So it's like when you need 30 pieces of that single product, they will say "Sorry Miss, but we only have 5". Wtf right?! And their kimono wannabe is so totally pukeable!
Never was my "kinda" shop and will never ever be my "kinda" shop!

It was then around 3 p.m and tummy was growling like my hungry turtles at home. So operasi Jalan Jalan Cari Makan begun wtf.
Now now here is another story that would make you go "Vox is such a kiam siap(pensive & penniless)girl!!" because i would never know what i want to eat cause i have to decide after checking out the price. Today, i walked pass Teppanyaki and almost drooled at the smell of fried vegetables and meat then i decided not to eat cause the oil smell will stick to my hair and it is expensive. Madam Kwan came along the way and i thought having Hong Kong style for lunch would be awesome and so i checked the price and walked away and you know why. Then the TeoChew Chicken Rice which is cheap(reasonable la)but that makes me think of my boo and i walked away, people say not that nice actually.

Walked around more and i saw this "amazingly it can fit me" elevator!!

Such a narrow elevator! Luckily i am not 2 size wider wtf on Twitpic

I so must try it wtf. And so i REALLY went down using the elevator just for the sake of trying it! When i reached the end, kinda sad and happy wtf and voila i saw Food Court! And i settled down, had Chicken Rice. WTF.

Sad la~ Reminds me of you on Twitpic

Yea, i totally enjoy eating alone. Really. No sarcasm or pun intended there. I am a loner sometimes.

Teehee!!! Me loves! on Twitpic

Spend the rest of the evening reading and reading and reading and reading but still stupid wtf.


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