Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally A Piercing

I had always always wanted to try out something that is so me but never ever agreed from Mummy. Had always been awed with people who had piercing done on their nose, tongue and belly. I wanted to do all those cause by doing so i can be cool like them too wtf.

But i think i will start off by adding another hole at my ears which already had four piercings but i am not satisfied la! You know how they say that piercings ARE addictive?! Hell yes they are! Once you get one done, you will always dream and hint people around that you want to get a second one, and at this point, you will want to do another place which you think it would be COOL like maybe a piercing on the nose but you will end up another piercing on the ear. Like me wtf! I did two piercing on my own. No pain at all okay, so people out there, piercing is shiokness, no pain whatsoever.

Fortunately, my besttie is yet another piercing and I-want-to-look-cool-and-sexy freak like me but she not as scaredy cat like me la ok wtf, and she started by saying "I want to pierce belly." and i went "Come let's go la, i show you where bla bla bla" cause we were at SG Wang and that place is like my second home i tell you wtf.
She got shock at my tak apa attitude and to cut the story short, SHE GOT A BELLY PIERCING LA WTF. And i am still a scaredy cat la hor, not all things change ok wtf.


Nice right! wtf and i must tell you the story of "How We Sorta Got Conned"

We actually walked around meanwhile still discussing on how "for real" she want to get her belly done and also to do price check cause as i know, belly piercing or tongue piercings aren't that cheap. As in it will be Rm100++ la~ and since this is a sudden thing, she did not bring any extra cash to fulfill her desire. And to only found out that it only need Rm65 for one piercing.

At this point, we did not know that doing this kind of piercing, we need to pay extra for the jarum*wtf i forgot whats that called in english*. So finally the noobs got the drift at this store named Scorpion and it was f*cking expensive la! Rm50 for the jarum and the studs will be counted according to which kind you're choosing. Which will all amount to Rm100++ as i expected.
Obviously, we went back to the first shop which offers Rm65. Did not know that that price is inclusive of the jarum. Then she told us that the stud we chose is Rm35! Mad happy, the besttie asked "So we only pay for this? This is Rm35? So we pay for this price only right??". The girl nod in agreement of paying at Rm35.

And the outcome was Rm65. -.-
Totally hate people who don't understand simple English.
Rm35 does not include the jarum. But their jarum is Rm30 only which is way cheaper than Rm50 la hor~


Her scare but excited face.

The girl sprayed the cold cold thing and then this is the stage where she grabs her meat wtf and draw a line and then poke the Rm30 jarum to make a hole.

And it's all done!
Less than one minute okay wtf.
Piercing done at Blink, Times Square.
Go there and get all your piercings done cause people there are friendly and no la, they don't con people one. Just that we noob and don't quite get what they say cause our ears are cloaked up with excitement for piercings.



Happy people of the day!
Amelia: Got piercing so surely happy la hor~
Vox: Got vain pictures taken and saw a belly piercing so excited like tht wtf.


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