Saturday, September 12, 2009

Near Holidays!

Holidays are few days away and i really need one. A long one please, for me to laze around and to work. Not that i am keen to work but i just need that extra few bucks.

Jason, Adelene, Amelia and Sarika was kind enough to wait for me, for how long i am not that sure, to come out from the exam hall. In which i took my sweet time to do although i know how. Jason was then kind enough to fetch us all to our respective places and, hell, the traffic jam was like hell. Seriously, why every time during festive season, there are massive jams everywhere? Can't people like go do their shopping earlier and not during the last few day! Don't come and bullshit and say it is going to be way cheaper than other time, the fact is, NOTHING is CHEAPER okay.

Who would want to make "CHEAPER" during "festive season" when they too need the extra cash for their own celebration??! Huh huh~ Tell me~

So we got really bored and i was sms-ing boo through out and he said he was busy.*Sigh*
Cam-ho time!! Whee~


The besttie and I feeling so damn tired and sleepy.


The awful awful awwwfuull traffic jam from Genting Klang all the way to Bank Negara and beyond wtf.

Took the Ktm and reached my area and this really pissed me off. Just now was car traffic jam then now human jam ar wtf!


Just have a look at how many people are waiting for bus at an area as small as my area. Many people equals to i have to jostle my butt with them to get into the bus.
*see what see! I know you wanna grow up looking pretty like me la~*


I konked off as soon as i reached home and waking up like 6 hours later with a very angry and hungry stomach wtf.
Hey, i just needed that sleep ok, so no -.- please. Hahaha~

p/s:: If you're wondering why one cam-ho picture of me only, no~ I got a lot more but no point posting it here la okay~


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