Tuesday, September 22, 2009

VC Unconnecting Me From World

People that don't see me online 24 hour a day despite my semester break now is because i am working. Yes, i am again hired. People sometimes asked why is it so easy for me to get a job when they can't even get into a conversation with the person in charge. A lot of people say and apparently they think that i am pretty and with the non existence pretty face, i am able to get the job.

Well, fark you.

I get jobs easily is because i have a lot of friends. Friends that remembers me all the time and i would get the first scoop of everything and practically anything. It all depends whether i have the time or no for the offer that they made and prepare for me. Most of the time they get a YES from me because i hate saying NO and i don't know how to utter a NO to friends cause i feel bad after that, can't help and all.
Long story cut short, due to my weak point of not knowing how to say a NO to a close friend of mine, i have to work through out my whole semester break with a low pay but this is all to help a friend out. So yea, i don't mind.

Okay, that is to tell you all that I AM WORKING.

Damn tired now and today is my bad bad luck day i guess and i shall post it for tomorrow. Nights people


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