Monday, September 28, 2009

Of Broga Hill

No no no~ I did not do any hiking at all though the title might make you think that i did. The last time i remember doing any hiking was two years back when i was serving for the National Service and it was just the awesome. And i remember vividly that it rained before that and then it stopped so the plan to hike up the hill carries on, i dreaded to hike i tell you because I godayum know got leech! I got two hanging on to me like a parasite at the end of the day wtf.

Now my next hill or mountain whatever is Broga Hill. It really annoys me that who ever's blog i stalk read now, they blog about Broga. Suddenly that hill became famous wtf. And i am jealous la~ Suppose to go with Ken but failed to go cause the plan wasn't really a plan, more like a talk talk.

Photos above are from Ken's blog, copyrighted by him okay.
The link that you clicked will direct you to Broga Hill Revisited.(revisited samo wtf)

See la! Never bring me there then i have to go use your picture pulak, though it is nice la but i want to snap pictures of the hill using my own lauya phone la. Let's "Broga Hill Revisited Revisited Again With Vox" la~ LOL

Up to this stage, can you all feel my jealousy!? I am so so the adventure kind of people okay and i can't stand people getting the hang of nice things and i am left behind with pictures. Sad la~ Then what fml more is this...

*even the lazy dude went hiking*
*stalking nice pictures now but sure mostly selftake pictures one*

Found nice pictures wor!!! Lagi envy! Pfftt~

he say this looks like some TVB scene! ROFLMAO!! This guy watch too much TVB series.
The photos above credits to KelvinmariahKuan. Better bring me there one day, jahat punya budak, go rock climbing pun tak ajak! Tsk tsk~

Then when i revert back to my FB, found out that my very own cuzzie, Elaine, went up the hill quite many few times too! *fml, im' so left out* I don't think she blogs, so yea~ Don't go stalking her ar people.
Okay so i can't find pictures of her on the hill but she WENT there okay!! Damn envious now. Cause i am pounding on the weight, thats why! Haha~ Need exercise, need exercise at nice and beautiful place, eg Broga Hill. Get the hint people?!


CWKen said...

ayam veli veli sry, been really, really busy :( 1 day we shall go dere, one day! soon i hope lol

Victoria said...

HAHAHA!!! AYAM LA YOU! But no la~ u busy ma~ working sudah! aww~ budak ini all grown up! hahaha wtf

KelvinK said...

Haha! Excuse me, I'm not lazy ok...haha...i jz so happen am an outgoing person who doesnt reveal himself. Haha. And...i didn't even camwhore i tell u...

it was all about, all about The Climb.... !!! Hahaha

Victoria said...

Kelvin:: ure as LAME as EVEEEERRR! miss you lo!!!! The Climb! xDD

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