Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Existence: Part Two

This isn't a fairy tale nor that i try to live in a fairy tale that is full of wonders and no problem but up to this part of the cup, it does feel too good to be true but it is true! How irony!

I do now very much believe sayings like "Things will come and there is no need the rush" cause he came to me and i did not rush on anything. Though this relationship has a tad bit of long distance av ante grande, well, there is nothing in this world that is free and we do HAVE to sacrifice something, one or another way, to get the goals or things that we wanted so much.

Not that i am saying that just because i was a pro at it and no, this is the very first time in my whole entire life that i had ever met someone in such a situation, in such a situation that i would not even day dreamed of, a situation that would almost impossibly happen to a rough and not pretty girl like me. Fairy tale you say? As long as i am happy! Says who fairy tales never come true?! Says who that fairy tales are just fairy tale?! Well, i did before and hereby i take back all that i said before cause i am now experiencing the drama of "Too Good To Be True!" and am one of the main characters wtf.

Though we are not perfect but we can always opt for perfection, can we? Though we knew each other not long enough, we still have a super duper long way and year ahead, do we? HELL YES!

Communication problem? Checked and solved.
Time problem? Checked and solved.

Msn is always the best solution! Loves! And here i want to show our lovey dovey! Lol wtf cause i can and i will!

see!!!! I draw heart for him okay! To those that can read and understand Mandarin, you all can read the han yu pin yin and feel our love wtf and if you wonder why we use han yu pin yin, that is because yours truly here knows nuts about chinese characters and i can only speak. Not fluent. But still can survive if i were to be in China or Shanghai or some only Mandarin speaking places la wtf.

Hahaha! I know i cheesy la wtf
The purple is me cause i am vain and high class like that wtf and he likes blue so blue he shall get! Lol!

And i kiss him too! Aww~ Lol

He is mine and i love him and so does him cause he is cute like that!

yong yuan bu hui pian de ai


Jeffro said...

Wootza! Congratz!
Woah so sweet sweet over msn.. =D
Good for you! :)

Jeryen said...

wohoo...HAPPY for YOU !

Victoria said...

whoaaa! How the heck Jeryen found my blog!!!!!!!!!!!??

Thanks babe!

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