Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Irish College Anyone?

Am now at McD trying to study wtf so i checked my mail and i usually do not blog about what i get in mail but this is so super awesome and wtf at the same time that i must blog about it and to let everyone of you feel superb and to know that we can all go to Irish College now wtf.

If you all had received this email, sorry to say that I blog about this cause i feel that it is amusing and i MUST share. Sharing is caring ma wtf.
To those that has not receive it, now now don't cheat and try to do it first.. then you can scroll down for the answers. If you had small eyes, please click on the picture for a bigger frame of it. You will definitely enjoy it!

To avoid cheating people, i shall have some say of what i am doing now. I picked my favoritest tee today and it's the MNG black top and i wore my favoritest short shorts that i bought it when i was a size L and now am at a size M so you can imagine how loose it is. Was damn farking tired this morning cause had a major two hour nonstop swim the night before and definitely i dreaded getting up from bed to get ready to Sg Wang to pay bills.Yes. Pay bills. Wtf.
My one and only lens is farked up and it constantly make my eyes tired and goes all reddy, so i used spectacles today. Major aunty look or not! And studying. Fuah like some nerdy aunty wtf.
Okayla~ give answers now la~


Go pay bills now wtf.
Eyeing for a Berry.



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