Friday, September 25, 2009

Whimsical Me

I had the worst day of my life yesterday and i had decided to ditch my job there. Because working there is far worst than being sentenced to Hell for a lifetime and i do deserve a good slacking at home. Sad thing is, being at home leads to increase of weight and size wtf, not forgetting my credits will go poof cause i think i will be going out a lot but there will not be any reimbursement. Sigh~ I cant have EVERYTHING, can i?

Nevertheless, i perked up a little when i went online and saw a FB message from the besttie! God! I miss her so so so much! She is the one that i always talk to about WHATEVER and EVERYTHING that happens to me cause i am so dramatic like that wtf and with her out of town, there just had to be so many things that happened. I do message and all but it's a whole different thing when it comes to hearing a sound and looking at a screen filled with words, sometimes the expression of it is very unoticeable.
Generously, she called me up to talk. Yes, she has got the moolah for that and i just cant be more kiam siap to not even message her when she was on Digi line where it cost RM0.20 for a single message! Yes yes, what a bad friend i am.

Now i wonder how much it costs her that night calling me up and we talked about and all of everything for an hour, 53 minute to be exact cause you know how handphones records received and dialled calls. Then i cursed myself. Should not have talked so much crapped and all my crappy feelings and all those shits, but just can't help it la.
Breaking up and getting accused for thing that is not true which happened all at one time, i really feel like irking up everyone now that i am all over with those shitzos.

Talking about irking people, i just had had this feeling of wanting to irk just about ANYONE that "talks" to me, be it through MSN or comments on FB or through my tweets. Unfortunately, no one falls on the scapegoat category for today and the end result is, I still feel like wanting to irk someone to the brim that a good fight turns out of it wtf. Yes, i am crazy like that so what!
And yes, another reason that i feeling like irking somebody today is because people irks me too.

Thought i woke up quite late today, i was awaken by a phone call wtf. Which is one of the most top "Victoria's Hate List" thing in the world, to be waken up by a phone call and second to that would be my mum waking me up la. So yea back to the anonymous phone call, so i manage to pick it up, feeling blur and all i managed to lurged up in a sitting position so that i can talk better and sleepingly uttered a "Hello?". Reminder, i did not look at the screen so i really don't know who called me so i was not expecting anyone in particular and the only thing running in my head are thoughts like "Who the fuck calling me?". There came an answer to my greeting and the answer was "Selamat Hari Raya". (-.-) W.H.A.T T.U.R.F *show middle finger*

*taking in a loooong breathe*

An hour later when i am wide awake, i saw that the number earlier wasn't anyone on my phone book list which made me even more the weird and actually spent 5 minutes thinking who the hell can it be, pulling a stupid joke. But what turh.
Then went online(again).C'mon~ what do you expect of me right, this is ma hollys!
I saw 15 friend request on FB and i went "WTF! WHO THE FARK LA?".
Approved only those i know and i think that they are decent and worthy to be on my friend list and i just deleted those whom i think their face looks like shit, those that photoshopped farkingly over the rooftop, horny and retard looking old old man and not forgetting aunties whom i think are Lesbians wtf.
Since i am online the whole day, it is not weird that i check my FB every now and then. It irks me a lot to have to approve friends more than once a day. yes, i am weird so stfu. In the afternoon, there are more, 10 friend request (-.-). And out of the ten, there are 4 of the same person whom i rejected earlier. MCB! This people so free no need to work ar?!
So yea, stop adding me if you don't know me or at least if you think you fit the above "hate requirement" stated above.

Maybe my period is on the way, god knows but for now, i feel like getting out all my uneasiness and anger deep within wtf on a punch bag!! But i am no punch bag! So how? Who wanna self offer being my punch bag?!


fluotone said...

I'll be your punch bag for $2 million bucks :P for the going rate, I'd say its a pretty decent deal hehe

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