Saturday, September 12, 2009

Study Elementz

Had been studying for one whole day plus one whole night too. Cause i had been playing ElementZ in Facebook for the whole morning too wtf. Now served me right! No early bed and have to sit here and study till AT LEAST something sticks to my mind.

Oh, did i mentioned i got a faggot headache the whole day too?! Seems like someone is sitting in my skull and knocking mildly on my brain every 3 seconds. -.- but that is how i totally feel now.


Always my energy booster
Also my dietary enemy.
Also reason why am i always fat and never thin. FML.


Coincidentally, I am a full reddie today! Speaking of wishing on the wishing star huh, might as well i just wear all red to the exam hall tomorrow and hope the Buddhist whatever luck God bestowed over me and give me good fortune wtf.


Am totally in love and digging Hawaii short shorts and these red one is LOVE!
Opps, i think i am turning into a reddie too!
All thanks to Jessica!!
Teehee!*hugs jie*


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