Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Last Night

There has been so many uncountable exciting things happened in my mundane life lately which is great and yes, i enjoyed it of course. But all this has had to happen during my finals of my first semester of my second year. How cliche!

So yea, i have entitled my post "The Last Night" which sounds so meaningless and pointless but i just want to have a self record that tonight or rather this morning is my last day of studying and being a nerd for 24 hours a day, 24/7 a week. After this coming morning exam which is precisely 9 hours from now, i would be a free man or rather a free woman wtf.

And i got a makan session right after the exam stress with a few of my close friend bloggers and yes, i will try to keep life as exciting as possible as long as i am still young and hey, YOUNG people DESERVE to HAVE FUN without the nagging and all okay~
It's in the young people blood wtf. Not that older people cannot have fun okay, it's not what i meant, just that younger generation deserves MORE fun.

Things to look forward to are the arrival of Singaporean bloggers which i had never met before except Ying Zi. But they are all my good friends now. Internet really does connect people and i am beginning to thank God for positioning me in this course and also to applause myself for not being hard headed and proceed with what?Law course? Tsk tsk...
And yes! How can i forget! I got Genting trip with the coursemates on the 17th till the 18th, yes, the day right after our exams! Wooweee~

Till then, gotta go crash bed now and then its war again! RAWWWR!


Josh E Wawa said...

Why victoria?
you're a september kid too? x)
cause if you are,
that COULD be the reason for our piercin addiction. haha.

Victoria said...

I am a september babe!!! wheee~ I love piercing but abit scaredy cat to do so! teehee

Josh E Wawa said...

I dont blame you, it creeps me out a lil sometimes..

september what ey? its lovely to meet a september baby, raare..

hmm well, it's either rare, or my friend scope just doesnt circle september peeps.

Victoria said...

September 2nd and yea i found it rare too but now i found loads of september babies!!!

I practically have all friends for the whole september wtf

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