Sunday, September 27, 2009

A New Day, New Beginning

Being around people made me feel small and it grips the fear in me and that explains why I don't hang out a lot with friends except college mates. The human mind and thought are unfathomable and they can be a total stranger when things go wrong or things which did not happen as they wanted it to be. People could engulf you alive with just mere words or actions that are unnoticeable by others, all except the victim itself. People say they know me, people say I know her, people too say I am her friend but do people know that you don't know the real me because I don't even know myself too?.

Today is the combined service for our church and i was thinking how many more of our money can Hotel Flamingo "cheat" for our monthly gathering there because they increased the rental price! We only rent it for one day, less than that i assume. Service only last for 2 hours and we are gone after that, i believe that cost us RM 8000 - RM10,000? Now that is a ridiculous amount to rent a place named after the great bird, Flamingo but we can't see any around unless we would take a stroll to the "haunted" lake and i think the birds aren't there anymore now.
I saw it once when we were very early and had nothing to do so we took a stroll around the big lake and saw only three pathetic and sickening looking Flamingos.
(that wouldn't even budge like their feet are rooted in water wtf)

And i think i MISSED my duty?! *gasp*
Seriously, I am so messed up in what i do everyday and now i wish that I am money loaded so that i can hire a PA to help me jot down and arrange all the events and things that i should do. Talking about time management, I so don't have it. I think i need a Time Management seminar wtf. I miss seminars, especially those we had during secondary times, I used to hate it and sleep through out and now i miss it? wtf.

Pastor showed us the progress of our new church building and i must say, tears welled up in my eyes. For God knows why.
Maybe it's because of the unity the people of my church put together having Food Fairs, Fund Raising etc to collect money through the community and then bless them back with this great and big new church that i swear now, i would DEFINITELY GET LOST IN.(T__T)
The King's Kid sanctuary itself is bigger than my house wtf. Theres the main sanctuary, smaller rooms for the kids, badminton court(in a room), basketball court(outdoors) etc. But they do not have swimming pool! Shucks!

I just can't wait to get into our new church building and discontinue the money-cheating the Hotel pull over our church. RM10,000 is farking retardly insanely mcb-ly EXPENSIVE okay.

Wuwuwu~ Tomorrow is Monday and(no) I do not have Monday blues, I love Monday, I love new beginnings. But i don't really love it tomorrow cause i am still on semester break and i got no where to go but to stay in and watch Hana Yori Dango for the third time, fml.
I want to go out and i can, all by myself, but going out means using money, using money means i would need to work again to gain more.*sigh*
Better i stay in and sleep one whole day and not use a penny wtf. I am so kiam siap.

Okay~ I miss my Grandmother.*sigh*


fluotone said...

cheapo! go out and have fun la~ oh I miss my grandmother too =)

Victoria said...

hey there fluotone! hahahaha yea cheapo sigh~ no money bah~

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