Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Little Celebration

Hey there! Just a short update on me myself and the world around me. Been reading up a lot about marketing and things that people would really do when they are really out there, trying their hard core arse to sell their products, only to realized what i have been paying to study are really nothing but pieces of crap. Would you, "i want to market this product with the Golden Rule in mind and that is to think what my customer really want and it is okay that i talk a crap load to them but they end up nodding and walk off. That is okay to me" or would you have this more realistic mindset, "I am so out here to market and most importantly sell my product, heck to Golden Rule cause it ain't gonna help me sell this shitloads of my back and that definitely ain't gonna get me my extra kaching, heck to customer that are here to pass time by listening to me crap all the product shits then walk away!"

Okay so if you were to ever ask me what i am studying and you wanna give your two cents point of view on what i am majoring, just safe it cause i believe non of those shits, as long as i topped the sales when i am out there marketing and selling. I studied because i need the blardy certificate. Lol~ Cliche, but i do like marketing, it's like an inborn thing wtf.

So my birthday was few days back but nontheless, i found quite a handful of September babies this year and i feel not so special anymore wtf. cause i used to think that being a Septemberian is kinda special cause we are kinda like the young star but not that young and not that not young wtf so we should be given all the special attention and care wtf. People love, expecially the chinese, to get married during this time of the year too. Well, maybe not this time of the month cause this year its Ghost Festival during this time wtf. And i am starting to use alot of "wtf"
recently and it is getting really annoying. I used a lot of "da ma de" too and that is more annoying cause i sound stupid!

*and omgawd! wow! someone that i did not fought with but was with the group of people that i fought with, actually just wished me happy belated birthday! Miracle not?! Actually i don't hold grudges la wtf! But its like i want to talk to them, they just stare then turned away. Lesigh~*

Aunty bought us out, us meaning me and my cousin sister whose birthday is on the 7th and my cousin brother's wife is on the 5th but she isnt here cause she went to Australia! Whee~
And we went to one of my favorite chinese char chan teng and had my favoritest food ever! That is Lok Lok, okay~ steamboat la~ I call Lok Lok wtf like Hongkis pulak!

The platter of joy and my Hiong Pin cha! woots! Mad love steamboat and yes, i am just that easily satisfied cause i am an easy person like that.

So i did not study today wtf and i am still madly in love with him! He is so so cute!
He sent me and mms with the background of his friend doing the Asian peace sign!

The guy on the upfront okay not the peace out dude or the other people!


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