Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shitmyx and FaceBoob

I am so irritated with shitty Shitmyx or widely known as Streamyx and the f*cked up Faceboob or widely known as Facebook this days. Was trying to upload my pretty picture of myself and friends and i was stucked with "Failed upload. Try again later." for the last 30 minutes. I was stupid enough to self console and giving the shitty line chances to upload my pictures.

Out of frustration, i shall upload it here! Boohoo! Like it Love it Hate it, WHATEVER! Cause it's MY blog and you can choose to CHAO OUTSIDE, MUTHAF*CKAS!!
*too much Youtube-ing on RinontheRox and Peter Chao wtf*



And i think i deserve one more! LOL!
Just joking. No more vain pictures of me and i am still mad at FaceBoob lo and i have decided to call them such way!

Genting yeay here i cometh!


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