Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Was Fun


Finally!! I got to wear what i want to wear, do less makeup and do not need to look 100%-ly presentable, leave my hair loose, take what ever bag i want to use, go out at what ever time i want to without rushing, camwhore to my satisfaction without worrying to rush out for the bus and whole loads of crap more..

Finally i get to go out!!
*i sound like i had been in prison for ages wtf*

Whee~ The most-est comfortable Mickey shirt and most-est comfortable jeans!
And ooh~ I just learnt how to camwhore this way! fml.
Been wanting to show people what i wear but i got achina fucked upnot so good phone which take pictures weirdly, so yea~ Now i learnt to know how! Lol~


Paired with my most sayang-est*jangkitan Sam and Jeffro wtf*Tous baggie!


and my most trustworthy sneakers! But not visible but you all should know la~
And out i go!

Met up with Jeffro and fuah, i got the shock-est moment in my whole entire life. Some stupid fartard motorcyclist who OBVIOUSLY was rushing to hell, did not stop when Jeffro turned and the fartard just went straight ahead and mcb scared the shit outta me.

Bla bla~ Jeffro's car is what i would say, badly damaged. I think i jinxed him lo wtf.

FMFL! imma so screwed.. n it isnt my fault at all.. T_T on Twitpic

I enlarge a bit but still can't see but you all can go to here to check out how badly damaged it is. The whole thing came off wtf!

Had a great lunch together and he showed me his "Beat It" dance at FOS wtf! LOL!!
Sure was fun meeting up with him again, after so long kan?! LOL


Jeffro said...

Eh Cool weih dancing in public.. Dancing in clubs is so yesterday.. xD Come let's all dance in public for fun one day! and record it down!!

Victoria said...

Lets Lets!!!

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