Monday, August 31, 2009

The Existence

Hey there! I am back and will probably get into a MIA season again cause finals are this week end and i my studies are still half way done and i am getting fidgety much! I want to get the best and to beat someone off the record as well and to show to everyone that i can juggle work, boyfriend, time for myself and studies all together and still score!

20 years old already next year fml please. Just a random thought and so we continue.

Yes, i am attached. For no specific reason, i found someone special and to tell the truth, he found me! Lol~ all thanks to my craving for Chicken Rice! What turf! By the way, i had always love having rice and my obligatory dish must consist of chicken so Chicken Rice makes a perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner(and 3 kilos after that wtf).

My boo and i am very the not shy to show him here and to announce to the whole world! Hahaha~ what turf.

And the new new me!

Thats all from me today~ Missing my boo now of course~ le sigh~
Friday, August 28, 2009

I Still Prefer Studying

Busy busy busy busy is all i ever experience for this pass whole week but i am not ranting hard on this cause i love being busy. Despite my business to have to juggle studies and work, i still do find time to go to college today and yes, had a quite pleasant time being around with friends again. I ought to say, i miss their ways of communicating with each other, their super blurness of organizing something for example the event of where to eat.. I just miss being with them cause i think my life would be in total darkness if it was not for them.

At KFC while waiting for them to order food and yes i did not eat cause i diet like that wtf! Lol and working has really made me lose a few kilograms, all thanks to the standing for 12 hours and i have to smile all the time, the jokes that we pulled with each other causing us to laugh like crazy people where customers got attracted to us cause we laughed so loud they must be wondering what SaSa has that made them such happy folks wtf folks~ xD

Finals are around the corner, the next week corner precisely and all i see my friends doing are going out with each other having the bestest time together and the number one thing that i always see them doing is play cards. Not any ordinary cards but the kind that chinese used to gamble. All i did was join in the crowd! Lolwtff~

Hey there~ this is the two upcoming birthday babies of September and we both ruled the month lolwtf cause she is 1st and i am 2nd(why me 2nd wtf!!) and why must all finals and exam be on the month of September wtf!

And here is me bidding you goodbye with a tired and sleepy face and messy like after sex hair wtf at the chair of kfc. Have a good day now you all~
Thursday, August 27, 2009

So I Am Beauty Consultant??

Hey there people! To those that had been wondering where the hell did vox go? She MIA?? No and yes. Lol because i am now on a one week part time job which needs me to be confined in a building with no laptop to go online and the best of all is to be indulged and has all the privilege to
test all new parfume, totally FOC.

Why you asked??

Cause this is the annual Sasa Fragrance Fair. To those that like to take photograph and do abit of coverage, you all are welcomed to Midvalley's Centre Atrium. Today they had a Celebrity Day and some of the celebritys that came are Xandria Ooi(totally awesome gorgeous lady), Sazzy Falak, Belinda Chee(gorgeous hair) and many many more.
I will upload soon, when i am just not that tired cause i am so tired now wtf after standing the whole day!

Met and befriended this cute, young and aspiring-to-be-model girl named Koen and yes she is mix. And yes, she is chinese christian. she is so damn bubbly and reflects the total me. Just that awesome! Ok i Sasa frenzy la~*snickers*
Saturday, August 22, 2009

My WTF Rationale

People has been asking me and even to the extend of scolding me on my excessive usage of the word wtf in which i say it in the long form and that is what the fark. And that has lead me into frustration and thus i shall post my wtf rationale here. wtf.

I used to use what turf and i think that is a bit too long to type when all i can type is wtf and why would i want to worry myself by typing 8 alphabets instead of 3 cause i am lazy like that. My type of wtf isn't really cursing like "WTF! You can just go f*ck off and die la" that kind of vulgarity but is the kind like when i said or in this case here, typed something i feel that it is stupid/something that makes you all think that i am some retard like this rationale post here wtf.
*there! the meaning of my wtf*

wtf. i am already feeling all stupid and retard now.tsk tsk.. can i use another wtf?! LOL

Below are some of the examples i simply created to explain my wtf propaganda(now got propaganda samo wtf!)and this are the usual things that i crap at my facebook via tweeting or just straight to my facebook.

* Going out for swimming now and i only need to pay MYR3 to get my hair "natural lighten/bleach" LOLWTF! xD (latest on facebook)

I really look like Lok Tong Kai (turun bunuh ayam) just now wtf. Stupid heavy rain that i should be thankful for cause it kinda help cleanse the air that i breathe.*snickers*

Am watching Artificial Intelligent and it's so so awesome! I cried wtf

Those really are from the very recent Facebook say and tweet and i just realized that i really used wtf a lot and at times over used it till i feel that it is kinda annoying! Hahaha~
Some of the things that i might use wtf too are like "hey i think that's andy wtf"(when obviously it is andy), "the train just went pass lo wtf". okay i think that is more than enough and i think that is all that you all can bare.

You all get it? NO? ok i give you all a full situation wtf.

"I had this idea that i want to do a post of my wtf rationale and i got it all planned on how to tell you all but i ended up typing a lot of crap wtf and at the end of the day you all might just think that this bitch can really do vulgarity and mis understood all the things that i just say and worst of all you all might think that i am just some retard trying to do a post just so that this blog don't look dead wtf (actually quite true la wtf)."

End of wtf rationale and if you all still don't get it, drop me a comment and replies assured! And there would be a long speech again lolwtf.

I emailed Cheesie today regarding something that i would want to know and obviously i did not expect that she will emailed me back right that instant. Really that fast you know, its like here i pressed SEND and i went to take a look at my Facebook and then i went to check my inbox again, and wala~ SHE REPLIED! Efficient boh?!

And she is really sweet to tell me all that i want to know and all that i do not know and also some things that i had no interest to know and all i got to know that she is a really busy person unlike me who is suppose to study but ended of Facebooking and msning all day long wtf. Actually i got a lot to catch up seriously but i procrastinate WAYY TOO MUCH! sigh~

Ok~ end of story bye. Such low mediocrate way of saying that's all wtf. xD

One Word Entry Post


Monday, August 17, 2009

Things That Made My Day

And it is not ice cream nor it is any electronic devices, i still can't get my MP4 back wtf cause they said it is still at the factory.

Woke up with an irritating nose that keeps sneezing and it was so cold today that i feel like jumping right back under my blanket and not go to college, since most of them decided not to go anyway. But i am goody two shoes like that what turf and so i went,gloomily of course. I think my mind was drifting through the cloud above when i walked to the station and through out the whole journey till i reached college, cause now i can't remember a single thing that has happened in the morning. I just know that i slept in the car, took the monorail, got stuffed like a can of tuna and the last thing i remembered was in the bus on my way back. ok fml la~ cause i am boring like that.

BOOKS! I love books and i am not a geek nor am i a nerd mind you, i just love them! I love the feeling of spending my whole entire day searching through the bookstore and when i finally found some that i like, i love the feeling of owning them. Of course, the joyous process of reading them. But i read them and i did not buy any cause i am broke and finals are here and i still have like 6 - 7 untouched books that i bought cause i want them so badly! xp And it is still there lying on the desk, nicely wrapped in the plastic bags.

Now now people, if you all don't know this book and the author/publisher, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU ALL BEEN?!
This is the one and only book i will not buy and i'd rather spend my time sitting in the bookstore reading and then not buying but i like reading it cause it is not worth it and i'd only read it once anyway, for pleasure. cause i will surely get freaked out if i were to read it over and over again like what i do to all my other novels. Yes, i reread novels cause i am so jiwang like that wtf.
This is one of the many books i would read but not buy cause not worth it and i read the whole book today while waiting for mummy, hahaha!

Though i will surely be watching this on screen but i still want the book! now now~ who will ever ever get this hint??! Lol joking~
Okay, target set, this is the very next book that i am going to get right after my finals which is like after one month and don't know whether after one month will this book be still on the shelf and most importantly will my interest in this book still stand strong or i fell in love with another book and bought the new one instead of this.
Ok la wtf, i want to read this book.

Before that, i spent hours at MacD today studying! Whee~ at last, i got some studies done, all stick to my puny brain and i think MacD Sungei Wang should service their air-con regularly cause i am having a superbly itchy nose wtf and it is not H1N1 ok~ so shut up.
Sunday, August 16, 2009

To Compensate (People I Love)

okay so i got something to blog! yeay! As i was growing through my facebook pictures and was having a zen moment there looking back what i had been through with the new peeps and thinking back what a hell time i had one year back and that was just so not me. I hate being ignored, i hate the feeling that people betrayed me and obviously i hate people that betrayed me to bits. I hate even more people that befriends me for a reason, what ever that would be, you ain't going to get any from me. Cause i am smart to know that wtf.

Obviously the people that i love a lot and cherish and am going to post in photos later on are not in order as in who i love more to the who i love less, nonsense, no such thing. All equal cause all also equal good to me like that. Love as in friendship love ok wtf people don't get the wrong idea and i am going to make sure people that are posted here get to see this post. Hehehe~ to pscyho them! LOL.. Now~ here goes and i did not watermarked all the picture cause i don't want la and so people who i caught steal my pictures(except my that own circle of friend)are going to court with me wtf. LOL


This is my besttie, Amelia.
Yes, she made a lot of my days! Be it from a happy day to an angry day to a crazy day to a silent day or to a day when i kept humming on how fat i am and the things that i want to do to lose weight but seemed like not working and i still hummed on it non-stop,(catches breathe) she is still there for me!

This is Choong Wai.
The most vain and at times self-emo guys i had ever ever came across. He changes mode way too fast, he will emo within this hour and he will turn into some vain pot that keeps saying "I am very man" and does the erhm and he then talks in his most manliest voice ever. Oh~ he also owns the title Sleeping King. He sleeps most of the time, well, when he is not in the mood to talk to me that is. BUT! He gets better results than me wtf.
Did i mention that he is SINGLE? LOL xD

Below two picture are people that you had seen and i just want to post cause we are like the camwhore besttie like that wtf
(and i look stupid)

hahah stupid right??! I cock my head one side wtf

Must post this cause i look pretty like that wtf!

The another guy that you all had not see before is Lim and the another girl is En.

I kinda hate Lim cause he always call me stupid and called me WTF for no apparent reason but what the heck, his stupidity and his china looks usually cracks me up, even when i am having the shittiest day, usually also because of him la cause he calls me stupid. T-T

This is Joyselin.
This girl is uber fun and and i used to hate her cause i used to hate her then boyfriend but that was then which means now it is called her ex boyfriend which also means that she is single and that also mean you all guys have chance la wtf.
She cam-hos way way too much and i think i have to give her the title Camho Queen and i have to retire! LOL
(me loves this high angled photo!!)

Then the following pictures are the very first outing that i had with them and that is to celebrate my besttie's birthday!! I love my besttie lo~ now aka my bisexual boyfriend wtf! LOL~ xD


This is Wei Gen.
Another guy who cam-hos a lot! Aiya give you title Camho King la~ Lol
And he like to brush my hair and say my hair soft but actually not soft la so people, you all not allowed to do so okay cause i am quite sensitive with people touching my head. hehe~
(we cant bend legs cause we were having skates on and i look retard so shut up)

This is Yee Xuen.
Super besttie with Wei Gen and yes, cam ho alot also. She is sweet and i had the hardest time remembering her name and i usually messed it up with Wei Gen's name at first but now no more! And although this picture looks like we had something, yes, the friendship something and i am straight ok wtf. She like to do the " hee hee" face like me! xD

The Camwhore Quads~!!

US at the end of the SKATING DAY!

Us and many more outings to come!

So Much

Realized that my huu haa for blogging only lasted for two days and i am back to square one again, the square one of "I-don't-know-what-to-blog" cause my life is one heck of a routinized one. It's the same process everyday, i eat shit sleep play study and again i play. Oh wait, i surf the net way too much that i talk to the screen more often than i talk to my family members. Opps~

I really have to title myself the Procrastination Queen cause i am so so lazy to study like that what turf and my finals are like what~ two weeks time? And i only need one hand and it would be more than enough to count on all the things that i had manage to study through out this three months. Yet, i still have the time to online all day long. I just can't stop this procrastinating monster that is taking the whole of me.

And now i am lazy to even blog! Lol what turf really~
Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sasa Surprise

Hate waking up to the feeling that they whole entire day would not be a good and exciting one. I feel so bored waking up to that feel and this can be due to the class till 6.30p.m schedule. Tiring one, so even when i was just thinking about it, it just tires me out.

Going to do a super short update today cause i can barely keep my eyes open now and even though i had not been facing the computer for the whole day, i still can barely make my eyes face this rays contributor for long.
Received an anonymous call today during class and was lucky enough that i decided to check my phone. Surprisingly, it was a call from Sasa congratulating me on the occasion that i had been selected to be one of their worker. Nothing huu haa i know but i got s job secured! Yeay!
Okay~ Tired already wtf so i am going to go sleep now. Did not even manage to do even a lil' of my assignments wtf. Nights all!
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pool Infested Insects

Just when the weather is nice, no super hot sun and all and i just had the right mood to swim. Actually is i got big tummy today so i need the swim and i just simply say i got mood to swim. I don't have actually. I am so so damn tired and i get more tired just by thinking that i still have one pending assignment and i still have six untouched units to study and the finals is in two week time. fml or not la you say! Do you think i will still enjoy and "have mood" to swim or not? If i do, then i must be some psychotic girl or i am just plain dumb.

Mummy thought of not cooking even though she is on a half day leave today cause she say she lazy like that and we was kinda yearning for dai chow like Hokkien Mee and Singapore Mee, things like that and i was assigned to go tapau back. And then only we go swimming. Half way down the road, only then i realized that it is not open, for what reason only God knows. Then have to go tapau somewhere else and that makes us late to the pool. Add on the massive traffic jam too. Seriously, Kuala Lumpur is such an unchio place to go too! Traffic jam all the time and every where! Sien okay~

Reach there half an hour later than our usual timing. Tried swimming as much as i can, or as much as my muscles can last. Which i don't have much muscles, i think! Lol~ And then, the pool got infested with insects. Really fml. At first, it was like 10 to 20 of them scattered all over the almost olympic size pool, so there is nothing to it. Then it got more and more till the pool looks like it is not made out of water but of the insects! Damn eww!
I think i accidentally ate one wtf and not due to the fact that i am hungry but it is because, you know la~ swimming what~ you have to come up to breathe. And when some idiot who does not know how to swim free style but tries too and they splash huge wave of water into the direction of you, which is filled with insects, lets count the percentage of you not getting the insects into your mouth!! Which is very very lil / less percentage okay!!

*stop grumbling victoria*

Okay~ A new day tomorrow. Loves! Loving college more and more now but it's going to be so soon for me to leave college already. And i am starting to miss college now even before i finish. How?? Blink blink blink, i will be like 21 years old and needs to start working already. In a nut shell, i MISS MY STUDYING LIFE, MY SECONDARY SCHOOL, MY PEEPS.
*big big sigh*

8 P.M

August 11, 2009

I did not go online for one whole day yesterday and this is not something i planned like, "hey i want to study so i won't go online", no it is not. Seriously, i am so so attached to the internet and the cyber space that at times i really feel like i can go online everywhere i go without having the ma fan-ness to have to carry my heavy laptop. I know i know, got iPhone right?! But i got no money. LOL wtf~ Besides, screen smaller than 14 inch is so wtf can! I just don't get how people can chat, surf the web, fb through the small screen of iPhone. I just plainly cant cause i got small eye(wtf)so i need big big screen like that wtf. xD

On the date stated, and based on the title, i really went to sleep at 8 p.m, 11/08/09. Thus the absense from the cyber space. Was as tired as.. no words to describe. For no approriate reason i tell you! Sometimes i think that i got some secret sickness that has no symptoms whatsoever and i am the type that i dread to go to doctors, so in any way, i will no get to know that i am sick. If i am la~ which i am not. Because, when i have things to do or rush, i can just sit here for the whole entire day and not feeling a tiny wit of tiredness at all. But it is vice versa when i have practically nothing to do. I would be nodding off every single minute till i feel asleep eventhough i just woke up, eg: early in the morning, i will still feel sleepy after bathing. Fml or not?! Sure got sickness one right like that?

*pst, don't tell me is the LAZY SICKNESS OKAY~ wtf*

It was actually quite a happy and then stress day for me due to many many reason, so shall we get started with the happy moments ey?

Happy Moments!!

Cause i finally found my favorite, my all time favorite tee! I know, lame but what the heck! I thought this tee got lost some where in my "Lost- and - Found" part of my wardrobe and i usually don't dig clothes that are stored there anymore. Either it just way too kiddy, it does not fit me anymore or i just grew tired of it, then it will be at the "Lost - and - Found". I named it as such cause i still do find something interesting there, usually when mummy threatens to not buy me anymore new clothes if i don't wear any from there! Lol~
Lo and behold, i found my STILL favorite tee there! Mummy put it there cause she thinks the tee is too old and not nice wtf. Nice okay!*snuggles into the tee*
Yes, i am a big big fan of Mickey Mouse. Only Mickey Mouse and not Minnie Mouse.

Woke up with nice nice nice super muthafucking nice hair today and that is rare! I amm now practicing the habit of conditionising my hair every morning even though i super hate morning bathes but for the sake of my hair, i would now bathe in the morning! xD
Then it turns out nicer than ever! Chio not! I mean the hair okay~ Lol~
Been kinda stress with the hair lately cause i am now at the stage of growing it out cause i am kinda tired with short bob and people say that girls still looks best with a long hair, and i want to look my very best and not some tomboy(people thinks la wtf).
Wait a month or so, surely i will have a much much longer hair than now! ^^

My happy moments so lil only wtf. So ahead are boring pictures of not me cause i am not boring one wtf! Hahaha~

Sad Case la~

A picture of the computer lab where Web Design for Marketing assignments presentation are taking place. Looks like okay nothing to be angry about right?
Rewind back to one hour ago.
I kinda finished up my report but i did not bring it to college cause i did not know that today was the submission day for the report/proposal too. What to do? Have to resort to the CIT in my college and this is like the second place i hate to go. I just hate the fact that i have to leave my bag somewhere else at some stupid unsafe rack outside and i have to go use the super duper slow internet connection at my college. The first place i hate in my college is the library. Not that i hate libraries, i just hate it that i have to put my bag outside. My college library got those detectors at the entrance and all the books are tagged. So why do we still need to leave the bags outside? Not that the guards there guard them anyway, all they do is sit there and day dream wtf.

Bla bla bla~ rushed through the assignment report and finally all done. Only to realize that i overdo. what turf! So i have to redo again. Easy thing, yes, luckily! Or else i have turned into an active volcano the other day. Pity my besttie too! She did almost the whole web site herself wtf.
Speechless. but am not going to say another word or comment no more.

camwhorer of the century detected wtf!

The computer lab's main control room and i hate this room as well! Lol~ cause this is where they put password to the other computer there and unallowed us to get access to the internet. Usually there is a guy here sitting there and monitoring god knows what and he gets to online wtf. And it seemed like he has got no class to attend like that, if he is a student la~

Sigh~ a great hectic and full of drama day for me today and i just realized that i can really get my arse work up on things that i tend to procrastinate over and get it all done in just mere two hours! When i had been spending weeks on one single assignment.
Any how any who, i still end the day with a great big big grin! I still love my life you know even though i hate so many things. Hate in a play play way la ok~(in case the anonymous reads again and thought i am some pychotic girl hating my life)

Monday, August 10, 2009


I so can't think of another title but to this song that i am listening to(oh wait now is Can I Have This Dance)and i can't stop thinking how much has changed! From the first time that i laid my eyes on you, you looked so demure and sweet and, easy to say, unevil wtf. But as time pass, true colors of you revealed. Colors that i still persevered on for many many reasons and one of the many many reason is the simple reason of "i still want to be your friend."

Okay wait, got two, or should i say rephrase, "I still treat you as my friend". Rephrase again,"You're still my friend".

See! How many times of rephrasing and rechanging the order of the sentences, it still brings the same meaning, the meaning of I CHERISH YOU. Sincerely, i had never ever like they way you act. After much going head heel with us, i somewhat feel that you're trying way too hard to be like us. To be someone that you're not. To be someone that it turns out to be the type that i dislike. Not hate, just dislike cause everyone is different and i so don't have the power to hate this and hate that.

BattleField. Yes. Is what i am feeling right now! It's everywhere. Be it in relationship, studies, spiritual field, with parents and even with siblings. All i heard this days are "Damn hate lo~", "Dulan him/her la", "Boh suang la!!" and yada yada the list goes on. Not that i bother much about who you hate and whatnot, but when you want to come to me to release anger, i will always be willing to lend a hearing ear. I am not kepoh okay wtf.
But question is, who listens to me?

Another day ahead. Another challenges awaits for me to break through.

ps::butt and leg damn pain! T-T

Guilty Pleasures

I am now blogging at the place where my guilt are turned into pleasure which only last for at most a day. And then i would be crying river up and down mountains for the weight gained(i feel that i gained la)the very next day. Simple to say, I feel fat the next day. Someone always say that last time and that would instantly make me stop turning my guilt into pleasure and let it stay as guilt's guilt! Lol if you know what i mean!

Okay~ I am at MacDonalds now and i think i am like the frequent visitor cause the server boy also smile at me every time they pass by my table wtf. Been here way too regular and at times i feel like puking when i see anything yellow or fried or when ever i pass by a burger stall. That super melodramatic you know! Phobia itu macam wtf.
The very reason that i would go to MacDonald every Monday is because of assignments and the public transportation. Assignments are way too overloaded and me doing it at home seemed to be very the impossible with televisions and sofas around, temptations occur. Plus, the super good internet connection at home enables me to game. Gaming online that is. Plus point to procrastination right! Yes, i am so damn right and i know you know that i know you really know that i am right!

Public transportation is just another pms bitch that wouldn't come on time and sometimes this pms bitch picks places that they want to go and don't want to go! Tell me how to use this bitch la?! I tried once when it doesn't want to stop at my place! And i am left there at the station waiting for the next train or at least i waited for the announcer to finally say "Train to Seremban will be stopping at bla bla bla bla SERDANG(my station) bla bla bla". Pathetic not! Sometimes it's just annoying and most of the time bitchy! Never ever i met such a bitch before! Lol~ And most of the time, all i can be is just hopeless. sigh~ So i opt to stay here and go online to finish up things meanwhile waiting for mummy to go back.

*safes money too* *snickers*

Saw a friend here that has to repeat his course, which is my course. Damn happy that i can meet him weh! It's been so so long! So very long since we talk. He got thinner and why the hell that i feel everyone around me is losing the fats and i feel like i am pounding on it?! Then MacD almost every Monday some more! what turf can! I want to eat Auntie Anne next week! Lol~ xD

By the way, damn hate rude, noisy, stupid looking, act cute, overly active kids wtf.
Back to assignmenting! Love the alone-feel! I weird, i know!
*can anyone shut the fucking kid up?!*
Sunday, August 9, 2009

Procrastination Is Always Here to Stay

Finally worked up my assignment mood for the pass few days and the only reason to that is also because the dateline is a week ahead and i have one have not touched before assignment(now half way) and one more small part that i have to readd/redo, what is the difference anyway,right?

Loved my last Saturday! The house was so quiet and the only sound that can be heard clearly is the sound of myself typing quite vigorously on the laptop,rushing my assignments and the occasional sound of water cause mom was house cleaning. She cleans the house every Saturday, by the way. Just that it is a little bit dreamy and quiet for the last Saturday. Reason is, my brother wasn't at home. He went for a one day one night camp trip organized by the Moral organization of his school to some other school. The weird thing is, he never ever bother to even care a wiggy about all this but he was so hyped up to go and paid the next day. The only reason i could think of is that, the event would only be having the chinese and indian attendees so the opportunity to see and make new girl friends are on large ratio scale.
True enough when my brother who came back in the afternoon today saying that it was boring and "So many Indians lo~" Tsk tsk~ I am not racist here and was just telling the intention of my brother who would suddenly be willing to pay to go to some lousy camp! LOL what turf..

Follow suit, Sunday rolls in without invitation the next morning. Was a warm morning i remembered waking up to. Feels kinda weird to not have to fight for the bathroom to get ready, to fight for who use the heater first, to fight who should close the lights after using, to fight for who should open the gate and then close it.. things like that.
I know i would not and it would be damn awkward to hear this from me, but, i think i MISS MY BROTHER.
I just said that!
Now he is back. Sitting here right beside me surfing and gaming and listening to some irritating chinese mandarin song that i can never recognize who the singer was. Everything just falls back to how it should be for the past 19 years. I think a little changes makes people think a lot. People that has already had a lot in mind would think even more with changes ahead of them. I don't like changes. Cant anything stay the way they are for the next ten years, for the next 30 years, can remained the same forever or not?? LOL

Yeayea~ Kinda drifted off to what i have been feeling and thinking for the past few days and neglected my story on my procrastination. Though it is not something gung ho to let everyone know but i still want to slap myself hard on the face with the fact that, though something looks perfect upfront, it doesn't mean that they are perfect.
*nods head rubbing face*
My assignment mode lasted for only a good two day and the amount of hour could probably sum up to 10 hours only. Though you see me online for like 24/7 but i think that is the only amount of time i spend on assignments! Shit case. I seriously don't know what i did the rest of the time. Facebook and surfing around discovering new things and then learning what they are cant really take so much of my time, right people?? Tell me i am right please~

Another factor of delayed assignments from me is obstacles. Yes! The big O! Whenever i have no enough resource to continue lets say, my reports, i would just ditch it one side and then thinks hard and prays hard to God that when the next time i double click on the Microsoft Word icon on my desktop, the page would be opened to a full-and-all-done report. Aww~ How blissful life would be if someone could invent something, some chip or some small brain to be embeded to our PC and laptop and all we have to do is just to insert the criteria needed for the report and a few clicks to insert the pictures, and TADA! ALL DONE! More rest and sleep for me then! Haha~ Lazy? I SO AGREE!xD

Okay okay~ Long post! Omgawd! I have so much more to say! On things like how i finally like my course but i am coming to an end, things like how i treasure friendship to the brim but people just don't understand how much i value it, things like how much i want to do in near future in return to my mum's hardwork for bringing me and brother up all these years, my since young aspiring-to-be writer and how it did not work out and now have to change to aspiring-to-be web designer, how i love summer more than the other season, and how much i long to do my passport so that i can go travel!
I have so much to do but i feel like i have so little time omgawd! Am i like dying to feel such? LOL~
Anyways, if you all would please notice, if you all did read my this long post and reached here*phew*finally, please scroll back up again and you will find "VOX'S WARDROBE" tab right below my Digi To Save campaign(which is probably over but i still have not take down what turf)and you all could click it! Cause according to Spec, i am now tauke nio of my own blogshop! LOLxD

That will lead you all to my blogshop and if you want to go back to my main blog page, there will be a "VOX'S HOME" tab right above my blogshop's header. See how my course help me much, this noob of the cyber world! So yeah! Now i can proudly promote my course to the whole world! Really useful seriously for those like me who can understand nuts at what they teach and tutor us through online at W3chools website! LOL

Okay~ too long already. Have to type-off and have a great week ahead people!

TFS (Ready Stock)

TFS(ready stock) will be posting products that i have in hand now and you will get the items 3 days after your payments with no extra charge of postage fees. No COD for this TFS(ready stock) and purchase per person must be 2 or more pieces.

Now Enjoy and Help Boost My Economy! Lol xD

Swify White

Swify Pink

Swify Black

(A1513 White Pink Black)
*no postage money needed*
Material | elastic cotton
Size | Free Size
Bust | 66-90 Length | 86

Here below are tops. ONLY TOPS.

Suave Black

Suave Grey

Suave Pink

Suave White

(a2204 Black Grey Pink White)
RM 39
Material | Elastic Cotton
Size | free size
Bust | 76CM Length | 45CM

That is all for today and method of ordering is the same as stated before. Thank You
Saturday, August 8, 2009

Things For Sale (TFS)

Decided to put TFS here in my main blog cause no one really knows the existence of my blogshop and people are directed to here. So yea, every weekend or twice a week, i will post TFS that i sell here. And yes, of course, you could get your hands on it. But you would have to wait cause this is a preorder system and i need time to get it from the suppliers. So here goes, all new items.

All Aboard!

(a2221 Blue)
RM 37
Material | Jeans
Size | free size

White Escape

(a2217 white)
RM 35
Material | Cotton
Size | free size
Bust | 90CM Length | 60CM

Black Escape

Red Escape

Blue Escape

Green Escape

La' Boheme Green
(front view)

(back view)

Material | Cotton
Size | free size
Bust | 95CM Length | 70CM

Comes in blue and red

La' Boheme Blue

La' Boheme Red

Polka Brown

Material | Elastic Cotton
Size | free size
Bust | 80-95CM Waist | 70CM Length | 80CM

comes in Purple,Blue,Red and White

Polka Purple

Polka Blue

Polka Red

Polka Dots

That's all for now~ Hurry up and place your orders by leaving in the comment box below. Not in the cbox. Preferably leave your email too so that i could mail to you the details. Thank You
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