Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pool Infested Insects

Just when the weather is nice, no super hot sun and all and i just had the right mood to swim. Actually is i got big tummy today so i need the swim and i just simply say i got mood to swim. I don't have actually. I am so so damn tired and i get more tired just by thinking that i still have one pending assignment and i still have six untouched units to study and the finals is in two week time. fml or not la you say! Do you think i will still enjoy and "have mood" to swim or not? If i do, then i must be some psychotic girl or i am just plain dumb.

Mummy thought of not cooking even though she is on a half day leave today cause she say she lazy like that and we was kinda yearning for dai chow like Hokkien Mee and Singapore Mee, things like that and i was assigned to go tapau back. And then only we go swimming. Half way down the road, only then i realized that it is not open, for what reason only God knows. Then have to go tapau somewhere else and that makes us late to the pool. Add on the massive traffic jam too. Seriously, Kuala Lumpur is such an unchio place to go too! Traffic jam all the time and every where! Sien okay~

Reach there half an hour later than our usual timing. Tried swimming as much as i can, or as much as my muscles can last. Which i don't have much muscles, i think! Lol~ And then, the pool got infested with insects. Really fml. At first, it was like 10 to 20 of them scattered all over the almost olympic size pool, so there is nothing to it. Then it got more and more till the pool looks like it is not made out of water but of the insects! Damn eww!
I think i accidentally ate one wtf and not due to the fact that i am hungry but it is because, you know la~ swimming what~ you have to come up to breathe. And when some idiot who does not know how to swim free style but tries too and they splash huge wave of water into the direction of you, which is filled with insects, lets count the percentage of you not getting the insects into your mouth!! Which is very very lil / less percentage okay!!

*stop grumbling victoria*

Okay~ A new day tomorrow. Loves! Loving college more and more now but it's going to be so soon for me to leave college already. And i am starting to miss college now even before i finish. How?? Blink blink blink, i will be like 21 years old and needs to start working already. In a nut shell, i MISS MY STUDYING LIFE, MY SECONDARY SCHOOL, MY PEEPS.
*big big sigh*


samanthacje said...

eleh ask u come swim u say busy

Victoria said...

this are my regular swimming days ma~

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