Monday, August 17, 2009

Things That Made My Day

And it is not ice cream nor it is any electronic devices, i still can't get my MP4 back wtf cause they said it is still at the factory.

Woke up with an irritating nose that keeps sneezing and it was so cold today that i feel like jumping right back under my blanket and not go to college, since most of them decided not to go anyway. But i am goody two shoes like that what turf and so i went,gloomily of course. I think my mind was drifting through the cloud above when i walked to the station and through out the whole journey till i reached college, cause now i can't remember a single thing that has happened in the morning. I just know that i slept in the car, took the monorail, got stuffed like a can of tuna and the last thing i remembered was in the bus on my way back. ok fml la~ cause i am boring like that.

BOOKS! I love books and i am not a geek nor am i a nerd mind you, i just love them! I love the feeling of spending my whole entire day searching through the bookstore and when i finally found some that i like, i love the feeling of owning them. Of course, the joyous process of reading them. But i read them and i did not buy any cause i am broke and finals are here and i still have like 6 - 7 untouched books that i bought cause i want them so badly! xp And it is still there lying on the desk, nicely wrapped in the plastic bags.

Now now people, if you all don't know this book and the author/publisher, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU ALL BEEN?!
This is the one and only book i will not buy and i'd rather spend my time sitting in the bookstore reading and then not buying but i like reading it cause it is not worth it and i'd only read it once anyway, for pleasure. cause i will surely get freaked out if i were to read it over and over again like what i do to all my other novels. Yes, i reread novels cause i am so jiwang like that wtf.
This is one of the many books i would read but not buy cause not worth it and i read the whole book today while waiting for mummy, hahaha!

Though i will surely be watching this on screen but i still want the book! now now~ who will ever ever get this hint??! Lol joking~
Okay, target set, this is the very next book that i am going to get right after my finals which is like after one month and don't know whether after one month will this book be still on the shelf and most importantly will my interest in this book still stand strong or i fell in love with another book and bought the new one instead of this.
Ok la wtf, i want to read this book.

Before that, i spent hours at MacD today studying! Whee~ at last, i got some studies done, all stick to my puny brain and i think MacD Sungei Wang should service their air-con regularly cause i am having a superbly itchy nose wtf and it is not H1N1 ok~ so shut up.


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