Friday, October 30, 2009

The Style Guru

okay actually got pictures laa.. but i want to at least edit it with a frame nicely for you all to see but since PhotoBucket is acting like a bitch here on my side, i shall let you see bad quality pictures taken with my China phone.

only upright picture cause i don't know how to navigate my way to turn the picture around with the new netbook.

Mohawk DOWN! LoLwtf

Mohawk UP! xDD

All this hair style are done with no, i repeat NO any hair gels, or wax, or mousse or sprays what so ever. It is done in the lecture hall as you all can see spontaneously, because we are so bored listening to the lecturer talking about Tiger Balms. LOL!

Once again!


No Picture

Finally my wish is granted and that is to have a mini netbook for free of charge and for me to try out whether i will be fine with small screen where i have to strain my eyes a bit, with super small keyboard where my long nails gets stuck into the inners of the board, and i totally feel like i got big fingers now wtf.

Overall, I am kinda loving it and am beginning to adjust myself to this new "environment" where i have to be sensitive to the smallest thing which might be the most important thing that is passing by me. Currently am still struggling with my assignments in which i have and had been redoing it for the third time now fml and it is not because i am lazy or what okay, though this may sound like an excuse, but it is not. The first time of redoing is because i change the subject that i wanna do research on, so i change. The second was when i was half way done and was so happy like that, and i press the X and close the microsoft WITHOUT saving it up fml, so i redo. This is then the third time, redoing it using this netbook because my house got broke into and the burglar MUST steal my lappie one!!? Cb okay~ Id' rather he steal my money then to steal my laptop okay.

Got pictures all inside okay, then what if this bugger misuse all the pictures and make my famous like Edison Chen wtf. Using all the SS pose, the buay paiseh camwhore pictures, all those cutesy pose, all but EXCEPT scandalous pictures. LOL. So i think i cant BOOMZ(pun intended to Ris Low)my way to stardom like how and what Edison had been through. Which totally darken his world man~
Besides that, my post here will lack in pictures now because i had tried loading picture into PhotoBucket and the thing got stuck at 0% proceeding and stays that way for the next half and hour.O.o wtf right?
So it's all gonna be Words, WOrds, WORds, WORDs and WORDS. Yea, i know that is annoying. Oops~ xDD

It's Friday night and i think i am gonna turn in early today. Eye too strainous and no, i have not turn over a new leaf and be an angelic child cause i am still the wild child and what makes you think i have nothing going on tomorrow??


so, who is heading over to Bukit Jalil tomorrow and if you so happen to see me in the millions of people crowd, do say HI VOX cause i might seem snobbish but i am not at all. Till then, I wanna i wanna touch you, you wanna touch me too!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Every Opportunity

Now i am blogging live wtf from TARC's library, at one of the few existing computers which is abit awkward to have i think around 10 all placed in on row with our back facing the main door where everyone who walk past behind me can peak at what i am typing now and i just stopped for like 10 seconds cause there's this whole bunch who walked behind me and stopped for like 0.01 second to look at what i am doing wtf. Annoying bitches.

Wednesday is suppose to be a non class day but TARC just had to worked up our ass cause we will surely will not come due to it is only a lecture class, but this is totally awesome and her class is unmissable cause she's awesome like that.

Woah all class mates here so i can't blog like how i used to ok chiow bye.

Finally reached home where i can sit back and relax and type to my heart and brains desire, and most importantly I do not have to be overly conscious of when does some random people walk past behind me and secretly peek and pry at what i pen down here.

I just feel.. weird? When people look at me DOING a post.
I know people DO read this too when i post, but when you all read the POSTED ones, I don't feel weird anymore wtf.

Okay~ what i wanted to say is that from now till don't know when i will get a new laptop, i will take every and any possible possibility i have to go online to blog. The spirit of writing and yapping a lot is still there yo, matter of fact it, the spirit grew larger as days goes by wtf.
Been looking through a lot of pictures of the NNawards and was very happy that the other bloggers did a good review of it and it feels like i was there myself too.

Besides that, I have been asking around ALOT for opinion on what type/brand of laptop should i buy. Personally, I don't quite like brands like Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Fujitsu, Compacq(thats all i can think of now)mostly because of their designs which is not eye catching and the price of it which i think is not worth it. I would very much love to try either Ben Q, HP and Acer. I know i dislike Acer and here i say i do not mind trying it out is because there are alot of people recommending me to it.
Any great advice any one wants to share with me?? Please leave a comment below and I appreciate it alot cause i know nuts and monkey balls about laptop and overall, The Technology.

I still question myself till this day, this question,
"why the hell am i majoring E-commerce and Marketing?"
and i never found the answer to it.

Back to assignments with WordPad cause i am so creative like that wtf. XOXO all.
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things I Like

Hey, a happy post today. Been grumpy and lost for the whole week because nothing comes around. But i am still smiling so yea, i wont die and fade off like that.Raaawr!

Totally love the top. Kinda wooly and i think it's cashmere cause it's a bit prickly but warm enough and cooling enough at the same time.

I have always love hoodies! And i think i look okay in them and i totally love the hoodie below!! AAARRGGHH!!!

Love it!!! But the price is like a damn eye opener okay.*sigh*

Usually, you will NEVER EVER see me in this but hey, i think the dress is damn awhsum cause i don't look that fat here!! Teehee!


To see more you all can add me on my facebook. And while i am doing my post and talked about my fb, it is really annoying that EVERYONE adds me. Being that it doesn't mean that i will add EVERYONE into my account. I used to, but i am very picky at people that i approve now after being whats said as, FB harassed wtf.

It is really annoying when you're nicely Cafe World-ing, thinking hard what dish you wanna cook because you just don't have a million thousand of cw cash like that, and when you had finally rationalized everything and was about to click the Burger to cook, suddenly the annoying sound of *tuk tuk* from the fb's chat box rang indicating someone wants to chat.
Humanly(unless you're not),I click onto the chat box(and leaving my Cafe World unattended)and see names that i do not know who they were and replied a "hi" if they said "hi". A lil' chat wouldn't bring me harm cause that's what FB are for, to know more people.

What i hate most is that this anonymous people will start to command me to self intro. HELLO!! I do not need to self intro myself to someone i just knew for the last 0.01 second and there is a "Info" wall okay where i diligently filled up all the "know-me" things. I took time to DILIGENTLY filled it up, so why don't you anonymous freaks take some time off and effort to find out about the people that you so called wanna "be friends" with?!
Though i used to "approve all", i will NOT approve those with no profile pictures. Who knows right! You might be someone WANTED like as in those you see in police offices and i might be dragged into the case of being a culprit wtf.

Sadly, i terpress "confirm" at a guy named Roy Lee(with picture)and he sent me this instantly..

Roy Lee 27 October at 23:34
my name is roy thank you you accept me as your friend i really appreciated. ok let me intro myself i am roy from kajang. last time i study business in ucsi, cheras perdana. Age getting older and older. and friends getting less and less. i hope to take this opportunity to know more friends over here. I hope u really can be my friend. Just want my friend’s cycle become bigger. I really have a sincere heart do be friend with u hope that we really can become true friend. hope to hear from u soon …

And i did not reply to that cause i am speechless. This guy is way too funny for me to flame back and totally waste of time to flame him too cause i sense desperation. C'mon, he got like more friends in his list than mine, so its either he stalked all then all ignored him or got scared of him, and now he is finding new victim.FML.

OOhhhh~~ He now sent me a chatbox that goes something like this~

hello my name is roy i from kajang mind to be friend de

Firstly, pathetic!! Within half an hour, he sent me a weird and long and "i-do-not-wanna-noe"story in my inbox and half an hour later(cause i did not reply)he chat boxed me.*shakes head* Seriously, go get a life people.

Secondly,go learn your damn chaubeh english. Learn till its some Victorian style or British accent or whatever than come back to me for your trial test wtf. I detest you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

No More

Today can be the worst day ever and it might be the best day i had in my whole entire college life.

Thing is, I have got no money(extra)even though i work and work and work and dropped off my ass due to that but i still can live on with no EXTRA cash in hand. I am happy with no worries in life, as in big worries.

Tralala~ Guess i wouldn't be blogging much after today cause i got no laptop now. I had decided, well, SOMEONE had decided to part me away from my dear lappie. Fated. And i will never trust You again when i thought i should, You took the trust away.

I shall be emo till i get what i want, which is a New Laptop and some Extra cash on hand.
It hurts so much deep down inside to see but to not get what you see. It's like someone placing a Hope in front of you and do all sorts of monkey-do's to get you closer, and when you are within reach with Hope, the giver snatches it back(harshly) and all you get is a nice *slap* on the face and leaves you stranded there all alone.

Wouldn't want to go church ANYMORE too. I have lost trust.
Sunday, October 25, 2009


Every time when i doubted You, You somehow showed me the wonders You can do and instantly, I am back at Your feet.Trusting You more and somehow holding onto You, believing that everything is going to be all right cause You are there.

Every time when i thought i was alone, You somehow bring someone into my life and that someone will eventually guide me back to You. It is awesome that way cause You know that i live skeptically, so You bring practicality into my life and I'd fall for that and be in Your arms again.

Every time when i cried silently thinking that no one else would know or understand what i am going through, but You know it all along and You pulled me back up from the dirt that i was in, cleaned me up, taught me to held high my head and start all over again. With You by my side.

When every thing around me seemed to be against me, You are always there for me.
You always forgive me and never ever criticized me and love me for who i am.
For that reason~


Where Was I?

When was the last time i blogged again?
okay, total impromptu. Cause that was the one and only think that i was thinking when i clicked "New Post" and i am on this site with a blank piece of box for me to type.
I still don't remember when was the last time i blogged but i remember the last time i blog, it was also an overdue post. Not that I don't have anything to write here, but i think i am back being the procrastinating me. The blogging bug is just isn't parasitic on me for the past few days. Could be due to nothing THAT interesting things happened in my life that i would want the rest to read about, or it could be something that is TOO secretive that I don't want people to know about.

It's either way. To the reason that i blogged less nowadays.
Ohh ohh~ can the addiction to Cafe World be in the reasons too??
Cause i think i Cafe World-ed way too much.

Anywhos, there are still people harping and asking on me or rather should i say,CHECKING on me to want to know that whether i am still in a relationship or no. The answer is a big NO.
I am no longer in a relationship (that i think some of you read before) that i thought it was made in heaven and he is the Mr.Right for me. Turns out to be a Mr.All Wrong wtf.
It was a short relationship. As short as i could count it all using ONLY my fingers. I guess we did not know each other well enough and i totally UPPER-estimated him, if there were such a word.

I thought i can just practice the good ol' Give-And-Take. But boohoo~Victoria is always known to be the Taker and not the Giver. Cause i am just not that noble la okay. Hate me for it? Well, f you!! I am just being "the" who i am and not like some of you bitch out there who looks like a doll outside but a real hateable tranny when there's no one around.*this is not a flaming post* I tried, really, to arrange my college time and with his working time so that both of us can meet up together once every week and i was mad gung ho at the planning till to the day that we can meet up.

He screwed up one day. And i was sad obviously, not VERY but just SAD. Cause then i would have to wait for another week. By the third day of the another week, i realized that "hey, he is not that important after all!" and i started to emit "Live Without Him but I Still Am Alive". And he is getting really boring cause he kept asking the same ol questions like 5 - 6 times a day at every and very unapproriate timings. Which turned love into annoyance.
I get annoyed easily i know. That's me. Annoyance turned into hatred then.
Walah!! I am single!! But i don't think i want to hang the sign "available" cause that sounds a lil bitchy and Chow Kit chick wtf.
End of love life story. I still like being a loner who is allowed to flirt once in a while.

So since that day onwards, my life is a boring one. Teehee but i am loving every minute of self indulgence with close friends doing things i love doing without having the urge to "report" to someone so that the someone wouldn't need to crack their brains thinking what am i up to and who am i with. I just hate reporting la okay knn.

On a total random note... My results arent good and i feel like i want to blame on him can?
It's because he suddenly exist in my life and coincidentally on my finals week and i have to think about my then bf and then procrastination to study was so heavy fml and every single minute all i wanted to do was to message and talk to him. Totally ignored studies. Regret much?? Hell yeah!!

Am still in search of what i want.<3
Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Am Back To Business

There are always reasons to why I update blog like 2-3 times per day and why when sometimes i do not update for days which leads to weeks. Mainly, college assignments and frustrations filled up too much space in my brain and that leads to stress and inferiority. When that happens, I feel oh-so-dayum tired and so I release stress at Facebook.


wtf. My besttie irreplaceable okay! She chiow with me one! LOL!


And we finally realized that we had to do more than just eating less in a day, more than just sitting there cracking our brains on what to eat everyday in college after classes because we want to so-called diet like that, more than just envying other people who have no flabs at their tummy, hands, thighs and etc place you all could think of and most importanly, more than just sitting there whining and day dreaming the "what if's".

There isn't any "what if's". There are no free lunch in this world, you gotta work your ass hard to get what you deserve. So we finally gym-ed! With each other! Awesome okay!!

us at the Leg Press machine. It was so OMFG heavy okay!
Previously, theres this guy,really scrutiny type was at it with 20kg of weight each side and he was like shivering at his 6th press. We thought "wth! wah shaky already, so hard meh?!" cause we did not realized that it was frigging 20KGS!!

We OBVIOUSLY took it out and did it without the added weight and i felt like i was doing 50 KGS wtf. So lack of exercise okay! Now leg pain.O.o


Woohoo! I like this the most really!
I really like to play bend backwards and to practice my flex. And i realized that i am not as flex as how i used to be 3 years back. FML.

Although that was all the pictures that we took cause did you notice that there are others who were in there too and they were all practically looking at us cam-ho-ing like a whore wtf and luckily did not stand and stare la.
We took pictures at the end of the one hour ++ session of us working out that is. Had a great one and the treadmill told me that i lost 50 calories! ^^

Leaving you here with a big picture of my very tired,non makeup and filled with dark heavy eyebags face.

I will be right back again. Loves all!
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Satay Haji Zamzuri

Had an outing earlier last week with the peeps/nuffnangers for a satay session at Haji Zamzuri in Kajang. Totally near my place ya all, so if i did not go, i will surely kena bash up one wtf. To those that follows my twitter, the will notice that i seconded my thoughts about this outing. But i made the right decision cause i had fun and it was a stress reliever for me.


I guess this people do give me good advice after all. Tsk tsk! xDD

was what we had, loads and loads of it.
the above are chicken meat if not mistaken.

My bunch of friends.

Alex G and Jackie Loi.

Samuel and Pui Yeng

Kim and Zhao.

Are some of the nuffnangers that went for this outing. There are more but i shall no make my blog post into another long tissue roll post filled with pictures so i shall conclude everything into a group picture.

Top left: Nigel, Pui Yeng, Jackie, Xiang, Samuel.
Middle left: Zhao, Kim, Myself, Alex G, Jacqualine.
Below left: Chris, Josh and Jeffro.

Picture of the day wtf!!

She Ate and She Shat And She's Proud! LOL! Pwned!!!
Sunday, October 18, 2009

Of Fringe

I used to hate having fringe because..
1) I look fat with that hair style. My face looks 10 time larger than how it used to looked large.
2) It is ALWAYS on my face!
3) Which contributes pimples! I hate pimples the most next to ants.
4) Also contributes oily face.
5) I sweat more and easily with hair on my face cause no wind can reach the covered areas wtf.

The list could go on and on and the main reason is, my hairstylist would cut it way too short. Plus, she will cut it either not straight enough or too straight and short that i really look like those Kampung girl wtf. Dahla I don't looks White(angmo) enough. Got sepek(small)eyes some more! *shakes fist*

was how i looked like a month ago, or was it two months ago?
Long and unruly hair. But no two tone! And it was shorter then~

and this is what i look like now, with my signature one side eyes pose, but failed!
No more long fringe to cover one side of the eyes and the fat face! Teehee

I rock! You Gotta Be Loving Me! Teehee!

Haiya, actually i am getting older so i want to stay young then cut this coconut head! LOL
Nais or boohoo?? KINDLY leave your comments okie?! Thanks


p/s: LOL! Vain post I know!
Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenneth!

All I want to say is a great big thanks for being the bestest class representative that I can ever wish for all my entire college life. Had a bad and useless one the previous, which pissed me off much for being so fickle minded and brainless I must say. Kenneth, you're the man!

My camho picture with besttie first anyhow. Teehee wtf


cause i told her the previous night that i want to take a lot of picture with the college mates from the next day onwards. I feel sad as each days pass because we are so gonna end our Diploma course soon. Soon enough before you can blink when sand got into your eyes wtf.

Thoughtful people are to be praised! Yee Xuen and Wei Gen, as usual being their thoughtful selfs again, decided to go ahead with a cake to celebrate Kenneth's birthday. Truly thoughtful right! Unlike me! I did not even notice it when i am on Facebook 24/7.

the naked cake

The well deco cake and no place to write "Happy Birthday Kenneth"! LOL~
And please do not underestimate this cake, it looks messy and not nice but it was omfgwtfbbq good! For once i *heart* cake wtfox.

the birthday boy himself! Cute not! The bandanna i meant! LOL

see his excited face people!
*notices something*
*did not notice it was a Man U badanna!*

All's well and end's well today. All and everything but the dumb train that i took back to my area. Luckily i need not to wait, i reached there then it is there. Mad happy cause for once, don't need to wait! Went up and it was airconless! Mad hot okay, like sauna wtfox!

went under the KL Sentral tunnel and i feel compressed wtfox. It was hot! damn hot! I was in it for 8 stations. fml.
Thursday, October 15, 2009

Digi Ultimate Birthday Bash.

I know that i am late in posting this but being late is what i intend to be. So what you are gonna see here is more of self take pictures of how i enjoyed my night with other bloggers, meet new people and how red i went wtf.


Yes~ This is the whole lot of bloggers that we managed to gather together to take a groupie before heading into Bar Celona for the DUBB event.
*from left behind*
Samuel, Keith, Xiang, Dusty, YellowBox girl, Amanda, Yu Liang, Jacquelyn, Jessica, June, Myself, Ying Zi, Lady Gaga wannabe,
*the four squatting stooges wtf*
Jackie, Chris, Jeffro and last but not least, Simon Seow.
*fuhh~ catches breath*

We then headed off inside and the event started with loud bings and bangs that heated up the floor as this group of yellow color wearer with gigantic drums stepped onto the stage, following below are the hawt hawwt hawwwt b-dancers! Aww~ how i miss b-days!!


As soon as the ice breaking performance which ended with b-boys break dancing to the floor and b-girls heating it up ever more by shaking their thang', the attendants were emceed through out the whole night by Liang and Honey Madu.


Games such as lap dance, collect the most cips, screaming "I Will Follow You" with the most eccentric voice, guessing number games etc followed ahead when the emcees loosen up the crowd's stiffness before enjoying the rest of the night.

And it bored me. Like seriously. I was yelling "I WANT CLUBBING! SIAN" all the time till i feel agitated by myself wtf.

Bo pian because it is a Digi event so Digi priority, so we bloggers cam-ho. Till they gave us nice songs to shake our thangs'.


Chris, Ying Zi, June, Myself, Nigel and Jessica.


Jessica, Myself, Samuel


Samuel, Jessica, Myself, June, Ying Zi and Nigel.
Why am i the shortest laa~ And why so few cam-ho kaki!


Samuel(again), Myself and Ying Zi.
I was not tipsy and i was red because it is kinda hot there, nearby the speaker, under the disco ball wtf.


June(sg blogger who had awesome blonde hair besides XX), Myself and Samuel.


Last but not least, a picture of the very red me with Samuel. All my pictures contains Samuel because he was my photographer for the night, cheh~ no la, he is the only one who sent me all the photos which had my face in it. That explains the so many picture of him with me and other bloggers.

I then spotted Joey G! And i went craze!! And i wanted my picture to be taken with him!!! So Samuel pushed me to him wtf.


And got my picture taken with him!!!*giggles*
Thanks Sam for the "push" wtf.

Then it was Joey G who saved my day from boredom when it was his turn to turn the table to the most danceable songs and there goes my night, grooving to good clubbing songs turned and DJ-ed by Joey G.

Overall, i had a great time and it was great knowing more bloggers and photographers.
by Aaron Sim

*photos credit to Jessica Tan from
*photos credit to Samuel from
Wednesday, October 14, 2009



More like cardboard.

I know this drink is suddenly a total hit in Kuala Lumpur for god knows why. Okay~ I should say this brand name of ice blended drink.

When ever i think of ice blended drink, the first that came to mind is our Malaysia's famous Ice Kacang. And that taste sinfully heavenly! Surely it does not taste like cardboard. Then it revolved to what known as Slurpee by 7-Eleven, which i think is a bit crappy too due to the weird flavors and us being kiasu, we usually mix the two-whatever-flavor they offer side by side at 7-Eleven. When ever i has it, i will have this thought ,"Oh fuck, it's either a jackpot or a total fml thing!" cause some times it taste weird doing combos.

Then it was some ice blended drink too which they say it's ice cream, trying to fool our tastebuds la, as if we no tastebuds to tell us the texture of the drinks like that wtf. Cut story short, it was an awesomely hot day today and so i tried Cup-Bon.

And it flew away with my money wtf. Totally worthless. Tasteless. And whats more to say, Malaysians can totally survive on shits if you had it to them.
Monday, October 12, 2009

College 2nd Year 2nd Semester:: Entry One


In a blink of an eye, its my second semester for my last year Diploma!! How time flies faster than the speed of light(trying to be all techno wtf)! And don't you all just miss that scene above?! The "I-am-so-bored-please-give-me-holiday-now" cause teachers are being a bitch and asked us to do thing thatIwe don't like doing, such as splitting into groups and discuss about question that we have YET to learn wtf, so annoying.


Then it rained and it got so nice that i was actually stoning in lecture class thinking about my bed wtf. Yes Amelia, i stoned and i was thinking about bed at home! LOL
So buay paiseh.
Skipped class,lecture class on the second week of college. This is noted for future reference and for myself to look back and to laugh at what i do during my college days.

Below are vain picture you do not want to see but i would wanna see so i would still anyhow upload it here. Teehee wtf.

And once again besttie got new hair! And i got lalang wtf.

We actually went for bikini search wtf but can't get any nice one cause i badly need a new swimsuit and i would love to own a bikini. That sounds wrong but yea...

Can't get what i want but i am still as happy as i can be!
*this is taken while we are on the way there, then i dose off wtf. for a good 44 minutes!*

Sunday, October 11, 2009

College Officially Restarts!


Well, for me it is OFFICIAL tomorrow because no more sleeping till late in the afternoons, waking up to prepared breakfast on the table and going online the whole day. Of course, there will also be NO time for me to do the things i want to do such as shopping, outing with friends or just sit back, relax and stone wtf.

I am actually very happy with my semester break this time around. I totally did what i wrote on my "To-Do-List-For-Break" and much much happy with all the events, all the meeting up and all the run abouts.LOL.

So i am not hesitating to replace back my arse to college life where there is no life but heaps and piles of assignment thrusting to my face everyday. Where there is today and forever but no ending. Where problems and bitchings here and there emits. Not forgetting, where my eye bags will darken and sag a 360 degree wtf.

Going off now cause Monday is a 8 a.m lecture.FML.

p/s: every picture that i use XiuXiu editor will be labeled so that people don't think that i hate myself and uses photoshop like hell. I dun have photoshop anyway.
p/p/s: that is a way back date picture, my hair looks nothing like that now. More like lalang now. Should i move my arse to da salon??

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vox In a Week

Yes I have not been blogging regularly and as you can see, i would LOVE to summarize everything into one blog post cause i am lazy like that wtf. But! I am so gonna bribe you all with nice, moving and damn lomo kinda pictures. Cause i just discovered something that people discovered long ago and probably tired of it already wtf.


For the past whole week, i had been out and about all around Kuala Lumpur i would say so myself. I think i went out almost every night too after working with cousins and yumcha sessions with friends. Yea yea, i did. And i have got to tell you, for this past week, would have been the one awesome week that i had gone out so much without mum nagging and asking so much. I think she has come to her senses that i am no longer her 9 year old diaper wearing daughter and i am turning into my twenty SOON.. But i still love her unceasely!

Other than being selfish and going out with my friends ALL the time, i went out with her too okay. To do grocery wtf. Cause that is all the reason that she will go out. NO~ she is not a boring and not sporting mum, she really is in fact but going EVERY WHERE this days equals to traffic jam EVERY WHERE. So she is tired of it and mind you, went grocery shopping today also jam okay wtf...


And there were so many people that it scared me silly enough to just stand there and stone. While waiting for my mum to go pick out what she ones, then she will order me to go weigh the thing for the price, then order me around some more with the trolley, then order me around more when people is in her way(yea i bodyguard cause i bigger size than her wtf) and at the end of the day, i get my "pay" which is what i like to eat most! ICE CREAM! teehee wtf *giggles like a kiddo* Oh well, i guess i am still her diaper wearing 9 year old daughter! LOL.

Meanwhile, I was quite pissed and cheesed off for this one whole week because...


That above, is what i have been clicking to more than anything including my Bejeweled Blitz game when i go online which is almost 24 hours a day. Okay not 24 hours la, i am not a geek, for as long as i am awake. I wonder where i get the strength to sit here whole day and absorbing all the UV rays from the Laptop and when it comes to study, i straight away eye pain after 10 minutes wtf.

This post is getting longer and i have got to say, I am liking this new photo editor! It is very very addictive and i ez agree with Agnes. But the con is that it is a chinese software so boohoo to banana people like me and Agnes, we have to fumble around and simply click around like cuckoo to figure this awesome thing which can make me from

this~ damn tired look and wasted makeup. By the way, i played with eye liner and loads of mascara. My uneven skin tone and really damn bad lighting to something like

Nice or not! But from then on, i will NOT do till like this la okay~ I still like normal me, and it really takes time to put all those shits in okay~ And it is not flawless yet, cause you still can see the flaws.

To sum up my weekend, i met someone with an interesting name, character(i presume), things he consume(i presume) and his lifestyle(i presume too)
And he goes by the name..

wtf. annoying people
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