Thursday, October 8, 2009


I tweet a lot when i am at home and there are only a few kakis where they tweet and i will reply. If i don't means, you are not one of the kaki okay. And i came across Ying Zi from Idreamtobreakaway, who tweeted an angry tweet which goes "Oooh,I'm so sacred. @waltertan just scold me that I work in geylang. He told me to call him. Free sex hotline? Call this number! 92233448". So that made me asked her for the Walter's face cause which guy in the right mind would tweet "@Dream2breakaway So early go geylang work? Work for free? HAHAHAHA" to a girl right?!

And here is him at Geylang.

Horny much face?!

*look at his clothes, damn ah beng can!*
damn clashing colors! red and dark blue sweaters and a green inner shirt?! wtf
typical Geylang dressing i guess. OR truly and attention seeker?! Cause DRESS COLORFUL TO ATTRACT KAW KAW.

Moving on, and if you have not notice, yes, this is a bitching back post cause i kepoh and he kacau-ed my friend! Hate it then what ever!

And when he reach Geylang, no prostitute would wanna touch him because they found a dirty secret of him!
Walter: I suck Simpsons cum when the prostitute hates me!
Simpsons:: hmm~ hmm~ hmm~SpiderWalter is da man~*spiderpig song*

I think Singaporeans will know him well because he bitch about FauziRasull being a bitch which is totally non of his business, in which he totally cannot accept the fact that guys uses make up too, which proves that he is totally outdated. Enuf said, read here.

He even said,
"@Dream2breakaway Your head hair is worse than my pubic hair. _l_" *damn vulgar can*

BECAUSE~ At the end of the day, all he wants to potray is to ..

Fuck me slut. Call me if you want to beare nothappy, 92233448. My dickcbis fucking smelly.



Samuel C said...

terrible asshole

Ken Wooi said...


Victoria said...

seraph:: yea exactly! cna u see all the things that he say to Ying Zi!!

Kenwooi:: lol??! so unappropriate la hor~(-.-)

fluotone said...

zzz... he's a total idiot!

Victoria said...

floutone:: exactly! and his hobby is to give trouble to famous jackass

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