Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Loser Carriage

God damn it! i actually skipped my accounting class today because i can't barely walk straight and would hit the pole and trip and die there. in middle of college.
so i ended up sleeping like bloody tired pig at... you guess... CANTEEN!
yea, i know "Victoria is such a freak...", "No other better place to sleep a?".. bla bla bla~~
but that appears to be the last place i place my fat lazy ass to and am too strengthless to lift it up again to go to the library which seems gazillion miles away for a snooze. was actually sleep because that last for almost 2 hours! lolx~ i slept around 2a.m the day before so yea~~
end of that lazy story.

Today is the last day of 2008 and we should welcome 2009 with an open and out stretch arms and pray that all good will will happen to all of us and i definitely need loads of it! i want a better and more adventurous life!!!

Macroeconomy teacher walk out on us today and mostly was due to the college mate's attitudes. someone got so pissed off that she just couldn't stand it anymore and took it all out on behalf of most of us.
i wouldn't say that that was a good decision to say it all out because it wasn't really of your business also and it is their choice whether to study or not... but on the other hand, damn happy also la that those freaking brainless 18 - 19 year old big babies just couldn't use their sense to good use and got a great big scolding.
all are total losers.
resit and repeat la all of you!!!
fuck fuck fuck fuck~~
and chapter 9 is sort of one of those hard and need much understanding chapters!
fuck you all~~

you all could say that i am jealous that i can't go out for countdown so i am writting this now and actually, i am 50% envious and another 50% glad that i am now at home and doing what i love instead of butt grazing here and there. some more with people that i would never ever meet in my whole entire life. and if you are in a bad luck, you might come up with those D.O.M.
it actually rained here around 4.30 p.m just now and i was like "yea.. rain!! rain heavily la~so that all no need go countdown and i wouldn't be the left out one.", something like that la, then everyone in the class was like looking at me and might be cursing me too la~but heck~curse all you want la, 4 fingers back at you weh!!
anywayyy, thought that it would rain through out the whole night but God proved me wrong.
it rained for awhile, and that "awhile" is/was like a blessing to all countdowners tonight because this "rain awhile" was actually enough to cool down the whole degree/temperature in KL. it was actually a damn hot day in the sun but it is now so cooling in the dark! damn!
sure all having fun lo~
no need to be all sweaty and all stinky!!
ok~ here is my 50% envy part...
the another 50 is no need to spend money and butt grazing la..

so i took the other route back home today.
but then again, slower...
and today it got worst!!! T.T
it usually took me 2 hours++ to reach home all the way from Setapak.
today it took me 4 hours++!! 4 hours++ leh!! fuck you Malaysia public transportation!
please don't come to visit Malaysia unless you are up for a long long wait for the transportation and if you are not in a hurry to finish up the trip.
ok... i took the ktm today.
i always have this thought.
LRT = higher class people, better looking people, more educated looking people, higher chances to meet angmo.
KTM = low class people, ugly looking people, less educated looking people, very very very low chance of meeting angmos, very very very very very high chances of meeting D.O.M and hamsap looking migrants!
and i am so so so right!!
and when i am in the train's carriage, oftenly i would look through out the whole carriage or at least how far my eye could bring me to see, just to spot whether there are criteria of LRT people or not.
out of 100%, 95% is KTM criteria.
and after doing my "routine" today, the thought of "Loser Carriage" came up to my mind and i was like sneekering away and there is this aunty keep looking at me!
i know la i am LRT criteria!! lolx~
i hate KTM man!!!
i would always opt for LRT but today is like i HAVE TO.

bloody bus make me wait for another almost 2 hour which sums up to 4 hours of journey back home.
class ends = 4.30 p.m
by the time reach KTM = 5.25 p.m
by the time reach my first destination = 6.05 p.m
waited for bus till = 8.00 p.m
reach home = 8.30 p.m!!

p/s : sorry for all four letter words but i can stand it no longer!! have to release it and this is the place right~~
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
in just one more day, 2008 is going to end and everyone is like "I have to close this year nicely" and i was like what turf are you talking about?
what do you mean by that?
do mean like you have to do the wildest thing that you have no guts to do it through out 2008 and you have been so at it to show it all and bear it all at the very last minute?
or do you mean that you would be staying at house, rotting, counting down the last hour, minute, or seconds of 2008 with books and nothing else but a whole stack of it and a round table and a stand fan and a horrible looking resit receipt!?
if the last one is one of the criteria of the "i must close nicely" then i am in that category!
damn~yea~ i am a super outgoing person but then again, i am kinda broke and the environment here is not as safe as a pig sty so i have decided to choose the lone ranger advocate.
so i am so damn free tomorrow lo ok~~*hint hint hint*
what turf...
i won't be going out also!

was super happy to be at college again today after like what...5 days in da house??!
it was like in a mental hospital weh~
super lame and super duper boring!!
and to top it all, i was sick~
i am like repeating my post~
what turf.

ok~no mood to blog~
Happy New Year Eve!!
Happy New Year!!
and to all TARCians, happy finals yea.. so don't clubbing and over enjoyed yourselves for the New Year and neglected studies~
*since i can't go anywhere so i might as well make you all feel ultimately guilty!!*
Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year Resolution

this post makes me like i have got nothing else to post about right?!
actually i don't have anything to post about and since 2009 is just days away and am in the mood of "Bring on the new year" so i have decided to make a list of my resolutions.
i wouldn't make a long one though because as everyone know and prolly is the same, this resolutions either never came to pass or 1/4 of it came to pass.
admit it!!! you guilty people!!!

my 2009 wishlist (i rather call that)
1. i want to lose at least 3 kilograms!
(means there is no eating like there is no end for Chinese New Year)

2. i want to get a 3++ cgpa for my 3rd semester.
(i have to bloody work my ass from now to achieve that, i am not a scholar you know!)

3. i hope that by next year, i would be partiming as a nailist student.
(this is like the first wishlist that will never came to pass by next year but still i want to write it here!!) xp

4. i hope life in college will get more exited, no.. i hope that by next year they will have a dance club!!
(i super love dancing weh but no dance club then how to practice??!!)

told you all that i am going to make a super short new year resolution/wishlist.(i just don't know how to differentiate it)
all those sounds like stuff that i hope/will do for my very own self! lolx~

tomorrow is back to school day!
no more boredness in front of the television and don't know/ just to lazy to do things.
i miss college.
and i am going to college in a blind state tomorrow!
ever since i came back from MidValley the other day on Christmas, my left lens tore a bit and had this small pizza cut shape. but i continued using it. not feeling anything, so just used it la.. then on Sunday, saw that the small pizza cut is now like a cheese bite from a mouse!
and when i put it on, the lens will move right? then a part of my sight would be blur and apart of it clear in the left eye! damn~ then there is this cutting and poking feeling and damn it is irritating!
being the stuborn me, i continued using it and wore it to service. brought my lens case allong just in case. and sure it was the right thing i brought it along with me, because halfway through the service, my eyes damn pain and the stupid cheese bite lens is like super poking into my eyeballs.
bla bla bla bla.....
i am going to be blind tomorrow!!!!
and due to vainess, i am bloody hell not going to wear my terbalik power spectacles!!!
Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today Is

like any other day.
go back.

eat again.

super boring.
today it got worse. i now not only have flu, i have fever too~! T.T i had runny nose all day and my eyes are so swollen that every one thought that i was crying! then there's this girl came up to me and say that i was crying because 2008 is going to end and i don't like 2009! i was like what the~~ i love my 18 year old life but am seriously looking forward for 2009!
for better things.
for better life.

for a new relationship.

a lot of things that is waiting for me to just go and explore! ^^

my stupid swollen fart face today!! gosh!!

i am doubting whether i should take my advance diploma after 2 years of diploma or i should just stop studying after my diploma and go out to work. not that i hate studying, and not that i can't wait to go to the working world... it's just that i don't like what i am studying now and am not coping at all. yes, i am lazy but.. haix. i always have this mentality that i would do way better if and only if i am now in what i always wanted to study. Mass Communication in Journalism/Broadcasting.
i know~ i shoudn't have that thought because i might not do well in that too~
no wrong at being overly self confidence right?

but i cant just stop half way now and tell my mum that i want to change course.

firstly, she is the one who wanted me to be in this course and not the other.

secondly, she is the one having the money and not me.
resulting me having no rights to say anything.

i am working my ass off so that i score better and ditch the stupid accouting and BS/QS by the 3rd semester.
because the units on the third semester looks better and not much countings. hm~ am telling myself that i will try my uttermost best to score. but not really having the thought for advance diploma. again~ if i don't take that, i will looks so damn stupid and no education in the working world with just a pathetic below 4 cgpa diploma certificate!! T.T haix~~ but i am having this hope that i would like to be enrol into the entertainment industry~ not those actress or singer that kind of entertainment.
*sky will fall down if i sing**chuckles*

but as in the advertising for an advertisement, or those event managements for those actresses/actors, or an air-stewardess*okok~~that is too far fetch!!*

i just have too much air in my head!! *out out out*
earth to Voxy!!! Lolx~
Saturday, December 27, 2008
loosing the ability to breathe easily is really what i picture death to be. i could never truly understand how and what one feels when death is near them.
when i was younger, i have always lay on my bed and wondered... what happens to me when i finally shut my eyes tight and never going to open it again? is that all going to be of me? what will ever happen to the memories and all to all the people that i know? what will i see when i am finally done here, on Earth? what will happen to my body, as in soul?

i was always very inquisitive to this thought.
till this very very day, i still have this thought in me and it would suddenly arose and i would be wondering it all over again like what i did 18 years back, while sleeping on my decker bed and talking through out the night with my grandmother.
all i can do now is to leave this thinking on my own. no more pillow talk with her. it is just me. alone. with some thoughts that one shouldn't have.
i was never afraid of deaths.
i was never that very sad when i attended funerals. i was there to think where could they be after all this ceremony...
i was never at all till...
my grandmother passed away.

sometimes, i would be wishing in my heart that she would come into my dreams and to answer what i had always wanted to know. what does she see?? things that are different or is it just the same but way way beautiful?
i bet that it is more beautiful!! because she is in Heaven!!
seriously, i can't wait to go back to where i belong, my eternal home.

p/s: i am sick. i have got a damn running nose that just wouldn't stop for a rest. i am having stomachache. this stomach just wouldn't stop growling and i am so swollen and i look like a gibbon!!

pp/s: i am not dying!! just that i am still and having that thought again~

am sick but still very much in the mood for some camwhoring.
just to flustered you all with a picture of me sick face today.
and a bad hair day!

Being at Home...

is so damn boring!!!

actually promised my friends to go window shopping with them and just to catch back some gossips and lives of each other. nothing harmful really. if and only if my mum were the outgoing type and worry less kind, then i could go out every single day without worrying that she would call once every 30 minute to check where i am and what i am doing.
i went out the other day and me and my big mouth agree that i would not go out for the past 2 days and to stay at home to study! big mouth right??!! to see that i am here~~haix~
shouldn't have promised her that though~
but i would love to go countdown for the new year this end of the year and prolly hope that she will let!! that is why i am being "good girl" now so that i could evolve and be "bad girl"!! hahahaha~

who ever invented accounting will so get it from me weh!! yeoh~~
i have to resit that paper and i am still here!
i just can't get the concept and the meaning and the reason why there are accounting!!
i mean.. i know the reason la but why they make it so dang complicated and so many many many dang account for just one sales!!? and only for just one company!!??
here shows that i am damn bad with money matter and business matter la ok~
and not shy to admit.. I BLOODY AM!!!

i just got an itchy hand to blog so yea~nothing much then..
just bloody imagining that my friends are having a good time at the mall while picturing myself in the house either loitering around or mopping around and being to dang lazy to lay hands on books.
come on mum~~~ it is HOLIDAY!!!T.T
but finals coming la so maybe ...yea yea...
*back to study*
*fat chance*

Friday, December 26, 2008


on the 25th of december....

as early as 9, we were at the Flamingo hotel for Christmas celebration. seriously, i have not seen so many people for church service. all this while, the ballroom would always be half full but today it was so full that most of us either need to stand through out the whole service and others were escorted to have a sit outside of the room...where the could see every thing lur..
had fun monkeying around with da gangs...lolx~
like i said in previous post, this year is boring lur~~

went to Midvalley later in the afternoon and waited like anything for the public transports!!
gosh~it was like hell and i was already rushing to meet up with my friends..
i felt so bad making them wait for 30 minutes extra for me!T.T
and it is my first time meeting them! gosh! bad impression weh!!

okok~~you all must be wandering why i say that this is the first time meeting them right?~
ok~ i met this guy name Jackie through friendster and coincidentally he goes to the same college as my secondary school friends.
so we hooked up through messengers and texting each other.
he is a fun guy to be with and a sweet one too...^^
he asked me out before for quite sometime and i rejected because i was busy and all la~~ but i am la~i did not make it up la..
so at last reached MidV and was looking out for him lur and saw that he and his friends were sitting on the floor while waiting for me!! gosh! sorry mucha jackie!!
then we just went to MacD and sat there with their friends and mine and just talk lur~

i think that he is cute.
he melts my heart every time i see him smile.
he was so shy at first and then as he had warm up, he is so friendly~~
gosh~i am blushing now and i don't know how to continue lur~~
whatever la~
anyhow anywho.. hope that i could be good friends with him because he is a good friend to be with!!^^
i would say that that he was the greatest Christmas "gift" for me for this year's Christmas..
Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

gosh!! it is Christmas Eve and i am stuck here with no activities! this year is such a boring christmas! huhu~
if it was for last year, i would be in the second or the third house eating turkey and stuffing myself to death with cookies and then throwing them out back due to partying and playing like it is the end of the world.
by this time, you all should know that i love to exaggerate! ha ha ha~
so pathetic weh...
i am now at house watching "The Grinch" a show that they always show on Tv2 every single Christmas eve. i have been watching it so many many times that i could play the role of that green abandoned monster!

while i was on my way back from college just now,(pathetic right? it is christmas eve and i still have class) i saw many many people, no, couple holding hands and looking at each other sweetly and adoringly walking to don't know where.. but i bet they are going some where they could celebrate christmas together. and i damn envy!!
hahahaha~~ i envy cause i have got no partner to party with me la, not other things yea~~*winks*
i was and am still merry today! although a bit sad that i have got nothing to do today.

i am lazy to blog also!!!
anyway~ tired also today because of swimming.
ok~ Merry Christmas to all of you out there!!
please have a great time and not a bored one like mine!
tomorrow got service!! yea~~love singing all those Christmas songs all at one go!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
i was so alone today because i decided to not go outing with the girls and decided to stay back to attend classes instead of skipping it.
i am broke too so yea.. no point going shopping too right? ha ha ha..
and i am not in the mood for karaoke and movies, so that is another reason that resulted me in being alone today.
oh well, haix~
over all i am so in no mood for anything else other than study study study and study!!

i was thinking of blogging about what i feel today but i can't really put it into nice words, so, you all guess it yourself la...

1) i missed all my close friends. i can hardly find the time to date them all out just to yumcha and to blow water. it has always been if i am free then they are not and vice versa. i always planned ahead of things like 3 - 4 weeks ahead, for an outing only to get a rejection. i am pissed. but there is nothing that i could do. everyone moved on and they have a lot of agendas in life. prolly some wanted to come but they have really tight schedule but some will just give a lot of plain excuses just for the sake of not wanting to contact us anymore.
can't you just say the word "NO"?

2) i had a really down day today. besides being all alone in college that is. i was anonymously getting scolding for things that was not of my doing. all i could do is just to keep my mouth shut and to take in those horrible words. i really really really hate it but due to my respect for that person, i choose to shut up and back off.
besides that, i heard a lot of things in which i wish not to have listen today. too much of gossip is not good and lack of it makes you wander too...
being a smarty pants also annoyes me, so back off!!

3) got a mail today. a card to be exact. i have always love getting stuffs in mail!! *hearts*
it seems that this card sender wants me to guess who is he/she. and that is my weak part.T.T i even sent my message asking around about the card but i sent it to the wrong person! gosh! so paiseh! lolx~~
there is a signature down there but i can't really make it out who belongs to the signature! hm~
i actually have a rough idea of who it is but it is kinda too far fetch too because we have not been contacting each other for quite sometime already! i would be super thrilled if it was her! this would be the best gift ever of all the christmas i ever ever had! *wish*

the card that i received today! cute weh the two bear and i envy them being in winter!

a really really long wish and greetings and very very seldom people address me with my full name and who would have been missing me so much???

a creative side which make me spectaculate is that girl because she is damn damn creative and loves drawings more than anything in the world!

signature that i cant figure out who it belongs to!!@@
does it look like it spells "Shok Yen" or "Jer Yen"??
all i have to do now is to wait wait and wait for the sender to message me to ask whether i received it or not! lolx~ i am too lazy to think of who~

4) i have this super cravings for winter now! woohoo~ today is so hot in Malaysia!
prolly 30+ degree celcius if i have to exagerate! it is so bloody hot today! i can't barely open my eyes when i am under the sun.
thank god that my friend promised to wait for me to give me a ride back home. orelse, i think i will be drenched in sweat before even reaching home!
hotness today~!!T.T

5) christmas is one day away! damn!
and i don't feel and see the exited-ness of this year's birthday of Christ. hm~ no activity this year~ no production, no nothing. sadness..

all of the above prolly sums up what i have been up to and what i feel today and maybe some of it are untrue, lolx~ all depends on how the way you all want to evaluate it! ^^

p/s: had lunch with Kit Mun today and happy to see that she is so well with her boyfriend but she brought another weird guy friend to lunch with us saying that he wants to see me!! wtf~~
pp/s: tarc got a lot of weirdos, so think twice before enrolling yourselves juniors!!!
Monday, December 22, 2008
i am so going to work out starting from now on! no more lazy attitude if i want to have a nice and well defined figure. hm~set mind to "work out" time~hohoho

talking about hohoho~ it is going to be 3 more days before Christmas! wee~ the best time of the year, for every year.. but not that best for me this year becaussseee.... finals is on the 14th of January! gosh~ so dang near right?! and i am so "studious" that i got 8 unit for finals instead of the normal 6 unit~
and i have not even start to study anything seriously and not even starting to aim for anything.
realized that it is better that you have an aim and then work towards it rather than blindly studying all the way.

at least i got a way out for my FOA.
i just don't get it why people can't appreciate what has been thrown to them f.o.c and instead they make it a joke and neglect it.
if i were to be given a second chance, i will brace onto it dearly and do what ever it takes to not waste that second chance.
i am a slow learner, yesss, not as quick and efficient and not as smart as all of "you" but at least i make an effort ans does not piss out the teacher right?! have "you" all even given it a thought that what others might think of all of "you" when they are exposed to "your" manners in which is no manners at all la~
it will directly reflect back to "your" family members~ who are suppose to have not been teaching "you" the meaning of manners.
i pity all of "you".
please repeat la ok~
just fuck off!

tomorrow they will be a birthday gurl!! wee~~
happy birthday En girl!!
so soorry that i will not be joining you all for the celebration but i will make it back up to you~ i promise!^^
but tomorrow i will be all alone at school eh~

someone change alot recently... not going to say who but someone dear to me.
she became more godly.
in a way, it is dang good la, of course..
in a way, it is annoying~ =.=
because all we ever text each other about are about people all around us and yes you all could call that gossip.
we blahed at each other through texting about people that we like and dislike..
girly stuffs like who she or i like or fancy~~ things like that and obviously bunch and heaps of "i hate you", "that gurl is a bitch..", "hate that freaking playboy/girl"...
things like that~~
but since like i also don't know when~ she changed.
not that is it not good.. it is just me that i can't accept it.
i feel that she is distance from me.
not really much of those bond, you know what i mean~~
'oh well, guess everyone change don't they~

i am so damn stressed now and am wondering now that why am i here blogging instead of plushing my face into heaps and heaps of books, studying till my eyes sore and till the a.m...
"put your hands in the ayer..ey ey ayer.."
ok that just came out suddenly, i love that song man~~

despite all stressed out, i am still vain~
please puke of my vainess~~lol

i so did not edit this~
i am so damn happy today due to something that i don't feel like saying.
my happiness evolve from a lot of factor today...
from the person that i want to meet everyday(saw that today), to finally found a way to destress myself, to my life going back to normal and not just college and back home everyday.
i realized that i actually still have time to hang out and have fun.
studies are dang important but living under the shell is a definite no no~~
Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mid Valley and The Gardens

finally!! an outing with thy family!! ha ha ha ha~
to the thought of it, i have not been shopping with my family for this 2008. i am such a bad child. always go out shopping with friends..
oh well~~
went to Mid Valley and The Gardens today. and this is my first time to The Gardens. yea~ i am so late right?!! Gardens has open like for so long and this is my first time there! lolx~~shameness~
realized that MidV and Gardens has almost the same deco...NO. is Gardens re-used MidV's deco! so lame right?

The Gardens's decoration. the balls looks familiar right?! i don't get what concept they used with the cage and all but im thinking something about in fairyland or like a piece of heaven.

this one is from MidV. i so get this concept and hate it man! their concept is more to circus, theme park, clowns with bombastic clothings and a little of fairyland wonder. and this spook me out. this reminds me of boogy man~ ok~ MidV, u suck this year~ although Gardens has almost the same concept and prolly used by you before, you totally nailed it and Gardens won.

today is actually shopping day for brother.
he saw this Nike shoes and eyed it for quite sometime and so decided to lay his hands on it today in which he can declare bankruptcy! lolx~
the shoe cost him rm200.

camwhored while entering Nike store and yes, i am vain!

camwhored with my mum while waiting in the store for my brother to choose his shoes.
i so so so damn love this photo! i think this is the most happiest i had ever been in all my other photos!
and my hair looks long! lolx~
(do we look alike?)

my mum is so cute. she suddly went and sit opposite of me and ask me to take her picute then scold me why i take her picutre!!! what the~~*chuckles*
her hair so chio right??~~

my brother and his Nike shoes.. can do promo face samo!! lolx~~ he so doesn't look like both of us!! adopted i guess!! lolx~~
i forgot to blog that i went to church this morning and was onduty.
Stephanie was the only baby at first and she is so cute!!
she hang the christmas tree all by herself!!
even me is lazy to do that~~

baby stephy playing and learning about a warm warm bad for baby Jesus...
stephy got big big house while Jesus baby only got a warm warm cradle...
*she has been promoted!!huhuhu~~not going to see her next year!!*

got tired with cradle and then decorate tree.
she decorate it the whole tree by herself eh~ and nice too~~ although looks like simply hanging those ornaments all over.

that just prolly sums up my day today.
and yes, i have got nothing to do on christmas eve and it is going to be dull this year~
all busy and all~~ hm~~
oh well, it is a day to remember the birth of Christ too right~
Saturday, December 20, 2008
mum lazy to cook today so we went out to have our dinner.
recommended by my brother. and i was so doubtful because you all must know, except for being a straight A student, he got no sense of taste whatsoever, either in fashion or food.
i was so darn doubtful!
till we reach there.
he said that it was cheap and so i expected some chinese apek looking restaurant.
but NO!!
the restaurant is like so damn high class weh...
you know those type of restaurant that chinese wedding will usually take place? yeah~ that kind of restaurant.
*no pictures because i forgot and i actually did not thought about blogging it*
anyway, the restaurant is situated at Taman Sentosa. near my area la of course. near alam damai. near the alam damai school.
people staying here should know where it is lo~
the name of the restaurant is Restaurant Yi Sheng
*if i remembered it right*
anyway, it was good la..
normal price i would say.
we ordered fish, veges, some meat and soup and only cost us rm40++.
no service tax la~ chinese restaurant ma~
was so darn bloated!@@
then went Guardian
*yea.. i got a boring life, no need you to tell it ok~~*
and bought this....

see that!! "double rich formula that heals dry skin"
the whole world now knows that i got dry skin!! lolx~
nah~actually got it from sports like under sun and swimming lo..
so i must now pamper my skin with it's moisturizers la~~
i am still those a bit girly girly type.. although i am not.hehehe~~

camwhore abit while waiting for my mum to choose her lipstick. she always take ages to do that!!! urrgghh~~

and i want this!!! does Paddington merchandise cost as mush as rm 100++ for a bear??
*p/s: you all could get me a Paddington bear for christmas you know!!*
Friday, December 19, 2008
went swmming for two whole day and now i am like retarded!! painful hand, tired mind, watery nose and dead beat tired legs!
and i don't know how to swim!
am learning lur~~

finals are so darn near now...
and yea~you guess it, i am so not ready! and am so not ready for semester 2 to end too~
semester 2 is the best!!
i make a lot of friends this semester if compared to the semester before!
and gosh~ in just the blink of an eye, i am going to end my first year! and i did not feel that college life is as enjoyable and stress free as what majority used to say! i felt that is was very stressful! i would love to play and study at the same time but that doesn't work too well i think~ seeing to the fact that my results aren't that impressing.

i damn hate those that love and just enjoy to polish shoes.
you can polish all you like la but my shoes are clean enough so go polish some other people's shoes la~~

im getting kinda bored with blogging actually that is y there is nothing here anymore
Monday, December 15, 2008


i feel so compelled to do this and just to irritated someone!
presenting the best volleyball team ever together with cute captain, a bunch of handsomes and not forgetting the sweaty ladies! lolx!! and also A fool~ one one is a fool~

the best team!!

the gila team that i love so so much!!!

the hotties on the team!! *barf barf*

this is a nice picture but SOMEONE just has to be lame to destroy this nice picture!! wish i could edit that out!

thy chio gurls with our cute captain

let's bash him up!!! wee~~ i just miss those days!!!

damn~~ it always has to be like that..
getting along when it ends, being total strangers and stuck up during the first few meets.
i seriously thought that i would never ever make good friends out of you all but you all prove me wrong and yes, i love you all!!! even to those that hate me, i still make you friend!
please stay contact and hang out together ok!!

update on mu'ah

thought of blogging since it has been so long since i even stop by here to have a look.
been busy lately, still catching up on my studies and planned to go really really active in sports like how i used to be but found that this is hard to please. time and distance is always in my way! urrgghh~~
being an average student, i really really need to buck up and juggle things evenly so that i get every bit of every thing and to not be left out, either in studies nor in social life.
but that doing and fulfilling it is harder than saying it...

at last got my resit student bill today and as thought they will eventually let us resit what we requested to.
kinda regretted it now that i realized that i have not even start to study my this semester things so let alone what i am going to resit. damn stress lur now~~
being a slow learner and a great sucker in accounting and mathematics, this doesn't even help a bit!
should have started earlier! damn~no time already so i have to do the fast but risky way..
aim what is general~~ if it doesn't come out, i can kiss my RM 100 bye bye~~
TARC really really are very strict in their marking.
so don't enter TARC if you want a good life!! lolx!!

despite all those commotions, life is getting better.
life as in social.
friends are coming and going.. making new ones are more worthy than trying to keep old ones...
trying to change from what i am to what i am not.
you might say "be yourself" but i saw a show yesterday about this ants being mutanic ants and they eventually got smarter and stronger than normal ants due to their willingness and ability to change and adapt to the changing environment.
so i am just going to be those "ants".
just to adapt to the changing environment because only those that are able to adapt is the stronger species and life just get better!
love all my new friends....

love life just sucks.
so don't bother to ask..
can't find the Mr. Right..
doubt that there will ever be a Mr. Right for me.
am even confuse of what i am feeling right now..
this very moment of sitting here and typing this, only one person is in mind and you know who you are...
but this relationship seems impossible but then again, i never ever had this feeling of wanting to give up without giving it a try. i just cant seem to forget what had happened between us although it seem a bit dreamy and unreal.
you're just to good to be true.. cant take my mind off you, you're like heaven to touch..ooh, i wanted you so much, you're just too good to be true.. cant take my mind off you.

guess that that is all about me for this few weeks.
nothing special really but then again it is something to me.
Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Best Damn Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me!

on this 200th post, i would love to announce of the best damn thing that i think that has happened to me in this 2008 and am looking forward for more best damn thing in 2009!! woott~~

1) although it is a little cliche, but i must say that the first best damn thing that has happened to me is that i was pick for National Service out of don't know how many people in Malaysia. to the thought of it, it felt like i had won a lottery except that this you have to do some activity to get a small payment but then... it is worth it all.
"National Service sucks!!". this is what we always get and boo at when freshie is going to the site.
we cried while we are on our way and for the first week for many reasons. homesick is like the most common reason la but as for me i cried because i miss my books, my "job" as toddler teacher, my bed, my freedomness, my nail polish, the people there gave me wrong shoe size which causes great pain to my leg and i actually miss my own church! (i know that i am lame la...but it is true!)
then we cried even more when we are close to ending the sessions and are to go back! damn! i cried till my eyes can't open anymore!
ok~something unexpected happened which i thought will never happen, makes us cry even more!
there!! this is my first best damn thing!
and Rimba Bara rocks!! woott~~ the best team!!

2) being in college is also one of the best damn thing that has happened to me in year 2008!
being here is what i thought that it would be since like i was in form one. i kinda hated form one la but i love my form 5 gilaly troups!
college means no more ugly turquoise pinafore, no more recess-ing with younger kids, no more assembly damn early in the morning and make me all sweaty, more freedom, not pack classes... bla bla bla and a lot la was on my mind that time.
but actually college is more than that!! more assignments, more d.i.y, more friends, more life experiences and most importantly i am finally getting the "adult treatment". you know what i mean*winks*

3) this is my last of best damn thing which just happened today.
today was my first ko-k day in TARC. sarah called it koko crunch day and Darius really thought that they will distribute koko crunch in my college!! damn funny la both of them!! lolx!
my team did a fantastically great job today and was kinda disappointed that we weren't even in the semi but then again, i can proudly say that we won a match. a fairly good match.
i enjoyed my ass off, screamed my ass off, screamed my voice all out... yes, i screamed all throughout the competition! lolx!! and i played my ass off too~~ wakakakaka~~
other than that, i got bloody dark and tan after today. luckily not that sunburn. cause i use Neutrogena sunblock!! lolx!! lame~
even guys are scared of being too dark and tan! damn!
hope that we still can hang out together as often as we can and create more best damn things you all!!

yea i know~ we were the Digi team!! lolx!! cant get everyone into this picture la damn!!
my big family member!!
woo~~ love all of my new friends and those that had been with me through out my life!!
p/s: my post is influenced by Avril's Best Damn Thing!
Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i have been practicing a lot of volleyball and catching up on my studies this day that i had break my own record of not going online for last 5 days! woot~ guess that my eye sights are getting better too! and i manage to catch back on my sleep now that "someone" is not frequently online and to the fact that having internet is nothing that wonderful at all. in fact, internet only teaches me to waste my time sitting right here staring at LCD screens and typing away thinking that this is way better than messaging.
but no~ surfing everyday every night actually worsen my eye condition. my eye sight is worse off at around 175 at right and 150 at left. it actually increased a lot. all thanks to the one person that created lens, i can now have good eyesight without looking nerdy! lolx!

i love making new friends.
in fact, i recently make a new friend from a good friend of mine. and he also added to my list of brother in Christ!
i love this guy, literally la~ he is the type of guy that i would give anything to be his friend and to stand up for him no matter what. he is very godly and he makes me reflect on my own spiritual life in which i notice and obviously that i have been very very dry...
if i were compared to him, i am like so far left behind on the path to God!! i am so dry that i am lazy to pray before eating, before sleeping, forget to commit my day and everything to God, and trying to solve it all with my own power in which i will never be able to do it without God's grace.
i am so dry that i can't even recognize God anymore even if He just walked by! god! i am so unworthy!
thanks to this new friend, who make me realize who is the first and foremost in my life and that is none other than God himself, my Abba Father!! my Saviour and my First Love!!
He is in fact my everything and no one else will do!
so, thankx engirl for letting me making friend with this friend of yours! appreciate it a lot!^^

within this week, i make a lot of new friends too.
friends that would categorize as hard to get.
i told someone this... i lost one group of friends that i trusted but now i earned back one group of friends that i hope we will stay good forever.
last but not least, i miisss youu~you know who you are!
Friday, December 5, 2008

My One and Only

my one and only favorite group and that is worth me to be their fan is none other than Dong Bang Shin Ki(DBSK)!
wee~ i love them all! if you were to ask of my favorite, i favour Hero.

my all time favorite!! wee~ and i got a friend that looks just like him! darn it!
i am so sure that all of you will know who they are but i still want to drive your nerves by introducing the members! lolx!
this group consist of five single moto moto hunks! they are Hero Kim Jae Joong, U-know Yun Ho, Xiah Kim Jun Su, Max Shim Chang Min, Micky Park Yoo Chun.




there!!! those are those guys that make me go ooohh oh oh oh~~ and droooolll~
let me flabgastered all of you with their talent in singing, dancing and also their good looks! i spent the whole afternoon watching their mv, videos of them playing and just being cute!







Stupid Macdonald has problems with their wireless connection and I sat there for well around 30 minutes trying to get connected and thought that something is wrong with my lappie. Turns out that I worry too much! Damn~ they should put out a sign or something la~ to notify users that they are having problems with the WIFI.

And I wasn’t having the idea to give them business but I can stand it no more and bought a drink and just for the sake of asking them what is the matter with their connection. Damn… I am now pumping fats into my body again! Huhuhuhuhu~ my healthy regime so tak jadi!! Lolx!!

Awhile ago, saw some came in to interview to become part of the Macdonald crew. And I saw my friend. But he did not recognize me. Hish~

But I had another question in mind. Why din they continue studies after secondary 5? Is it so important to find job compare to studying? Is having money and working ass off more worth while than sitting in the lecture hall, cold and contented and having a choice of choosing whether to listen or not but need to strive then?

I would choose sitting in lecture hall and sleep! Lolx!!

Although I need money badly. T.T

I am so broke this month. Worse off than the month before!


Lens did not give me problem today and am feeling that I am no more allergy to it. Yeah!

I am so so so good today because I did all house chores before going out! Wee…

No school on Monday and I will and am damn bored now!


and i invaded people's blogs! peoples that i don't know! lolx!!

yea~ this is me during weekends, days of which i have no class...

Although it is December 5th...

although it is already December 5th, my ramblings are for December 4th. lolx!
because i reach home damn late today because i went out to have a drink with old school mates and damn they rock! wanted to go clubbing after that but mum kinda pissed off when she knew because i had not been sleeping well for the past few days la, so clubbing cancel,sleeping mode on.

as for December 4th, i just realise that i did not realise that it has already reach the end of the year, which is December. although i am damn exited for Christmas, which is what i am exited for through out the whole year, i think my brain calendar is kinda screwed!
next week is volleyball competition and i just realise that next week with be the last week for my cocurriculum activities which means that i am 3/4% through my 2nd semester. and i am going to end my first year in college in just matter of 3 months. damn! time does fly! without me noticing it and all thankx to my screwed brain.
had sore arm due to volleyball, headache because damn tired, leg pain because it rained heavily just now and got damn bloody irritated by the chi bai kia.
but still am damn happy that i am selected to be part of the volleyball team although there are a lot that i feel not qualified to be in the team. dang~ i had a feeling that we will lose but penguin spirit!!! acha acha acha fighting!!
wee wang wang~~^^

yea! i start using lens again!!
wee... no more blurry world!
can see leng zai 6 meters away!! lolx!!
hope that this time of using lens will not cause any irritation to my eyes lo~ hm~
i want to be pretty but at the same time i would want to see the world in a clear condition.
but my money for every month will decrease la... damn~

and it has been almost one week in December but i remember that my mum say that she should start decorating the Christmas tree when the calendar turns to December, and see la now..
Christmas akar also don't have la!!
ish!! quickly decorate la, i want to play with those pom pom look alike ornament and pretend that i am Marilyn Monroe!! lolx!!
just kidding!
anyway, wee.. Christmas is coming to town~~~~^^
duper love!!

last but not least...
i miss my piggie!!!
miss miss miss miss you like freakingly!!
only reedemable when you are in Malaysia, Australia not exclusive!


by the way, the moon smiled and so must we!!!

the moon is so damn cute!!
i know it just that coincidently the stars and the moon move and were in alignment then that this is created but i would love to think and looked at it as if God is smilling upon all His people!
this is sweet~~
besides my lazy piggie la~~^^
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
ok~a real short post today.
i had learn how to do my coursework today and am damn happy about that because i don't need to rely on person that i "love" so much. i can do it on my own! yeah!

i don't bloody need you la, don't so bloody xc la! damn!!

i am going to be so alone tomorrow!! darn!
and i want to go to sleep now. very very tired...
Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Piglets At Karaoke.

today got class but we still manage to go karaoke! guess it haven't you?! lolx!!
i play truant! yea! for the very first time in my college life! and damn it feels good!! lolx!
went to karaoke at Sungei Wang. did not really had a good time there la because it was like kinda rushing. we don't really have very enough time to sing and then to rest and then to sing and then to rest again. we was like sing sing sing sing sing, toilet because really cant stand it already, then continue sing again. practically no rest! damn! it was so rushing and we cant get an afternoon session because it has all been fully booked and thus no student discount! damn! i know that it is still cheap without that discount but still~~~T.T
my rights as a student have beeen robbed away right in front of me!!
oh well, i went 2 of my best buddy in college and all is worth while!*smiles* and i screamed my lungs out!
and this thursday got accounting coursework test and i have not master it all!! uurrgghhh~~
see the rajiness of me la~ tsk tsk tsk...^.^

then we go shopping, window shopping to be exact! and someone shop till there isn't a single cent in her purse!! darn! lolx!!

little Japan.
a shop name Yokusuki, if i have not get the name wrong... they sell all stuffs from Japan and those promoters girls are asked to dress in fake kimonos!! lolx!!
but damn pretty la the shop i meant and i have not came across this shop in Sungei Wang lo..

and we realise that this Sungei Wang also is having a total "make over". as in the shop from selling really damn cheapskate and no taste clothes to really high class and elegant clothings! one word, CHIO!!! i damn like! lolx!

then we accompanied one friend to the optical shop because she wants to use contact. note, first timer in using contact lens and to those that uses contact will surely understand the difficultness in putting it into our eyes for the very first time.
over all, had a great laugh there, but she was way better than me la.
because my place, we are charged to learn to wear that lens. so i bought it back and learn to wear it myself from all the advertisement that i saw before.
it took me 45 minutes to put one into one eye!! ONE eye leh~~~
and another 45 minute for the another la~
and she only do it in 45 minutes for 2 eyes.
good right!!!^^

then walked back to T.S and i saw the christmas decorations there and i thought that it is kinda overly done but yet, nice... and it got me all tingly inside!!^^

my camera not that nice and was down the escalator..
this tree is overly done la~ haix~

all i want for christmas is.... bla bla bla bla..
i forgot the lyrics...heheheh~~ but i want to do a list!!lolx!! so damn kiddy!!
Monday, December 1, 2008

At Last

wee~ at last! finally i had manage to change my blogskin. although this is not i really wanted, i wanted a Christmas skin actually but all damn to change! and i am so ever poor in html, xml.. i am not even sure what those are!
hope you all like this, kinda girly but heck~^^ but my navigation bar hilang weh! why arh?!

had combined service the other day.
as usual, met up with lotsa friends and am damn happy. church is overly big that is why la~hm~
and i notice that Flamingo Hotel has tried their very best to change the surroundings, the way they put things and handle customers but they are still on thin ice.
they are now having the largest resources and that is from our monthly combined service which cost a fortune!
wait till mid of next year when our very own church building is finally done, Flamingo Hotel can declare bankruptcy la! Lolx!! evilness...

i have not notice this 2 scenery before all this while i am at Flamingo. hell~ Nice la~
then ended, came back, nothing special so i also don't want try to make this blog looks damn long...
but then again, i did this at night.. see who can guess what this is and what i did with this things?! Lolx!!

guess what are those and what i did with those things?
please be freak out! lolx!!

had class today.
weekends seems so much shorter than weekdays! urggh~!!
i scared myself half dead thinking that Tuesday would be the Acc 2nd coursework test and so i did like super duperly a lot of studies the night before and slept less...
was duperly tired today but thank God that i would not have to go back by myself today.
ubberly tired!!
but the dumbest thing that i had in mind today, the whole day is that....jeng jeng jeng.....
i thought i would bump into "him". at the Sentral Lrt.
"" if you ever read my this post la...
i was expecting that "he" would suddenly walk up to me and tickle me or what ever shit! Lolx!!
ok~ yea.. miss "him" la~ miss you la dumbass!!
went into mum's car and the first word that she said was,
"you look damn yellow!!"
i was like what theheck!!
the prove, please tell me am i yellow or what??yellow as in pale la

i think i looked tired more than being a banana!
mind the lights, they follow me everywhere!!*o*
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