Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LOL(is what i hear everyday now)

Started first day of work at Sasa office today and fol, first day itself, we got locked out. My "we" here refers to Jeffro and me. It's not that I and him got locked out for being late or whatsoever you all's evil mind could think of, the WHOLE Sasa gang arrived but could not get into the office. We were all in the office premise but we could not get in into the office, ok now wtf was that.

FML even more is that I wore a skirt today and it rained. I can't say massively heavy but the wind was good, not very good to skirts though... That was why i walked slower, if somebody was wandering la hor~ Teehee~ Later upskirt then not good la. Maruah habis wtf.

When we so called "reached" our destination, it was still raining. So the clever me suggested "Why don't we call Mr Harrison(the person who employed us)to fetch us from here to the office?Then mai wont get wet and no need to walk lo!!*beams*" Jeffro was all behind my back for the suggestion and when i was half way through the conversation with Mr H, he did a "wtf you so geng ar call your own boss to fetch you"face.(-.-)
Then the rain subsided after we sat down at the bustop for a minute or two. Alas, need to walk up hill also la~ But nevermind, all for the sake of leaner legs and healthy body wtf.

5 minutes later, we finally reached the office premise(which is so ulu till i don't know how to tell you all)and what fml more is that, the door is NOT open yet. It was 9.45a.m. So we thought "oh maybe the key person is not here yet, we wait la". 15 minutes later, almost all the Sasa staff are waiting outside with us because this is their first time facing a closed shutter door and non of them has the keys.NON! Well, only three keys were made and coincidently the three were stuck in jam(raining ma remember!!) Till a man came and saved the day! wtf. I wasn't saved yet cause i was sweating like a pig for standing outside for a good whole 20 minutes, i think.

Went inside and went straight to our assignated place and checked our place out. Then realized that the air con was not turned on then someone saved my day again! So many superheroes wtf.
Mad excited when Jeffro found out that we can go online as our pcs were STILL connected to the Internet. And i tweet like there is no tomorrow. My joy lasted for a good whole 1 hour or so before the guy who walked up and down and turned on OneFm(and disturbed our concentration to key in data)in which i don't hear to and DIE-ED my internet connection.(-.-) Kiam siap, don't let me use.

Nothing to do already, key in datas lo..
Nearly dose off while keying in the numbers and i nearly whack my head to the keyboard! Luckily Jeffro and the another guy did not notice wtf if not embarrasing siut! LOL~
And Jeffro keep saying LOL in the "LOL" sound instead of "laugh out loud" and it sounds kinda stupid! LOL! (-.-) Okay tired~ I shall try to snap pictures of what we do in our cubicle tomorrow. Night!
Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Was Fun


Finally!! I got to wear what i want to wear, do less makeup and do not need to look 100%-ly presentable, leave my hair loose, take what ever bag i want to use, go out at what ever time i want to without rushing, camwhore to my satisfaction without worrying to rush out for the bus and whole loads of crap more..

Finally i get to go out!!
*i sound like i had been in prison for ages wtf*

Whee~ The most-est comfortable Mickey shirt and most-est comfortable jeans!
And ooh~ I just learnt how to camwhore this way! fml.
Been wanting to show people what i wear but i got achina fucked upnot so good phone which take pictures weirdly, so yea~ Now i learnt to know how! Lol~


Paired with my most sayang-est*jangkitan Sam and Jeffro wtf*Tous baggie!


and my most trustworthy sneakers! But not visible but you all should know la~
And out i go!

Met up with Jeffro and fuah, i got the shock-est moment in my whole entire life. Some stupid fartard motorcyclist who OBVIOUSLY was rushing to hell, did not stop when Jeffro turned and the fartard just went straight ahead and mcb scared the shit outta me.

Bla bla~ Jeffro's car is what i would say, badly damaged. I think i jinxed him lo wtf.

FMFL! imma so screwed.. n it isnt my fault at all.. T_T on Twitpic

I enlarge a bit but still can't see but you all can go to here to check out how badly damaged it is. The whole thing came off wtf!

Had a great lunch together and he showed me his "Beat It" dance at FOS wtf! LOL!!
Sure was fun meeting up with him again, after so long kan?! LOL
Monday, September 28, 2009

I Must!!

Must blog more now for the sake that I love talking to myself wtf. But that is kinda true, i like to monolog and so that's why i like reading sajaks and those novels that we used to study for exam during our secondary school. I know loads of you hate it but i LOVE it.

Things that I am doing for this few days of my semester break are,

1) Getting hooked up watching Boys Before Flowers for the third time! LOL.

I like Gu Jun Pyo!
*and their uniform, thats why the almost same pictures*
*not mine btw, don't know who to credit.*

2) Been listening to Love Sex And Magic by Ciara ft Justin Timberlake and watching the videos too wtf so sexxaaaay!

3) Trying to finish up all the books that i bought over the months and now currently am on Jodi Picoult's Keeping Faith.

And~ I am once HIRED!!! Whee~ Better pay, better working hours, easier job(no need to stand)! I can so do expensive shopping now! woo whee~ Tonight's gonna be a good good night~

Of Broga Hill

No no no~ I did not do any hiking at all though the title might make you think that i did. The last time i remember doing any hiking was two years back when i was serving for the National Service and it was just the awesome. And i remember vividly that it rained before that and then it stopped so the plan to hike up the hill carries on, i dreaded to hike i tell you because I godayum know got leech! I got two hanging on to me like a parasite at the end of the day wtf.

Now my next hill or mountain whatever is Broga Hill. It really annoys me that who ever's blog i stalk read now, they blog about Broga. Suddenly that hill became famous wtf. And i am jealous la~ Suppose to go with Ken but failed to go cause the plan wasn't really a plan, more like a talk talk.

Photos above are from Ken's blog, copyrighted by him okay.
The link that you clicked will direct you to Broga Hill Revisited.(revisited samo wtf)

See la! Never bring me there then i have to go use your picture pulak, though it is nice la but i want to snap pictures of the hill using my own lauya phone la. Let's "Broga Hill Revisited Revisited Again With Vox" la~ LOL

Up to this stage, can you all feel my jealousy!? I am so so the adventure kind of people okay and i can't stand people getting the hang of nice things and i am left behind with pictures. Sad la~ Then what fml more is this...

*even the lazy dude went hiking*
*stalking nice pictures now but sure mostly selftake pictures one*

Found nice pictures wor!!! Lagi envy! Pfftt~

he say this looks like some TVB scene! ROFLMAO!! This guy watch too much TVB series.
The photos above credits to KelvinmariahKuan. Better bring me there one day, jahat punya budak, go rock climbing pun tak ajak! Tsk tsk~

Then when i revert back to my FB, found out that my very own cuzzie, Elaine, went up the hill quite many few times too! *fml, im' so left out* I don't think she blogs, so yea~ Don't go stalking her ar people.
Okay so i can't find pictures of her on the hill but she WENT there okay!! Damn envious now. Cause i am pounding on the weight, thats why! Haha~ Need exercise, need exercise at nice and beautiful place, eg Broga Hill. Get the hint people?!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A New Day, New Beginning

Being around people made me feel small and it grips the fear in me and that explains why I don't hang out a lot with friends except college mates. The human mind and thought are unfathomable and they can be a total stranger when things go wrong or things which did not happen as they wanted it to be. People could engulf you alive with just mere words or actions that are unnoticeable by others, all except the victim itself. People say they know me, people say I know her, people too say I am her friend but do people know that you don't know the real me because I don't even know myself too?.

Today is the combined service for our church and i was thinking how many more of our money can Hotel Flamingo "cheat" for our monthly gathering there because they increased the rental price! We only rent it for one day, less than that i assume. Service only last for 2 hours and we are gone after that, i believe that cost us RM 8000 - RM10,000? Now that is a ridiculous amount to rent a place named after the great bird, Flamingo but we can't see any around unless we would take a stroll to the "haunted" lake and i think the birds aren't there anymore now.
I saw it once when we were very early and had nothing to do so we took a stroll around the big lake and saw only three pathetic and sickening looking Flamingos.
(that wouldn't even budge like their feet are rooted in water wtf)

And i think i MISSED my duty?! *gasp*
Seriously, I am so messed up in what i do everyday and now i wish that I am money loaded so that i can hire a PA to help me jot down and arrange all the events and things that i should do. Talking about time management, I so don't have it. I think i need a Time Management seminar wtf. I miss seminars, especially those we had during secondary times, I used to hate it and sleep through out and now i miss it? wtf.

Pastor showed us the progress of our new church building and i must say, tears welled up in my eyes. For God knows why.
Maybe it's because of the unity the people of my church put together having Food Fairs, Fund Raising etc to collect money through the community and then bless them back with this great and big new church that i swear now, i would DEFINITELY GET LOST IN.(T__T)
The King's Kid sanctuary itself is bigger than my house wtf. Theres the main sanctuary, smaller rooms for the kids, badminton court(in a room), basketball court(outdoors) etc. But they do not have swimming pool! Shucks!

I just can't wait to get into our new church building and discontinue the money-cheating the Hotel pull over our church. RM10,000 is farking retardly insanely mcb-ly EXPENSIVE okay.

Wuwuwu~ Tomorrow is Monday and(no) I do not have Monday blues, I love Monday, I love new beginnings. But i don't really love it tomorrow cause i am still on semester break and i got no where to go but to stay in and watch Hana Yori Dango for the third time, fml.
I want to go out and i can, all by myself, but going out means using money, using money means i would need to work again to gain more.*sigh*
Better i stay in and sleep one whole day and not use a penny wtf. I am so kiam siap.

Okay~ I miss my Grandmother.*sigh*
Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Used To

This might yet sound like another emo post that i used to post, yea used to again, and i realized that I am like no longer the "used to be" me. If you don't get what i say then it's okay it's alright, i am full of crap, remember?

I am "used to be" a lot of thing and characters which i don't find myself having it now. I used to wake up super early in the morning and i love mornings, now i wake up as late as i can and i hate mornings now. I used to not eat breakfast even though i would wake up early cause it is like a habit, now I must eat as soon as i get up which is already mid morning and early afternoon so it is brunch that i have everyday now. I used to LOVE babies and kids but now i find them super farking annoying and you know how they used to say that the lady's genes will become more motherly as they aged, i think i have a reversed mentally ill genes wtf.

I used to love jogging alone or with my mum and now i found out that i am neither capable to jog nor find it anymore interesting to go jogging with mum, i wonder why. I used to eat loads of candies in a day and my favorite time of the year is Halloween cause they have Trick or Treat but since Malaysia don't celebrate Halloween, Christmas is the nearest i can get my teeth to loads of candies and now i just feel like puking at the sight of A candy. I saw a truck load of bubblegum today and i feel nausea wtf. I used to be super active in sports, but now i am way too lazy to even get away from the laptop to make myself a meal.

*catches breath*

... so where was i?

Oh yea, let's continue with the "I used to" and it will get bored up ahead so yea~
I even used to sing a lot while bathing in the bathroom and then wonder whether would my neighbours hear me cause i don't only sing, i PRACTICALLY yell at the top of my lungs wtf but now i don't even make a hum when i bathe and comes out 10 minutes when i used to be in there for a good whole 30 minutes. Whenever i have holidays, i used to make plans to go out like 3 months before the holidays just to make sure that everything is all confirmed and no one backs out but all I ever do now is to pretend i did not listen to any of the plans that my friends made and secretly hope that they would count me out or just blardy hell forget about my existence.

There this one thing that i am very "used to be" last time and that is to talk to my mum about everything but i find it difficult now to even ask her a question cause what ever she utters either irks me or i find it a nonsense and wished deep down my heart that i should not ask her in the first place. Sometimes i feel that it is a waste of my time talking to her. Sigh~
I used to love her company and i used to love shopping with her but now i LOVE shopping myself, watching movies myself and i even like eating all by myself!

I really don't know who i am anymore cause i am so much of "used to be" and now that i lost all my "used to be", i can't find the real me anymore. Sometimes when my mind is sane, i would think that this is all part of growing up and this is what happens when a child is leaving from childhood to teens and now an adult. If that is so, can i stay being a teen forever? I really want to get back to the 17 years old me where everything seemed so right but it everything seemed so wrong too, nevertheless, i was happy and joyful. Unlike now, I don't even know what i want to craved on my face, so a gloom is all i hold on to this days. Likdis (-.-) wtf.

p/s: don't leave "You're Jackie Chan" this comment else i stick up a 6 feet pole up your arse!xD
Friday, September 25, 2009

Whimsical Me

I had the worst day of my life yesterday and i had decided to ditch my job there. Because working there is far worst than being sentenced to Hell for a lifetime and i do deserve a good slacking at home. Sad thing is, being at home leads to increase of weight and size wtf, not forgetting my credits will go poof cause i think i will be going out a lot but there will not be any reimbursement. Sigh~ I cant have EVERYTHING, can i?

Nevertheless, i perked up a little when i went online and saw a FB message from the besttie! God! I miss her so so so much! She is the one that i always talk to about WHATEVER and EVERYTHING that happens to me cause i am so dramatic like that wtf and with her out of town, there just had to be so many things that happened. I do message and all but it's a whole different thing when it comes to hearing a sound and looking at a screen filled with words, sometimes the expression of it is very unoticeable.
Generously, she called me up to talk. Yes, she has got the moolah for that and i just cant be more kiam siap to not even message her when she was on Digi line where it cost RM0.20 for a single message! Yes yes, what a bad friend i am.

Now i wonder how much it costs her that night calling me up and we talked about and all of everything for an hour, 53 minute to be exact cause you know how handphones records received and dialled calls. Then i cursed myself. Should not have talked so much crapped and all my crappy feelings and all those shits, but just can't help it la.
Breaking up and getting accused for thing that is not true which happened all at one time, i really feel like irking up everyone now that i am all over with those shitzos.

Talking about irking people, i just had had this feeling of wanting to irk just about ANYONE that "talks" to me, be it through MSN or comments on FB or through my tweets. Unfortunately, no one falls on the scapegoat category for today and the end result is, I still feel like wanting to irk someone to the brim that a good fight turns out of it wtf. Yes, i am crazy like that so what!
And yes, another reason that i feeling like irking somebody today is because people irks me too.

Thought i woke up quite late today, i was awaken by a phone call wtf. Which is one of the most top "Victoria's Hate List" thing in the world, to be waken up by a phone call and second to that would be my mum waking me up la. So yea back to the anonymous phone call, so i manage to pick it up, feeling blur and all i managed to lurged up in a sitting position so that i can talk better and sleepingly uttered a "Hello?". Reminder, i did not look at the screen so i really don't know who called me so i was not expecting anyone in particular and the only thing running in my head are thoughts like "Who the fuck calling me?". There came an answer to my greeting and the answer was "Selamat Hari Raya". (-.-) W.H.A.T T.U.R.F *show middle finger*

*taking in a loooong breathe*

An hour later when i am wide awake, i saw that the number earlier wasn't anyone on my phone book list which made me even more the weird and actually spent 5 minutes thinking who the hell can it be, pulling a stupid joke. But what turh.
Then went online(again).C'mon~ what do you expect of me right, this is ma hollys!
I saw 15 friend request on FB and i went "WTF! WHO THE FARK LA?".
Approved only those i know and i think that they are decent and worthy to be on my friend list and i just deleted those whom i think their face looks like shit, those that photoshopped farkingly over the rooftop, horny and retard looking old old man and not forgetting aunties whom i think are Lesbians wtf.
Since i am online the whole day, it is not weird that i check my FB every now and then. It irks me a lot to have to approve friends more than once a day. yes, i am weird so stfu. In the afternoon, there are more, 10 friend request (-.-). And out of the ten, there are 4 of the same person whom i rejected earlier. MCB! This people so free no need to work ar?!
So yea, stop adding me if you don't know me or at least if you think you fit the above "hate requirement" stated above.

Maybe my period is on the way, god knows but for now, i feel like getting out all my uneasiness and anger deep within wtf on a punch bag!! But i am no punch bag! So how? Who wanna self offer being my punch bag?!
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Self Reminder

"Where is my LadyLuck?!" was what i started my day with, thinking out loud and was scribbling on a piece of paper of the things that did not go my way since last week. And boy, it is now as long as a tissue roll. Now that is bad, real bad.

I shall not even state what turned out wrong since last week and yes, today was no exception.
Got myself a partner for the current job i am working on and she said "Count me in. I am interested" and immediately i could almost see the heaven tore open and hear the sounds of angels singing. Because with her agreeing, i would no longer be alone and i REALLY need at least 3 people to help out in the upcoming fair. Now that was on a Sunday when she agreed.

Today, she did not turned up for the pre-briefing. Where she promised that she will turn up after going to the mechanics with her friend. That was what she said, MECHANICS.
When clearly at first i heard her saying that she wants to go to Ampang to pick her friend up.
Then 3 hours later, still no sign of her. And i was waiting all along.
Till around 930p.m, where i go off duty and i can give her a message, telling her what to wear for tomorrow thinking that she is still interested, she replies "I think i will pass this job.Thanks alot"
*shows middle finger*

And that person is ...



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

VC Unconnecting Me From World

People that don't see me online 24 hour a day despite my semester break now is because i am working. Yes, i am again hired. People sometimes asked why is it so easy for me to get a job when they can't even get into a conversation with the person in charge. A lot of people say and apparently they think that i am pretty and with the non existence pretty face, i am able to get the job.

Well, fark you.

I get jobs easily is because i have a lot of friends. Friends that remembers me all the time and i would get the first scoop of everything and practically anything. It all depends whether i have the time or no for the offer that they made and prepare for me. Most of the time they get a YES from me because i hate saying NO and i don't know how to utter a NO to friends cause i feel bad after that, can't help and all.
Long story cut short, due to my weak point of not knowing how to say a NO to a close friend of mine, i have to work through out my whole semester break with a low pay but this is all to help a friend out. So yea, i don't mind.

Okay, that is to tell you all that I AM WORKING.

Damn tired now and today is my bad bad luck day i guess and i shall post it for tomorrow. Nights people
Sunday, September 20, 2009

To Be With Friends

Yes, I kinda MIA eventhough i had just finished my finals and no, not that i am lazy to blog but i just had all my days all planned and was jam packed.

The next day after the finals, the whole gang lot of us went to Genting and had a helluva time, not so much for the games, foods or the scenery there, but mostly the companion of us friends and i am sure that we are much much closer now after the trip. Closer as in friends okay.


Total 15 out of the whole class went for this trip and those who cant make it is either still having their papers or back to their respective hometown. Nevertheless, it was fun! And this was my first time going there by bus and the cable car was just that awesome.


Each car could only fit 8 at a time and i was so darn worry that the weight of the 8 of us and not forgetting the weight of our luggage, the rickety cable car could not support and i kept imagining that darn thing tilting to one side and i am going to land at the Hutan Khatulistiwa wtf. One lil thing that i notice is, among the Hutan below us, named Khatulistiwa, they put fake stuffs like fake Rafflesia, fake monkeys, fake other flowers! LOL wtf can!!

Cause we were so that close like that wtf, even the each cable car's distance is around 6 cars away, my friend shouts way above the forest in the middle of the sky and was chatting away, shouting. People in the next lane of the cable who is going down cant helped but to look at us and snicker. wtf so embarrasing, here i am scaring that i would fall, he was shouting there waking up all the fake stuffs down there wtf.

Finally reached to the Theme Park hotel which has larger rooms compared to the First World hotel. Not forgetting that it is less haunted too wtf! Joking people! Teehee!

Seriously, the service there is kinda slow. Friendly but slow. I need friendly but efficient. I think we waited for more than 30 minutes, i think cause it feels like it and hell, we camwhore so much and with everything that came across our eyes. Even the dustbin tray got victimized wtf.

No.1 camwhorer *besides me, i am the Queen!* Teehee

Then the pictures below are the Poh siblings wtf! LOL
Poh Jiang Huei pretending to be all goodie

And here is me Victoria Poh, who longs to have the feel of people sanding behind a "SECURITY" stand and on top of it, placed things like phone and record books like those you can find at INFORMATION COUNTER wtf.
*i look candid there cause people looking at me*
*but i still wanna take this pix*

Let's take a break now and i shall upload more tomorrow okay. I gotta go now. Go find job replacement wtf. Bye people!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Last Night

There has been so many uncountable exciting things happened in my mundane life lately which is great and yes, i enjoyed it of course. But all this has had to happen during my finals of my first semester of my second year. How cliche!

So yea, i have entitled my post "The Last Night" which sounds so meaningless and pointless but i just want to have a self record that tonight or rather this morning is my last day of studying and being a nerd for 24 hours a day, 24/7 a week. After this coming morning exam which is precisely 9 hours from now, i would be a free man or rather a free woman wtf.

And i got a makan session right after the exam stress with a few of my close friend bloggers and yes, i will try to keep life as exciting as possible as long as i am still young and hey, YOUNG people DESERVE to HAVE FUN without the nagging and all okay~
It's in the young people blood wtf. Not that older people cannot have fun okay, it's not what i meant, just that younger generation deserves MORE fun.

Things to look forward to are the arrival of Singaporean bloggers which i had never met before except Ying Zi. But they are all my good friends now. Internet really does connect people and i am beginning to thank God for positioning me in this course and also to applause myself for not being hard headed and proceed with what?Law course? Tsk tsk...
And yes! How can i forget! I got Genting trip with the coursemates on the 17th till the 18th, yes, the day right after our exams! Wooweee~

Till then, gotta go crash bed now and then its war again! RAWWWR!
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally A Piercing

I had always always wanted to try out something that is so me but never ever agreed from Mummy. Had always been awed with people who had piercing done on their nose, tongue and belly. I wanted to do all those cause by doing so i can be cool like them too wtf.

But i think i will start off by adding another hole at my ears which already had four piercings but i am not satisfied la! You know how they say that piercings ARE addictive?! Hell yes they are! Once you get one done, you will always dream and hint people around that you want to get a second one, and at this point, you will want to do another place which you think it would be COOL like maybe a piercing on the nose but you will end up another piercing on the ear. Like me wtf! I did two piercing on my own. No pain at all okay, so people out there, piercing is shiokness, no pain whatsoever.

Fortunately, my besttie is yet another piercing and I-want-to-look-cool-and-sexy freak like me but she not as scaredy cat like me la ok wtf, and she started by saying "I want to pierce belly." and i went "Come let's go la, i show you where bla bla bla" cause we were at SG Wang and that place is like my second home i tell you wtf.
She got shock at my tak apa attitude and to cut the story short, SHE GOT A BELLY PIERCING LA WTF. And i am still a scaredy cat la hor, not all things change ok wtf.


Nice right! wtf and i must tell you the story of "How We Sorta Got Conned"

We actually walked around meanwhile still discussing on how "for real" she want to get her belly done and also to do price check cause as i know, belly piercing or tongue piercings aren't that cheap. As in it will be Rm100++ la~ and since this is a sudden thing, she did not bring any extra cash to fulfill her desire. And to only found out that it only need Rm65 for one piercing.

At this point, we did not know that doing this kind of piercing, we need to pay extra for the jarum*wtf i forgot whats that called in english*. So finally the noobs got the drift at this store named Scorpion and it was f*cking expensive la! Rm50 for the jarum and the studs will be counted according to which kind you're choosing. Which will all amount to Rm100++ as i expected.
Obviously, we went back to the first shop which offers Rm65. Did not know that that price is inclusive of the jarum. Then she told us that the stud we chose is Rm35! Mad happy, the besttie asked "So we only pay for this? This is Rm35? So we pay for this price only right??". The girl nod in agreement of paying at Rm35.

And the outcome was Rm65. -.-
Totally hate people who don't understand simple English.
Rm35 does not include the jarum. But their jarum is Rm30 only which is way cheaper than Rm50 la hor~


Her scare but excited face.

The girl sprayed the cold cold thing and then this is the stage where she grabs her meat wtf and draw a line and then poke the Rm30 jarum to make a hole.

And it's all done!
Less than one minute okay wtf.
Piercing done at Blink, Times Square.
Go there and get all your piercings done cause people there are friendly and no la, they don't con people one. Just that we noob and don't quite get what they say cause our ears are cloaked up with excitement for piercings.



Happy people of the day!
Amelia: Got piercing so surely happy la hor~
Vox: Got vain pictures taken and saw a belly piercing so excited like tht wtf.

The Vox In Me


Fuuh~ a big arse size photo of me.
All thanks to Joyce a.k.a Intimidated(in Innit) for this great photoshoot.

Now i must put more effort in diet wtf.

p/s:: more to come from Jackie
Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shitmyx and FaceBoob

I am so irritated with shitty Shitmyx or widely known as Streamyx and the f*cked up Faceboob or widely known as Facebook this days. Was trying to upload my pretty picture of myself and friends and i was stucked with "Failed upload. Try again later." for the last 30 minutes. I was stupid enough to self console and giving the shitty line chances to upload my pictures.

Out of frustration, i shall upload it here! Boohoo! Like it Love it Hate it, WHATEVER! Cause it's MY blog and you can choose to CHAO OUTSIDE, MUTHAF*CKAS!!
*too much Youtube-ing on RinontheRox and Peter Chao wtf*



And i think i deserve one more! LOL!
Just joking. No more vain pictures of me and i am still mad at FaceBoob lo and i have decided to call them such way!

Genting yeay here i cometh!
Saturday, September 12, 2009

Near Holidays!

Holidays are few days away and i really need one. A long one please, for me to laze around and to work. Not that i am keen to work but i just need that extra few bucks.

Jason, Adelene, Amelia and Sarika was kind enough to wait for me, for how long i am not that sure, to come out from the exam hall. In which i took my sweet time to do although i know how. Jason was then kind enough to fetch us all to our respective places and, hell, the traffic jam was like hell. Seriously, why every time during festive season, there are massive jams everywhere? Can't people like go do their shopping earlier and not during the last few day! Don't come and bullshit and say it is going to be way cheaper than other time, the fact is, NOTHING is CHEAPER okay.

Who would want to make "CHEAPER" during "festive season" when they too need the extra cash for their own celebration??! Huh huh~ Tell me~

So we got really bored and i was sms-ing boo through out and he said he was busy.*Sigh*
Cam-ho time!! Whee~


The besttie and I feeling so damn tired and sleepy.


The awful awful awwwfuull traffic jam from Genting Klang all the way to Bank Negara and beyond wtf.

Took the Ktm and reached my area and this really pissed me off. Just now was car traffic jam then now human jam ar wtf!


Just have a look at how many people are waiting for bus at an area as small as my area. Many people equals to i have to jostle my butt with them to get into the bus.
*see what see! I know you wanna grow up looking pretty like me la~*


I konked off as soon as i reached home and waking up like 6 hours later with a very angry and hungry stomach wtf.
Hey, i just needed that sleep ok, so no -.- please. Hahaha~

p/s:: If you're wondering why one cam-ho picture of me only, no~ I got a lot more but no point posting it here la okay~

Study Elementz

Had been studying for one whole day plus one whole night too. Cause i had been playing ElementZ in Facebook for the whole morning too wtf. Now served me right! No early bed and have to sit here and study till AT LEAST something sticks to my mind.

Oh, did i mentioned i got a faggot headache the whole day too?! Seems like someone is sitting in my skull and knocking mildly on my brain every 3 seconds. -.- but that is how i totally feel now.


Always my energy booster
Also my dietary enemy.
Also reason why am i always fat and never thin. FML.


Coincidentally, I am a full reddie today! Speaking of wishing on the wishing star huh, might as well i just wear all red to the exam hall tomorrow and hope the Buddhist whatever luck God bestowed over me and give me good fortune wtf.


Am totally in love and digging Hawaii short shorts and these red one is LOVE!
Opps, i think i am turning into a reddie too!
All thanks to Jessica!!
Teehee!*hugs jie*
Friday, September 11, 2009

The Reason That I Like

Some of you who added me on Facebook, MSN Messenger, and even my Tweeter will know that i am actually 24/7 around the clock with an "Online" status. And yes, i do not even MIA like some do even when finals period, like now. I see bloggers ditching their blog with a reason and that is to study, voila, I see them chating on Innit wtf.

People might assumed that i do not study seeing that i am like "engaged" to the Internet and i even spend more time here than spending it with my baby. Teehee wtf. But i do study people. I really do. Scoring and ace-ing it is another mind related subject. But i think i procrastinate more than i study, seriously. I can't stand looking at papers for an hour but i can just lay here and online 24 hour wtf. I really need some therapy wake up call sort of thing already cause even I can't bare with my own overwhelming procrastinating character. I guess that everyone has it but God accidentally pour a lil' bit to much in me when creating me wtf.

Being techy isn't such a bad or nerdy thing. I figured that out when i chose to major E-Commerce and Marketing. Yes, my major requires me to be savvy and techy cause besides studying Marketing, my root of major is E-Commerce. E-Commerce is electronic commerce just so you people don't know. And if you still go "wtf is that?", go google or research on it la okay cause this is one great, interesting, mind boogling and stressful fun course to be enrolled into. See! I can do the underlinestrike thing! xD

With that said, i always do my studies like this now


cause i always make my notes and tutorial papers go "Lost and Can't Be Found" and my besttie gets so -.- me everytime i say "I lost my notes AGAIN! Borrow me please!!"
Yes, she is always my lifesaver wtf.

I don't need her now unless suddenly no electric and i cannot use my laptop to go online to use PowerPoint to study!! Choi! *poofs back to PP*
Thursday, September 10, 2009


Whee~ So i managed to sit and stay at home the whole day today. Doing nothing but the blissful feeling of being able to online for 12 hours straight without people nagging and keep asking me to go off cause i disturb the line wtf. How am i suppose to "disturb" the line?!

Then i began wandering around the house cause i was too bored and eyes hurts from the constant 12 hour staring in to the laptop's UV ray screen wtf. Hoping to find something or explore parts of the house or maybe things that i had never came across to. So i did found it. And
a gross one too. And definitely from something gross too, i can assure you that but luckily i did not find that and have no intention to do so.


Yes, you saw that right!
My house is now infested with those shit-eating insects!!

Then i got attracted to the bushes that are growing so so fast behind the house.


Over grown

and i thought that it is kinda "pretty" as in the green greenery and all.
I really hate the color brown. Seriously!
I hate shit brown and not the sandy sand brown ok.

Sausages wtf

My new diet and it's omfg super duper delicious!!!

Talking about food...
Here is what i want to show you and make you think
Shit eating insect

p/s:: why the photos that i edit through photobucket cannot be used here? I can view it the editted way at photobucket but i cannot use it here. Help anyone?

Stress ke Pre-"I am scare" of old Syndrome?

After going through friends that i usually stalk visit their Facebook to see what they are doing and what is going on in their life, cause i have friends scattered all over the place now, be it in Australia all the way to Texas and Spain, they are all at least achieving something or at least having a "taste" of the outside world other than Malaysia, in accordance to further pursue their studies. I got really or kinda blur and emotional and I posted "When do you all think i will grow up?"

Then a good Samaritan came along and liked my post and gave me word of wisdom using the technological innovations which is googled and Samaritan googled How to Deal Stress?
Actually i am not stress but i just feel kinda useless, up to the age of 19, i have no whatsoever big acheivement, no awesome talent waiting to be found, lazy and haste character and my biggest "pride" is my ability to continue the procrastination for days, weeks, months, years! wtf.

I checked out the site.
Does not really apply to what i am feeling now cause i still feel shitty and i need something like "How To Acheive Big in Life At Tender Age". (19 is still tender age okay)
On a side contrary, never in my life am i being so touchy about people metioning my age and i would go "Cheh, (age) only ma~ So what!!?"
Well, i am feeling the pinch now.*snorts* It is not and will never be a "so what" thing anymore. Its really a cliche, i want to grow up for certain reasons but for the another certain reason, i just don't wanna age. You know what i mean? I am greedy la ok wtf.

How to Deal With Stress
Let's see what i can use when moments like this hits me again. Like always.

Stop! Take a deep breath and realize that you have power to control your life. Just like everyone else!
(I always do that, the deep breath thing and it feels like a small lil' burden is release out from deep down your heart. You feel a bit light hearted. A 5 minutes of relieve. Then you feel shitty again. Not a long run remedy.)

Be aware of your choices; you always have a choice. This is true for emotions and work. Sometimes you need to let your emotions out but still stay in control.
(Not always for my case okay. With people around you especially close ones, they will make ALL decisions for YOU!)

Say something positive to yourself as soon as you wake up.
("Oh hey! You looking pretty messed up today and you have a lot to do today too. As always!" So positive lo~wtf.)

Set goals for what needs to be achieved in the day then write a "to do list". When writing "your to do list"
(I have seen this steps everywhere and on all things! I tried this out by listing out the amount i spend so that i could spend wisely but i always spend more compared to when i am not having a list. I had evern semangated and write out what topic should i study everyday least i lazy to do last minute study and it only lasted me half a day. The list thing that is.)

Be organized. Much stress arises from feeling overwhelmed. Being organized and getting your priorities straight can help you break responsibilities down into manageable pieces and focus on the things that really matter.
(I am so not an organized person! I cant work nor think in a not messed up place, so yeah.)

Stop worrying about what you cannot change. Learning to accept things as they are is an important coping mechanism, but not as easy as it sounds.
(I love telling people this but i cant fulfill it myself too and it is an ego thing. Stuborn, whatever you call it, Lo Que Soy.)

Treat your body right - You will have more self-confidence and energy, and be less likely to experience the physical side effects of stress
(I had been eating lesser and lesser as days goes by, diet ma. and maybe this is one of the biggest contributor to my messed up mind now.)

Listen to music. Stress can inspire intense emotional reaction. Utilize it. Vent the spleen to a favourite piece of music and experience a happy release. Also, positive and relaxing music can be helpful.
(Need you to tell meh?! I hear loads of it everyday okay! It did not help lo cause i keep thinking that i should be the singer wtf.)

And a whole lot more in which i don't think either works for me. I hate motivational talks actually cause WHO CAN'T?! Every one can give some motivational shit workshop talk and the listeners, yes, they might feel changed at that moment, right there right now. But what happens what they reached home? Or back to the place where it all begins? It is back to square one again. Believe me. I had been there. Felt lifted and felt even shittier than before when i leave.

Wanna know my best remedy?
Fake up smile. Makes people around me happy and so i am and will(at least)try to be.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Final's Aftermath

Tied up my hair today! Semangat finals wtf xDD on Twitpic

A big ass size photo of me. Am really getting frustrated with my hair's condition now. It is neither long nor it is short, it's neither neat nor it is too messy, neither it is untieable nor it is tieable. You just see all the sides that came down. I looked like some messy lil' girl who just woke up, late, and asked her momma to tie her hair for her wtf.

I think i just saw my computer flickered on and off! Or was it my tired eyes? Sigh~ Hurts like hell now.
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Out and About

Yup, this is the real me again. The me who like to get up feeling all drowsy due to the lack of sleep the night before, sits by the bedside thinking what i have got to do for the day after i brush teeth and all, then remember today i need to run some errand, have a self fight in mind and voila, i ended up sitting at the bus stop waiting for bus after 30 minutes.

Super duper fast because as i mentioned on the earlier post, i went out looking like aunty wtf.

A photo of me with the spectacles on!! Woots! on Twitpic

First time looking at me with the spectacles on right? I know i look "awesome" wtf but i got irritated eyes and i am contemplating whether to go to college looking like this tomorrow and give my eyes a time out from lens for the time being. Or~ Just be a suck up diva bitch and continue on using the lens and i might end up being blind or have cataract or what ever eye infection that comes due to excessive lens usage...

Was studying earlier of the day and i ended up walking around Sg Wang, one floor i rounded it twice cause i was searching for this particular shop that sells the things that i want. And i only want that shop! And i don't know where it is cause Sg Wang has this awesome T-junction and in the middle of the junction will branch out another T-junction and then another T-junction branch out from the second branched out T-junction and then another T-junction branched out from the third branched out T-junction and then i know that you rereading it for the second time cause you lost count how many T-junction there were.
I was just that super utterly confused so i think i rounded at least twice perfloor wtf.

This is what i love doing! I so totally got all this for RM12! on Twitpic

Only to realized that the shop has already close down and was replaced by this Japanese shop named Yokuso. People that goes to Sg Wang so totally know what shop i am talking about. They sell Japanese stuffs at ridiculous prices and they do not keep extra stock. So it's like when you need 30 pieces of that single product, they will say "Sorry Miss, but we only have 5". Wtf right?! And their kimono wannabe is so totally pukeable!
Never was my "kinda" shop and will never ever be my "kinda" shop!

It was then around 3 p.m and tummy was growling like my hungry turtles at home. So operasi Jalan Jalan Cari Makan begun wtf.
Now now here is another story that would make you go "Vox is such a kiam siap(pensive & penniless)girl!!" because i would never know what i want to eat cause i have to decide after checking out the price. Today, i walked pass Teppanyaki and almost drooled at the smell of fried vegetables and meat then i decided not to eat cause the oil smell will stick to my hair and it is expensive. Madam Kwan came along the way and i thought having Hong Kong style for lunch would be awesome and so i checked the price and walked away and you know why. Then the TeoChew Chicken Rice which is cheap(reasonable la)but that makes me think of my boo and i walked away, people say not that nice actually.

Walked around more and i saw this "amazingly it can fit me" elevator!!

Such a narrow elevator! Luckily i am not 2 size wider wtf on Twitpic

I so must try it wtf. And so i REALLY went down using the elevator just for the sake of trying it! When i reached the end, kinda sad and happy wtf and voila i saw Food Court! And i settled down, had Chicken Rice. WTF.

Sad la~ Reminds me of you on Twitpic

Yea, i totally enjoy eating alone. Really. No sarcasm or pun intended there. I am a loner sometimes.

Teehee!!! Me loves! on Twitpic

Spend the rest of the evening reading and reading and reading and reading but still stupid wtf.

Irish College Anyone?

Am now at McD trying to study wtf so i checked my mail and i usually do not blog about what i get in mail but this is so super awesome and wtf at the same time that i must blog about it and to let everyone of you feel superb and to know that we can all go to Irish College now wtf.

If you all had received this email, sorry to say that I blog about this cause i feel that it is amusing and i MUST share. Sharing is caring ma wtf.
To those that has not receive it, now now don't cheat and try to do it first.. then you can scroll down for the answers. If you had small eyes, please click on the picture for a bigger frame of it. You will definitely enjoy it!

To avoid cheating people, i shall have some say of what i am doing now. I picked my favoritest tee today and it's the MNG black top and i wore my favoritest short shorts that i bought it when i was a size L and now am at a size M so you can imagine how loose it is. Was damn farking tired this morning cause had a major two hour nonstop swim the night before and definitely i dreaded getting up from bed to get ready to Sg Wang to pay bills.Yes. Pay bills. Wtf.
My one and only lens is farked up and it constantly make my eyes tired and goes all reddy, so i used spectacles today. Major aunty look or not! And studying. Fuah like some nerdy aunty wtf.
Okayla~ give answers now la~


Go pay bills now wtf.
Eyeing for a Berry.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Anagrams Reveals

I had read about this thing called ANAGRAMS but i know heck about it. I usually hate it when i don't get the full meaning of a thing/problem and that usually drives the besttie and the boo up walls and also the Mount Kinabalu wtf. So i googled the word "anagram" LOL WTFARK..

"An anagram is a rearrangement of the letters in either a word or a phrase (using each letter exactly once in the word or phrase created).Ideally the anagram created relates in some (perhaps humorous) way to the original word or phrase. Such anagrams are described as cognate. The best anagrams are grammatically correct and use techniques such as abbreviating and to 'n' only minimally."

For the fun of it, I used my name(duh of course)to really see what they would make outta my name. So i inserted the mixed one, where they will insert the bad one and the good ones and i got..

Then i redid it again
excluding the humour and i only wanted the bad one but once again

Ironically, I had been with the choir group all my life, i meant schooling days.
It always starts with me playing truant to certain subjects then choir practice room is always the perfect hideaway. One fine day, the teacher caught me offguard singing and humming to the tune of "A Whole New World" cause it's my favorite song. Then voila! I am in for 11 years straight wtf.

Then it was "Colors of The Wind".
Then "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"
Okay~ They all use Disney Song la wtf

Then of course i tried the anagram on the bie and i got this! Totally super wtf

*now i'm speechless over the edge i'm just breathless*
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