Monday, September 28, 2009

I Must!!

Must blog more now for the sake that I love talking to myself wtf. But that is kinda true, i like to monolog and so that's why i like reading sajaks and those novels that we used to study for exam during our secondary school. I know loads of you hate it but i LOVE it.

Things that I am doing for this few days of my semester break are,

1) Getting hooked up watching Boys Before Flowers for the third time! LOL.

I like Gu Jun Pyo!
*and their uniform, thats why the almost same pictures*
*not mine btw, don't know who to credit.*

2) Been listening to Love Sex And Magic by Ciara ft Justin Timberlake and watching the videos too wtf so sexxaaaay!

3) Trying to finish up all the books that i bought over the months and now currently am on Jodi Picoult's Keeping Faith.

And~ I am once HIRED!!! Whee~ Better pay, better working hours, easier job(no need to stand)! I can so do expensive shopping now! woo whee~ Tonight's gonna be a good good night~


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