Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Makes Malaysian Truly Malaysian

  1. Every single morning there would never be smooth sailing traffic,whether you come out early or late..surely there would be a long queue long before the toll and also after the toll till reaches our destiny*sometimes don't..*

2.When comes to football naming players,Malaysian can name all those players that aren't from our country but if asked about our own will have to expect crickets sounds~

3.When on the road,all real colors are shown eventhough to those sweet demure looking chicks and will surely signal "international language".So "hemah" la,so "berbudi bahasa" la~~
4.When there are no parking nearby our destination and have to park far away and do a little bit of walking,we complaint but when there are mega sales through out the whole country,if needed,walking from Midvalley to the Curve is also "No Problem"!!

5.When asked to work under the hot sun then say " hot!!Later la~" but when it comes to concert or carnival under the scorching sun,No complaint!!

6.One more significance is that everywhere we go,be it early in the morning,late in the evening we can see that there are alot of stalls operated my Malyas that sells,yes..none other than Nasi Lemak.

7.When it comes to food,no doubt,Malaysians are the first person in this whole wide world that you should asked!I mean...they are duper good with that la~They can tell you where to find the best Kuey Teow and where they can get the cheapest and yummiest Chicken Rice to the most special names of Roti Canai they can create.

This is called the "Wai sek gai" in Pudu which means "Greedy Eat Street"Lolz!
But when are asked to sing the National is where all those blur faces showing and some even create their own lyrics of the National anthem.
8.Changes handphones is also another truly Malaysian Malaysian thing.Asked to donate Rm10,complaint but when comes to Rm 1780++ handphone,no complaint and some more say "Wah so cheap!!Usually Rm 2000++ leh~~"
9.Always implement and asked students to read more and to cultivate the habit of reading wherever we are but in reality the adults are just as lazy as the childrens are..maybe worse.Malaysians rather spend their leisure sleeping than reading.

and i saw this picture too~~

No comment!!
10.Lastly,Malaysians always have a very creative thinking.Have a look at the picture below.

Lolz!I saw this at Kenny's own blog and i was like OMG!!And utterly No Comment!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Safe Artic!

Ok~~Usually i don't pay attention to news and what is happening around me but that was an exception for today.I don't know whether it is out of boredom or just want to have something to read to boost up my knowledge...I went and explore the "Latest Headlines" tab and saw this headline "Swimmer aims to kayak to N Pole".Then i was like what the!!And realize that he actually did that to create awareness amongst us that the North pole is actually melting way faster than we thought it would and yea..causing Tsunami and all those crap shits and worst of all,drowning Polar Bears!!No!!Let's have a look at the whole article..
Lewis Pugh
Lewis Purg doing his part.

Long-distance swimmer Lewis Pugh plans to kayak 1200km (745 miles) to the North Pole to raise awareness of how global warming has melted the ice sheet. The BBC's Jonah Fisher met him at his training camp in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lewis Pugh has spent his life swimming long distances. But after 20 minutes in the freezing water of the Arctic he decided that his future lay above the waves.

"It's been like trying to change from Roger Federer to Tiger Woods overnight," the 38-year-old British environmental campaigner told me at a training camp in South Africa.

Now, after months of tuition from Hungarian kayaking champion Robert Hegedus, Mr Pugh wants to become the first man to paddle to the North Pole.

"Nobody has ever attempted to kayak to the pole before. In fact, it would have been impossible last year because it was frozen over," he said.

This year, for the first time, scientists predict that the North Pole could briefly be ice free and that has inspired Mr Pugh to try to find a way through.

On Saturday he is due to set off on the 1200km (745 mile) expedition from Norway to the North Pole - a journey expected to take between two and three weeks. A support ship will follow the kayak to provide Mr Pugh with food and respite from the brutal conditions.

"This will be my hardest challenge to date," the self-proclaimed "Ice Bear" told me.

"It's a very long way across an ocean that is so cold, and with high winds. Recently when I was up there training I was wearing a wet suit and a dry suit and I was still freezing cold."

Until now, Lewis Pugh has been famous for completing long distance swims in all of the world's oceans. In 2006 the former lawyer swam the length of the River Thames and then in 2007 he swam 1km (0.6 miles) at the North Pole.

On both occasions Mr Pugh said he wanted to raise awareness of global warming and its affect on the polar regions.

A swimming purist, he has adhered strictly to the Channel Swimming Association rules, which has meant leaping into sub-zero water wearing just swimming trunks, cap and goggles.

Professor Tim Noakes runs the Institute of Sports Science in Cape Town, and has provided advice for all of Mr Pugh's Arctic adventures.

"The stress of the 20-minute swimming at the North Pole was extreme," Prof Noakes told me as Mr Pugh was put through a gruelling fitness test.

"But he knew it was 20 minutes and then it was over. The stress here is less for every session but he is going to have two or three weeks of paddling and that's going to be very, very demanding."

On the lush green slopes of Table Mountain, Lewis Pugh has been trying to prepare himself mentally.

Far away from the tourists queuing for the cable car he sits meditating and listening to music. For the first time in a lifetime of extreme challenges he is not sure that he wants to succeed.

"There's one side of me that desperately wants to get to the North Pole to be able to shake the lapels of world leaders to get them to understand what has happened there," he said.

"But then there's the other side of me that says I really hope I don't get there. I hope I fail because if I am able to get there we really are in deep trouble."
Please really really understand what Purg is trying to tell the whole world on the last paragraph and SAFE ARTIC!!
Check out this link!
Friday, August 29, 2008


Starting from today,no more lecture and tutorial classes for the next like what..3 months??Not really sure~Hm~did not go to school today and suppose to study and get ready for the finals~But!!Whadda ya know~~i did not study at all!!What the!!Haiz~Really need to go find adds on the cheapest R.I.P service so that i can use it as soon as i took my exams!Lolz!!So anyone who knows aho to contact do spam me yea!Lolz!!
My leg got worse on the second day of injury of my shameful yet funny experience.Too bad i got no camera to take a picture of it to post the "look" of my injured leg.You all will think that i had a car accident instead of just falling down!I really hate TARC now!Stupid path way and clumsy me too la~~I seriously don't know why i walk over that border that day because usually i don't!!Haiz!!The injured place had the yellow gooey thing coming out now~I don;t know what they call it in English~Haiz~~And i saw this pix at my Safe Dangered Animal pictures and it reminds me that the monkey is holding a wire gauge and handling it to me!!Lolz!!

See what i meant??!!Lolz!!Anyway,safe this baby gorilla~~Don't shoot em' u evil hunters!!


This is actually the photo i copy paste from the Japanese Art Print that i have here in this blog space.I chose this picture to post about it because it reminds me of my mum that had gone through alot in the whole process of having me till to the part where she actually "pushes" me out!Lolz!It is not an easy 9 months for her,her cravings and yea..her body shape too!
In this picture,i really really feel the awesome-ness and sexy-ness of pregnant women during their conceive period that the painter wants to portrait.The idea that this painter showed breast of this mother is to show that not only they have to conceive us for 9 months,this specialty of breast feeding is also and only given to all women in this world.Although some might have difficulty in conceiving,yet,if they prayed hard enough,nothing is impossible in the eyes of God.^^
The visible foetus that is soon to see the world also shows how close a mother is to her child that wherever she goes,the unborn child is always in her mind and eagerly wants the baby to be shown to the whole world,that they can proudly say " one and only love and life"
This is really a great picture that i manage to get hold of that print and this is the best that i have yet seen.So readers,do take ur time to appreciate this picture and let your mind flow in with the sacrifices that your mother had done for you.
Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad Luck Comes With Happy Moments

Actually the title should say happy moments evolves after we had our bad moment and that happen to me today!Haiz~Met my friend while on board the bus and had a great laugh because he is a real joker and he acts lurves acting like a softy~Lolz!Can say that that was the happiest moment of my life when boarding the bus to TARC.Was utterly suprised when my always on time friends were much much earlier than me and thus i know something had happened and truly it has!!And a lmao*laugh my ass off*thing too!!You peeps are the best and truly are my type of people la~~^.^All i can say is that she is a noob that she did not realize what had happened around her or maybe...she pretend that she don't know about it!?Hm~becareful peeps~
Later on,decided to skip HE and went to Jusco for a round or two...or three...more la~of arcade games and in a way to release the stress and to have a good time together.Not all of us went there la because it was not a planned thing and no one wants to attend HE so go release stress because we would be getting that more after today!!Lolz!! comes the bad luck!!!While walking out of school,me,Victoria trips on the sidewalk and fell*cutely**lol*and scratched her*beautiful**lol*legs and it bleed like it has never bleed before!!Like fountain weh,oopps~~i exaggerated~i meant like a burst pipe!!Lolz!!All the while lmao and my friends are more worried of it than me!Lolz~I thought that it was funny because one of my friend was saying :"I dun wana walk there la,scared trip.."and before she can finish that i already trip!!Lolz!And so we pasted alot and i meant alot of Elastoplast on my injury as the scratch is not minor scratch and one lil cute plaster can't possibly withstand the overflowing blood!Lolz!!So i had 3 plaster vertically and horrizontally plastered on the right leg and 2 more vertically plastered on the left leg!Lolz!!Farnyness..Later people thought i have some weird obssesions with plasters!Lolz!!It did not really hurt actually eventhough it was badly scratched..or maybe i had experience worst and more hurtful event than this before la so i don't really feel anything.But...but..was and am wondering,how the hell am i going to bathe tonight??!!T.T Surely even Wonder Woman will feel the pain of her injury after a day fighting and goes back to have a shower!And what more a normal mortal like me!!Urrgghh~~Nice going there Victoria!!uRRGGHH!!T.T
On the brighter side*CNN again~*,we had a jolly good time at Jusco's*lame*arcade and had a great stress relieve therapy there!Started off with Hit The Dummies*i named it la*and was hitting the poor NEW machine away which require us to*duh*hit the peeking penguins,wicked looking polar bears,squids*wicked looking too*and also treasure boxes.Started off with 2 siow girls and ended up with another 2!!Later,went to the Shoot The Basket*i named also la*and had great time relieving my days while i was in the basketball team!Haiz!Long time ago and had rusted since i had not touch the ball for well around 1 year,no time to play and not forgetting no kaki to play also~Had a great time shooting those in~Then toured the arcade for awhile and played Gun Em All*yeaa..i named it too*and had a bit difficulty shooting because that darn gun has no target vision!!Urrghh~and yess..I lost it to a girl,not guy ok!!Lolz!!Next up is the Drive Like Devil*i like this name*and 4 of us competed,2 guys and 2 gals namedly Tan,Jason,Me and Ame.Woo~now that was fun!And we ended up winning 3rd to 4th placing!!Lolz!!Too good to be devil driving la!!Lolz!!Then shoot some more baskets and watch my friends played Dance Like Siow and not forgetting the cute Mario thing!!That was darn funny and the lamest play station they had there la~~That is for frustrated kids!!Lolz!!Then the greatest of all always comes last!And that is,Ame and May Kheng decided to try the Horse Gambling and whew~~they are hot chicks!!Lolz!!Showing their asses off at all directions!They were excited of it at first but got tired after like what...2 minuted rocking back and forth that dummy horse!!Lolz~~That was funny,and luckily i did not offer to ride/try that out!Lolz!!
That was me and my friends!!Great friends i would say!!
And here i am in Starbucks again~~Wee~~Boredness~they looked like they want to kick me out because i did not order anything from them and am enjoying myself with free wireless connection!Lolz!!Careness~~

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So Darn Free~~La la~~

Here is my second post for today.I really had alot of free time today!Lolz!!
After the first post today,i continued online and study at the same time!I really did study ok!Lolz!!And i finish my first chapter of my "Heaven Is So Real"book and this song kept appearing on my mind and eventually hummed it all day long.I named it "Your Love" because i don't know what is the name of it!Lolz
Your Love oh Lord
Is like the mountains
And Your Word never fails..
Your faithfulness
Is like the oceans
Deeper than endless sea..
Glory to God..
Let every heart sing,
Glory to God
In the highest..
*there should be a lot of errors cuz i don't remember the lyrics*
Indeed..God's love for us is as high as the mountains and to me it is ever higher than that!And also His faithfulness to us is as deep as the depts of the oceans and yes..will always be deeper than that!
For this past few days,i realize that God will always be my first and last love because i realize that i have been finding love every where and at places that i can't imagine that i had been!Hm~To realize that LOVE has always been in front of me and that is God.Yess!!God is Love and Love is God~*i found a scripture of that in the Bible but i fforgot the verse!!*
Wee~utterly bored now~Tomrrow will definitely go college but have to go dentist again for an x-ray on that darn wisdom tooth.Lolz!I think the dentist should really give me a big discount for being a frequent visitor there!!I have been there 4 times within 3 weeks!!Lolz!!Talk 'bout 6 months per year check up,this babe is there 4 times in a month!!Lolz!!
Anyway,Lalala~~Viva la Vida people!!

Skipped College = Wasting My Time at House!!

I did not go college today because felt that it is a waste of my time being there but nothing was to be done!And i said if i were at house,i would have more time to study and i will have my own space doing that.But~the fact that i am here really really pisses myself off!!Urrgghh~I'm like..What the hell am i doing here instead of studying!Haiz!The internet really are powerful than books to be able to attract a bookworm not to study.Lolz!!And i am looking at all this pictures too which reminds me of my friends!!Lolz!!
Align Left
Equals to = ??

Banana Pie!!!Lolz!!
Well,that was Sarah and a dear sister to me.I have another dear sister and here she is:

She is so hot right??!
Vivi = ??

Apple Pie!!!Lolz!!
And me....

This is me!!
Me = ??

Pineapple Pie!!Lolz!!
Well,all those pictures reminds me of the threesome of us and us as a sister too~although we are of different pies,yet,we are all still "sweetie pies"Lolz!!Self proclaim!!Lolz!!And here is another deary to me and he is none other than:

He looks cool right?!!Lolz!!
Christopher = ??

Yea!!A pig!!Oink..oink!!Lolz!!!
I am so going to get it from them all if they read my post!!Lolz!!Well,sorry peeps,you all reminds me of those and you can't blame me because i have got nothing to do and i don't feel like studying!!Lolz!!
*photoes courtesy of friendster*
*sorry for grabbing without permission!*

Monday, August 25, 2008
No doubt the finals are very very near and yet i still got the time to go online and blog about myself and so without further explanation,you all should know how "well prepared" i am!Lolz!!I just got lazy-er by the day and ended up wasting my first semester in a blur shell~Hm~Hope that by God's everlasting grace that i am able to pull it through la~Thank You Lord for being here with me!!^.^
Went to college today and no teaching except that i had finally manage to clarify things that i don't really get and forgot for Introduction to Accounting.Guess that makes it worth being at college today.Hm~~Spent almost all my free time today reading a book entitled "Heaven Is So Real".I actually got that book as a present from my aunt and i had actually read that whole book once before my aunt lent it from me.This second time beholding this book actually gave me yet another new revelation!!I really never knew that actually by reading a testimonial book that like would eventually make my heart burn and eager more for our Father in Heaven!Lolz!I even wish that i can die this instant moment so that i could finally be at "Home".Earth is never my permanent home ever since i got to know God and had always been waiting for that day to arrive.Although i am not as obedient,as waitful,as pure heart ed as Choo Nam*the writer/experiencer*,but i am trying as hard as i can to be like her,the special shild of God that was given the priviledge to see Heaven and Hell even when her time is not up yet~Don't you think that it is wonderful yet assuring that you will know where you end up later when our soul departs from our earthly body?I really really hope mine ends up in Heaven where i could praise and worship Him all the remaining days without anymore burdens and wickedness in life that i have to go through.Hm~But some how i believe that God put me in such a way that He wants me to be well prepare for the worst and by then He will know that i am all ready to face it all.And i finally learn the meaning to wait on God and wait for God.As God truly does His things according to his own timing and we should be obedient to wait and not to hurry God!Lolz!!I will definitely continue more on it tomorrow as i will be at house all alone tomorrow the whole day because too lazy to go college and there are too many unsightly things that i am trying to avoid as i am cleansing myself before God so that i can feel Him more and obviously in my life.I don't want to be astray anymore as i had for the past few months.I can't really feel Him anymore!!*sobs..sobs*and i just felt that my life is not worth living at all at that moment!That is when i realize how important is God in my life!Hm~It is like a wake up call from God and calls me to redirect my path again towards Him and not away.Through out this whole process,i realize that God has actually place wonderful friends/Christians in my life as in a way to guide me.Their passion for God is really visible as to praying *in college*before eating,a thing which i would never do in public because i am too hungry and i don't feel easy doing it.Lolz!!So i am learning now ok!!I really really want to learn to spread the goodness and the marvelous things that God had done and will continue to do in my life,but anyhow,there will always be an/a big obstacle/s!!It just happened today but i don't feel like mentioning it here because i am learning to not bad mouth others and MAN!!that is hard to do because it has been my attitude for like...i don't know how long as i had live??!!Lolz!!
Old habit dies hard,ya'know~~Hm~~
While i am blogging here,there is a sudden urge to go to the McD right outside my house for a quikie of Oreo MacFlurry!!Lolz!I do have cravings at night~but~neh~have to live without that tonight because i am gaining those pounds rapidly!!NO!!
Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic Gone~=Wait for Another 4 Year.(combined service today)

Woo~Beijing Olympic ended after a glorious 16 days of competing!!Hm~Well done to all athletes and really appreciate the fight that they all have put up!And the closing was yet another spectacular one and i don't think anyone missed that event la because everyone came online late!Lolz!!So need to wait for next four years lo and it will be at London!!Huahaha~~Tonight they even "shipped" *chuckles* David Beck ham and Leona Lewis and not forgetting Jimmy Page for just a short moment of Performance and the best thing is I don't know why they "shipped" David there because he was there to just kick one ball to the audience but one of the China dude got it and rush for it!!Lolz!!Pleasse la~David is yet just another person who is darn talented and that is also due to God's grace for him to be talented in football and not forgetting his good looks!!Lolz!!And my mum saw nothing but the unsightly big and tough looking legs of Leona Lewis!!Lolz!!She darn funny la because she said: "Wah~why she got such big legs like of Japanese??Like guy's legs!!"Lolz!!
Hm~My first combined service since that i came back from NS and it was great to meet up all church friends and make some new ones too~Very fruitful!!Lolz!!Not forgetting that Sarah drew a very nice Mickey for me*my favorite cartoon character
* and a Spongie Bobbie for Vivian!And my god sister is a talented one hot chick too!!Lolz!!Thankx sis for that Mickey dude!!Lolz!!Hm~nothing much to blog la except that i cried when i watch the closing of Beijing Olympic 2008!!Buhbye Beijing wonders~will make it a wonderful memory!!^.^
Saturday, August 23, 2008

Of Boredness n Fatness??!

Ok~today was really really bored!Woke up at 9.30a.m at the sound of my mum blabbering that i slept till the sun's shines my ass and it is going to hide under it if i don't wake up anymore and continue sleeping!Haiz!Come on la~it is weekends,what do you expect la!!Haiz~Really got no comment on that la~
Went downstairs and took my breakfast and not a healthy wan too,i ate egg fried with bread and also potatoes!Hm~real full,full to the max la~So nothing to watch and start studying lur~Continued and lasted till 1 p.m,not bad ey~!Lolz!!Then temani my mum to the wet market once again to get...i don't know what she bought la...because i went to the shopping mall just beside it to get some stationery and mags!!Yeah!!Can't leave without mags and goss of the Timber Town ya know~Lolz!!
Drag...drag...drag...oh~meanwhile watch some awesome performances of water acrobats!Woo!Hotness~like totally!!Whew and Spain *or was it Russia??* won the Gold medal for that sports!!Yeah to them and it really paid off lur~Hm~then drag some more~~Just sat there the whole day reading mags,msg,mags some more and of course msg non stop~~Then when it is 6p.m,watch my favorite Indo show,Bawang Merah Bawang Putih.I have actually watch this whole episod before so it is now second time watching it and still enjoying it!Lolz!!The cruelness of it all is just so unbearable yet you still want to watch it and know what is going to happen next!Awesome ness~~
At 6.45++,we head out and to Pizza Hut!WOohoo~yeah, thatz the Hut where everyone finds happiness!!Lolz!!Not forgetting the sadness too when pounds are gain/gained after being happy there!!Lolz!!Fast food are just fattening and yet we still love and adores it!Human~human~*chuckle*and now here i am blogging and does stuffs that i do when online and was looking back at photos of me*lastime and now* and saw an awful thing!!Fat ness has over powered me!!Haiz!!I need a new resolution and it is not even New Year yet~
New resolution=Lose Another 3kg By End of This Year!!

Me now.

Can you see those arms!!?Urgh!(me now)

Me now in full body length and im tun tun neh!!*sobs*
Letz have a peek of me when i am not that chubby as now!!Haiz!!

Me when was in camp!see la not chubby at all!!Huhuhu~~

This is perfecto!!i want to be back in this shape!!Gambateh to me!!Lolz!!
Friday, August 22, 2008

Day Off

Yea~today is my day off and i don't need to go to college and i can finally have some sufficient rest!But woke up early in the morning and went to the dentist to get advice for my plans to extract the wisdom tooth A.S.A.P before it hurts again!Though i doubt it will anymore because people say that when it is finally out it will not hurt anymore~but it will take on the nest step and that is to rot!!Huh!!??No!!So~the dentist say that i need to be transfer/recommend to the Hospital Ampang to do a small operation to rid off the tooth.Yea~it sounds scary OPERATION~but yea~it is just a minor one that only cuts off a bit of my gum in order to pull out the tooth.
Then accompanied my mum to the wet market to get some veggies for the week and was bargaining,bargaining and more bargaining*yea~i'm such an aunt y*Lolz!!Then went home and had my breakfast,well branch actually!!Lolz!And i slept like a log after that~~ZzZZzzz~~==
Woke up 3-4 hours later*can't remember*and around 1.15p.m start studying till 6p.m!Woo~yea~that is just practically what i do during my free days at house.So unfruitful and waste of time!I was then on the phone with my Meanie and was crapping away~carpping...crapping...and more crapping~~Lolz!!=p He went for $5 all you can eat Pizza with his friends!!Lolz!!Isn't he tired of that??Hm??I wonder la~If it is me,surely i will get bored of pizzas and throw up if i ever hear of it!Lolz!!Meanie sure gained weight already la~Pizzas are so fattening!!Lolz!!~~La la la la la la la~~
Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great Day comes with Great Friends!^-^

Every Thursday is a total waste of time traveling to TARC because we only have class in the morning!Well..We do have class after 10a.m but that class is a total waste of time because it was presentation assignment for the past 7-8 weeks!In a way,that makes teacher lazy and they are paid to do nothing except for the pathetic lecture that she can't even attract our attention for the mere 1 hour!!Call herself teacher some more!I seriously got no other comment other than she is not worth of that "Name"*chuckles*
And just got to know recently that our headmistress of TAR KL campus has change to a headmaster!!Woah~that was so totally undisclosed!!Unlike those days in secondary that we would even make a damn big party like want to celebrate National Day to celebrate the headmistress that retires or transfers to other places as to pay contribute for her hardworks lur~But till now i have not seen our new headmaster and he was not introduce to the whole school!Hm~now that makes me wonder whether this is just a rumour or my friends are making it up??Now that is lame to make such lies and to say that lur~Nothing to do meh?Lolz!By the way,we do have a good headmistress la~So there should be no reason to kick her away/transfer right??And she looks way to young to retire!Ha ha ha~~Anyway,good luck Headmistress of TAR!~(I duno her name~=p)
Back to my title!Lolz!!Today was yet a great day and this is the days that makes me feel worth of going to college,those distances that i have to brace through,those unwelcome stresses,and not forgetting those new and full of weird attitude people that i have to face through!Lolz!!Yea friends~(my duper 38 yet lovable group!!)You know who i am refering to right!!You guys and gals make my day today and it is great to know you all and nevertheless you all rock my day!!
We celebrate one of our friends birthday today and it is none other than Cheong Boon Kin!!Happy Birthday dude!!One year older already lur~so need to look out more for yourself yea,and never be scare to come to us to ask if there are problems because we would always be there for you to help you and will definitely side you la~!^.^

Birthday boy!

His cake.

Can you spot the difference??!!Lolz!!

Very nice arh~~

Groupie photo at last!^.^

So,when you go clubbing legally remember to invite me yea!!Lolz!!I also can go there legally already within 1 more week!!Yeah~!!I really can't wait for me to turn legally 18!Huahahaha~
And yeah!WE did go white today so here it is~us as a big family*kam*friends!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All Blacks Day!

Today is the first all black day for close friends of group DEM5 and we actually had a say on that already and not that we mind read each other or what la~(for those that we lie~)Lolz!Nevertheless,i was very happy to see that everyone today embrace the color that i heart so much that i actually got alot of scolding from my secondary school friends that i only wear black and they say i should enter some cult organization and surely they will accept me and will even make me president for having a whole wardrobe full of black clothings!!Lolz!!That was mean but i do very really HEART Black!!Ooo~~Black makes me feel protected,cool,slim*=p*,sexy*lol*,and not forgetting that black actually suits my cunning natural de au face!Lolz!But too bad~we did not do alot of camwhoring today so~no pictures of us whole gang in black!!*Hu~Hu~*

Oh well,we are going white tomorrow!!Camwhore~~Camwhore~~=p
Thatz what i do best!!Lolz!!
Even the ME leacturer was like "Why do i see alot of blacks today??Is there something on??"
Then we was like "Nola~we all are Yakuzass~~Lol"
Woo~so fast another week has gone and we are yet darn close to our finals!!Hm~began to realize that my friends has begun with their studies and more of sleeping!!Lolz!!Me~?Try guessing what i have finish studying!?Lolz!!The English Language of course because that unit also dun need to study wan ~Lolz!!Other than that all still half way lur~Better than nothing right!!*proud~proud~*Lolz~*
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This IS Life!

Today is the life that i always practice while i am in secondary school and had really left it behind since secondary life ended and a new face began,Tertiary.A real hectic and no life experience!em~
Right after my last class today,went and had a sweaty afternoon today because played my all time favorite and that is none other than VOLLEYBALL!!Lolz!!And realize that after one year of no touching that ball and no any practice,i actually suck in it and it gave me the feel that i have to learn it all over again and be a dummy again!!*sob sob**But it was fun to play it with someone new because i can always learn new things and new styles!!Lolz!!Played till 7++p.m and so went back with those public transport as usual lur~And as i expected it took me a good 2 hours before i reach back here in Cheras.The bus that i board will eventually pass by my dance friend's house and also studio and so i went and paid her a visit.And coincidently they were all there and were practicing moves lur~And surely mu'ah will not be let out if the whole gang is there shaking their booty off!!Lolz!!And so i also shaked my booty and now am utterly tired@@!!Lolz!It has been a while since i have hit the ground and that explains the tiredness lur~Dance for mere 30minutes only lur but that is more than enough for me to relieve off my stress that i gained from study and all stresses from the world around me!Em~~
So i reach home around 9p.m,yeah~late la~But had great time so it is worth it lur!!The disadvantages of today's activities are(too many ME already!),i am more and more tired now and as a result of that i did not do revision today,and i should be doing that because my finals are in 1 week time and i am still in the blur condition and only God can help me now!Em~Got nothing much to say or do this days and life seems worth less to me nowadays as i only repeat things everyday and with no progress~~=.=
Sunday, August 17, 2008

Toothache!!!And a sweet Victory!

Wisdom tooth is definitely no wisdom at all!!Huh!!Coming out at times like this whereby i will be facing my final examinations soon!!How to study lur??Better still,how to concentrate la during exams when it suddenly pain!!Urrgghh~~
I have not been sleeping AT all for the past few nights due to the sudden pain attack and resulting me falling asleep practically anywhere!!Bus table...TOILET!!!Lolz~~Hish~if i continue to be as lethargic as i am now,i am so over la~My finals will surely end up in the rubbish bin!!Huhu~But i just cannot help it,there is nothing that i can do to stop the freaking pain!They say it really hurts like anything when it merges out but it is indeed a pretty tooth with no function once it is all out.Some people will eventually choose to keep it and resulting in rotting up all the other tooth!!Lolz!Yea~no joke la~this wisdom tooth will eventually rot and not only that,this little fellow wans fellow friends to rot together with it too~Lolz!!
Today was really really suffering for me because it was yet another duper hot day and with this "thing"coming out and all it makes it worse.Resulting massive pain that i have to endure!!To the extend that i felt like taking a spanar and end the pain myself but of course that was just a metaphor la~If i would have done that myself then i wouldn't be in Business sector!!Lolz!!
AS for today,as usual went for morning service but did not even get a single word into my head because i was practically SLEEPING!!Lolz!!Sorry,forgive me Pastor Chin!!
Later on,tooth start to be naughty and give me problems and all and i did not eat for the whole day till i got better right after i woke up from my sleep~Then had dinner lur~IN PAIN!!lOLZ!!
I seriously don't know how long more i can and need to withstand this pain and my mum still can joke and said "Wait till u experience labour pain!!" Whadda!!What has labour got to do with tooth!!!SWT!!
Was so happy when Lee Chong Wei did not get a gold medal for Malaysia in the badminton tournaments because...I EXPECTED IT!!Huahaha~~And i do route for China's No.1 and that is none other than LIN DAN!!Wohhoo~~I duper lurve the way he looks and his style when he does his ultimate smash!!Lolz!!So hot,so ada style,so sweaty!!Lolz!!It was like 21-12(first round) then it got worse and i was expecting 21-0 but it turns out 21-9(surely all top score is to China lur~) Malaysia,try again lur the next time!!"Malaysia Boleh"i want to live in Japan/HK/China!!^^

LinDan with Chong Wei tailing behind!

Lin Dan in action!!Woo~~

Lin Dan's "Yeah" pose!!See the muscles ladies!!Huhu~~

See the sexinest when he smash!*drool*Lolz!!

I waited 4 years for just a glance of this perfect curve!!And he never fails to awe me!!

Check out this bod!!A total worth to drool over!!

Claiming his title as "Best Men's Single".HUhuhuh~~

You are always a WINNER to me!!Lolz!!Great sportsmen that i adore!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Wife A-Lost by William Barnes

Since I noo mwore do zee your face,
Up stairs or down below,
I'll zit me in the lwonesome place,
Where flat-bough'd beech do grow;
Below the beeches' bough, my love,
Where you did never come,
An' I don't look to meet ye now,
As I do look at hwome.

Since you noo mwore be at my zide,
In walks in zummer het,
I'll goo alwone where mist do ride,
Drough trees a-drippèn wet;
Below the rain-wet bough, my love,
Where you did never come,
An' I don't grieve to miss ye now,
As I do grieve at hwome.

Since now bezide my dinner-bwoard
Your vaice do never sound,
I'll eat the bit I can avword,
A-vield upon the ground;
Below the darksome bough, my love,
Where you did never dine,
An' I don't grieve to miss ye now,
As I at hwome do pine.

Since I do miss your vaice an' face
In prayer at eventide,
I'll pray wi' woone sad vaice vor grace
To goo where you do bide;
Above the tree an' bough, my love,
Where you be gone avore,
An' be a-waitèn vor me now,
To come vor evermwore.
*This poem courtesy of Melalyn's blog*
I have read this poem once and instantly fell in love with the hidden meaning of this poem!This poem may not come with good English as of Shakespeare's but it has a great meaning as of Shakespeare's poetry s.Great love does not only happen among the high ranks but it happens to everyone and of any placements!Like one of Mel's students describe it "Love Is Universal".And i so truly agree to that statement that love IS truly Universal and it happens to anyone and with any one!!You all should really read the above poem and understand it and u will know what the writer feels...

Continuation of yesterday(Outing and Presentation)

Outing of the century!!Lolz!!There is nothing much to say as pictures paint a thousand words!

Makaning at McD at TS(CBK)

Yeqii and me(me enjoying^^)

Our class cute"monkey"(William)

Later on they went to play Sega and all those shooting game and see the funess they had !!

CBK so exited!!

The pro-ness of William at the table scorer!!Chewah!!

Play till so serious and study that time also not that serious!!

Ooo~shooting session!!My fav!!See the yeng-ness of em all!!

Again!!The pro-ness of William at the shooting range!Study also not lk that face wan!!

Ah Tan dailou!!*shivers*

Jason~yet another dailou!!

Then Tze Kai(bday boy)became the victim!!Funny-ness!!
Then they went and invade the Bowling Center and messed up the whole place with their silly-ness and funny-ness!!Lolz!!This is the best gang ever la!I am so ever glad to have chosen group 5 in the first place!!Lolz!!

Yeqii(can she even lift a 6 ball??Let alone a 13!!)Lolz!!

Tze Kai(August Baby) Chewah!!Show off ke??Take 14 punya ball!! Can or not oh??

Then kena lempar for showing off!!Just joking!!Duno what is he doing la,maybe he has seen the light on his 18 year old birthday!!Lolz!!

William is a pro at everything except for studying and you see la,he got Mou Ying Shou!!Lolz!!

And there he goes!!Like want to PK like that!!Lolz!!Sure cant score wan la!!So senget!!Lolz!!

The boring-ness and wuliau-ness of Yeqii and CBK!!

Lengluis!!(except for the two behind!!(not our people!!)

Cuteness!!(CBK wana be hostess,Kai Kai wana be angel,William wana be cute monkey and Tan wana be superrrMan!!)Lolz!!

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