Wednesday, August 20, 2008

All Blacks Day!

Today is the first all black day for close friends of group DEM5 and we actually had a say on that already and not that we mind read each other or what la~(for those that we lie~)Lolz!Nevertheless,i was very happy to see that everyone today embrace the color that i heart so much that i actually got alot of scolding from my secondary school friends that i only wear black and they say i should enter some cult organization and surely they will accept me and will even make me president for having a whole wardrobe full of black clothings!!Lolz!!That was mean but i do very really HEART Black!!Ooo~~Black makes me feel protected,cool,slim*=p*,sexy*lol*,and not forgetting that black actually suits my cunning natural de au face!Lolz!But too bad~we did not do alot of camwhoring today so~no pictures of us whole gang in black!!*Hu~Hu~*

Oh well,we are going white tomorrow!!Camwhore~~Camwhore~~=p
Thatz what i do best!!Lolz!!
Even the ME leacturer was like "Why do i see alot of blacks today??Is there something on??"
Then we was like "Nola~we all are Yakuzass~~Lol"
Woo~so fast another week has gone and we are yet darn close to our finals!!Hm~began to realize that my friends has begun with their studies and more of sleeping!!Lolz!!Me~?Try guessing what i have finish studying!?Lolz!!The English Language of course because that unit also dun need to study wan ~Lolz!!Other than that all still half way lur~Better than nothing right!!*proud~proud~*Lolz~*


VivianNg said...

so cool weh
next time we both pakat wear black la.

ViCkY@Victoria said...


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