Friday, August 29, 2008


This is actually the photo i copy paste from the Japanese Art Print that i have here in this blog space.I chose this picture to post about it because it reminds me of my mum that had gone through alot in the whole process of having me till to the part where she actually "pushes" me out!Lolz!It is not an easy 9 months for her,her cravings and yea..her body shape too!
In this picture,i really really feel the awesome-ness and sexy-ness of pregnant women during their conceive period that the painter wants to portrait.The idea that this painter showed breast of this mother is to show that not only they have to conceive us for 9 months,this specialty of breast feeding is also and only given to all women in this world.Although some might have difficulty in conceiving,yet,if they prayed hard enough,nothing is impossible in the eyes of God.^^
The visible foetus that is soon to see the world also shows how close a mother is to her child that wherever she goes,the unborn child is always in her mind and eagerly wants the baby to be shown to the whole world,that they can proudly say " one and only love and life"
This is really a great picture that i manage to get hold of that print and this is the best that i have yet seen.So readers,do take ur time to appreciate this picture and let your mind flow in with the sacrifices that your mother had done for you.


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