Sunday, February 22, 2009


i realized that i am much more open in the sense that i could talk almost all of what i feel and think to my aunty rather than to my mum. does this means i am unfilial or something? eeek~@@ hope not cause i muchymuch love my mum to the hard rock bits but everytime i tell her of my own plans for my own future, she would scorn some of it and makes me very the beh song/i don't like it and i hope she'd be more supportive than 'cheh childish'. i really hate that and on top of it, it kinda hurts.

so~ as soon as service ends today, we went to visit an uncle and ohmigosh, he fell down and knocked his head to the steel gate and according to him he was bleeding profusely and he had to wait for almost 2 hours to be attended. in a government hospital. and was rejected when at first they went to the clinic.
'well done malaysia's service, very the well done*claps hand*'
and if anything happens to him, you all will say and claim that you all are too busy or worse, you stuff money to them and made em' shut the fcuk up. even if they would, i WOULD NOT.

on the brighter side, as i was saying, we(me and aunty)was talking about going for trips and how some people have the money to go for trip alomst every month or twice a month. and i was wondering what are they working as that employers lets employees take leave more frequent than them being at home. and i said, I WANT TO BE ON THAT JOB TOO~
cause i love to travel! LOVE TO THE BITS~ nothing could pull me down and ward me from traveling.
so i were saying when i had my first pay check i would want to go to Hong Kong as it is well known for doing-the-massive-great-shopping but you wouldn't feel broke at all cause our money here is twice as valuable as their money there.
and i told mum that we will go when i get pay check and shop till we drop.
we were saying like it is all plan but long way to go~
and we have no fear for hotels and all cause my cousin sister is there, residently and not illegally! lol



Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria. You are planning to go to Hong Kong? I heard littlecicak now is in Hong Kong. Btw, don’t forget to go to Victoria Peak @ Hong Kong ya!!!

Jeffro said...

Ooo.. ya better not forget my air tix then.. =D

Victoria said...

yea i know! im so envious of him now. im just on the verge of planning!

*hands tickets to Jeff* hope on board! jadi my kuli and tour guide ok??
*evil laughter*

Samantha Chow said...

wait, ur going to HongKong for a holiday? and u are going to be working at the office for 7 months, part time while studying?

Jeffro said...

I certainly dun mind one bit.. =D
Coz it's all on u.. hahaha.. ^^

Anonymous said...

im planning to go HK for holidays but it is not confirm~ and no~im working now~but will stop next week and if my schedule allows me, i would continue working partime

ok set! u go sleep tepi jalan! lol
*winks and hugs*

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