Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Have Always Wanted

to be a diva normal person. lol roflmao~ cause i am not normal enough to me friends.

okok~that was just a random starter. cause all i want for Christmas is ... five inch taller lol~
was talking to my Phillipines new found friends today and i just realize how gay and les friendly are them.
oh and there started stories that only bitchgirls could dream of~ but i wouldnt want to be part of that dream~
today is utterly bored!

but it was utterly greatshopping,working experience cause i called like freaking 150 calls and no one wants to do the survey. waitt~~ i see shopping!! roflmao~
and i bought two SHOES! at the price of RM65! *slapself and faints*
im so good in finding stuffs and does not burn a hole in the pocket~ arrgghh~
see picture tomorrow~

latest news of me, im now OFFICIALLY SICK~
*atchoo and wipes wipes*


Jeffro said...

O_O I thought you're normal all the time.. Oh now i know.. that you're not normal at all.. =(

Woah.. RM65 would definitely burn MANY MANY holes in my pocket.. =P

Victoria said...

lol~haix~that day that u saw me wasnt the real me! roflmao~cause i am still 'fresh' with u all so i shuddup and reserved abit~
har~u watch out for the next outing la~il bug u till u beh song me! haha

eh cheap la the shoes, actually is three shoes~2 of mine and one is mum's, all together rm65.^^
im so jimat! lol~xp

Jeffro said...

Ooo.. 'freshmeat' ei? xD Try me! LOL.. I scared you too addicted only.. wtf wtf roflmao

Oh.. i tot u bought 1 pair for RM65.. that's why la.. Coz u went and strike out the two.. O_O woah.. 3 for RM65, now THAT's CHEAP!

Unknown said...

POOR VIC *pat u on the head* no wonder there said girl is expert in shopping ,VIC!

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