Monday, February 2, 2009
I miss college!

I miss my peeps!

I miss the lecturers!

I miss college's swimming pool!

I miss college's library!

I miss college's food!

I miss sleeping between classes!

I miss ignoring the hell outta Acc lecturer!

I miss those bunch of tweeps that i even forgot their name!

I miss see-ing them gay-ing each other out!

I miss their super farkingly loud and annoying sound!
*they sound like people rape them!*

I miss 'watching' their baby-ish love story and fights!

I miss how certain someone can be so pretty and farking bitchy at the same time!

I miss the looks on those guys that sees pretty girls and blinded!

I miss how they are at making lecturers walk out of the hall!

I miss their laughters even for a stupid joke!

*slaps self*
as if i would miss all those! ok~i do miss the part of my peeps la~ i meant the close ones.
and stop stalking my blog you people! i can see it when you all came here ok! find fault with me but still come and stalk my blog! damn! id' rather my ratings go down than you people coming here and pollute my space!
*not welcome here*


Anonymous said...

who is the 1 that can be so pretty and farking bitchy at the same time a??hhehee..
and which guys that sees pretty girls and blinded??hehehee....curious curious...anyway..who's the stp ppl that stalk u leh???

tuttut power ranger..^.^v

Victoria said...

haix~u should noe de la~

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