Friday, February 20, 2009

Please Care Less

i blog according to environment so to say and since now i had currently start working and so my post would mainly all based according to what i had been through, what was in my mind, and what was whatever that has happen to me today.and since i will be in office EVERYDAY, so it would be office related and if you're sick and bored and tired and wants to puke and wants to dig out your own eyeballs... what ever you're feeling that makes you hate my blog post, please leave before i start... hehehe~
*muka siut and pulls you back*

since i am doing telemarketing for Australia and Malaysia as well, i have to start work the least by 7.30 because Australia is now 3 hours ahead and we need to catch them during their office hour. so wakau lo! haix~ sorry, the seafood part ter-come-ed out.

so i very very very the punctual wan leh, so mai leach deh at 7a.m lo. then hor, the open door people haven come wor!! so how??what to do??cannot do anything what! mai have to wait lo.. wakau eh, today wait more long lo, wait more 15 minutes leh, stand dey samo, no chair wan leh.. my leg also pain till die liau lo~so mai tired lo. also hungry timm... cos morning morning wakeup so busy till never eat and have to out early aso cos i live far far leh...
*slapself and irritated by all the 'la', 'mai', 'leh' ~s*

lolmao. the reason that i talk in seafood language is due to one plain and lame reason, i had been using my 'good and well' english the whole day and i kinda miss using my Malaysian English(Manglish). and my job requires me to have very good command in English so that i can pretend that i am from Singapore or Hong Kong or any where in this part of the world except for Malaysia. lol~ just joking.. we do not lie our location as telemarketing, we ARENT ALLOWED to.
so i can now very very very the much understand those students that are studying overseas, how very very very much they missed their own root and to all their upbringing habits. especially the carefree Manglish, no tongue twisting, talk as loud as you want, talk as what pops into mind, mindless being polite and blablabla...

i finally had sometime to take pictures of my office environment but it is fcukingly blurred caaauuussseee~~~got CCTV in the manager's room! what turfff!! and i realized it after me snapping around! fcuk weh!

while i was snapping, damn! got cctv on top! fuah!!! paiseh! fcuk leh~

this picture in the first entrance piece to my office and its not blurred because after this then only i know they got pc all around the room! fuah!*faints*

this is where i sits and this is where approxi 40 people sit in toilet cubicle being lifeless and talking to(seems like)the computer screen cause you would barely notice the headphone. cause it is too ugleyy!! lol what turf and it hurts my ear.

haiya!!! i was too afraid too lift my hand up high high to take this picture cause i am there only the 3rd day and if they ever ter-see-ed me taking this in their room, i will disappeared from the company leh! haix~ this is all i can get for my table.
the old computer and my freaking databases.

and i got 3 COMPLETED TASK TODAY!*phhheeewwwiiittttt*
countcount time:rm54!!>
countcount time for yesterday:rm48!!>
countcount time for first dayrm48!!>
the three countcount day plus together
haiah! now no calculator! so you all count for me la! lol~

and and and and~i talked to more people besides to those of my secondary school! and yipeedeedoo!
talked to the Philo beside me, the Philo beside me punya infront, the Philo at the first sit of my row! hehe~yea a lot of Philos here.
and yesterday, talked to the Korean group. and by accident too! what turf leh but it is more to compliment, i take it as...
as i was waiting and ringing the doorbell to enter the office, one of the Korean guy came and wanted to go out too, so i went in and he said 'ANYEONGHASEYO' and thinking that i was Korean. i got what he said in Korean but i don't know how to speak. and so i stupidly replied him in Japan! what turf right??! *dush* and i said 'Iye~ watashiwa mareshia san desu mo hangu... anyway, anyeonghaseyo hyung~'
what turf~ i spoke in Jp and Eng and Korea in one line! *dush* dasar budak Malaysia! rojak hingga nak mampus. lol~roflmao~
luckily the guy i understand and spoke abit BM!! KAWAIII!! and he asked me to teach him BM and in return i got to learn Hangu~ lol~xp

arrhh~ my office got lengcai and cutecai leh~ which you all want??i can intro intro~intro only la ok~cause i also need to cari 'makan' lol what turf!
just joking.

p/s::in all this lame and random talk, pls notice that im currently very happy and wishes to work here for as long as time and people allows me to do so and i currently have no hatred towards who and what so ever. cheerios.

p/s/s::i usually get tired on one thing, especially work after the 2nd day! lol what turf!

p/s//s::i dont think my Jap is correct! T-T


Unknown said...

haha u r funny man XD

Victoria said...

why i funny?

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