Sunday, October 19, 2008

Begins Of Sufferings

Final examinations for those secondary starts tomorrow.
Last year at this time of the year it was one heck of pressuring over time and also my ability to conjure all 10 subjects in to my tiny brain since i don't really work my ass off through out the whole year and i couldn't take up all the blame if i have friends who acted that unsightly way.

Now that i am way over that period which i am quite please seeing that i only need to manage 6 subjects and a whole lot of assignments which i am quite pleased to have to do as i am more to those hands-on nerds.xp
I need to correct my statement.
I only need to really handle 4 subjects as language subjects are no problems for me and i really thank God that he gave me this talent to be able to really master languages.
Some say that language are the hardest thing to learn on this planet earth, and i would stand out and disagree with it but before i had that chance, my friends with be like " Aiya, you no need to say la, you so geng. Sure no probs la. Unlike us ma..."
Ok~ Not that i show off la, i will definitely be more obliged to help if you all ever needed it and feel free to ask lo but don't jump to conclusion about me like that la.
Well, i suck badly in maths what!!!
And i never give up trying it. Lolx! But real thankx a lot la to those that patiently teached me maths and accountings and to withstand all my ramblings and my stupid questions.
I just need to ask!! Alot some more~ Huahahhahahaha xp

Anyway, suffering for my sibling started BUT... he don't seem to care leh~
It has been known through out the whole world*i exxagerated* that he is one hack of a genius and don't need too much studying and he scores perfect but lately facts change. Assumptions changed. Attitude changed.
He has got no more that fighting spirit, like my mum always describe it, to work his ass off to get a flying color result and be proud of it so that he can shoved it to my face and say " I do better that you ok!!!"
Not that i like that, don't misunderstood, I feel embarrassed too as being the eldest and losing to a younger dude is just so isn't my thing.
But what to do he is always and has always overshadowed me in this factor.
Me overshadowed in a lot of factor lo but i did not show off ok~ Lolx!
Needless to say, i do have my own sufferings too..
As in i am too lazy to complete my assignments and i come to learn that i love and enjoy last minute thing though i know it is not good but.. i feel that i work better and efficiently last minute.
Although sometimes marks also lastminute standards kinda marks la but heck.. I enjoy the adrenalin of rushing an assignment the night before it should be handed early in the morning. xp
Siow??.. YES!!! OBVIOUSLY LA...

Ok~ got to go to bed now.
Kinda cold here.
Rained.. At last or else i will kill some one. Lolx~
So wna snuggle in now.


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