Sunday, February 1, 2009
that was so scandalous~*cough cough*

it was so cold today and my aunt was talking about a trip to JP this coming November and that brings chills down my spine. why in the world would she want to go there during winter? go la during summer or autumn...better and nicer and can see more and walk around more. so jakun she want to see snow!

and we had steamboaty! my all time favorite!
to show how bored i was today, i went and change my computer's screen saver. the last time one is so damn cheesy and it was actually given by someone that i thought was special but turned out to be spe-sial*an inside joke*and i was stupid enough to enlarge the freaky small picture and it became so many and filled up my screensaver.
got bling bling samo! woah! like so cool~
*what turf*
anyyywayyyy, change to something that is in this pax but i like it.. actually reflects what i am feeling now~

is that a butterfly at my window???

oh!! it;s my screensaver and my new cursor! lolx~

lame.i know~ this is what people become of during college holidays and to people that stays at house and refuses to move ass to go find friends.
so she will end up doing stupid and useless things.

and bebe, this is for you~but cannot see clearly~my fone is like so what turf!

cannot see nicely! the nails that i did~
come to Malaysia lu then i help you do a pinky one to match your cuteness and your nice pinky blog!


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