Saturday, March 7, 2009

Argh! Should I Even Feel This Way?

Today is the day where my second semester's results are out. and to tell the truth, i totally let it slip outta my mind and happily went swimming in the morning and played like kiddo all once more with the nephews!

And it rained here. i was kinda happy cause it rained actually. first, when it rained, i wouldn't feel so hot and sweat all the time and be sticky and not chio and i need to waste more water from the reservoir cause i will need to bath like 5 times compared to the usual 3 times a day. yes, i hate bathing in the morning but i bathe twice during the period of afternoon and evening and the last time would be at night.
Secondly, whenever it rains, the Streamyxshitmyxwould get so fucked up slow and make everyone fuckingly irritated cause they have to wait like effing long for a page to load and prolly some lucky ones couldn't even get to the page they wanted to after waiting for like 30 minutes to load?! what turf right?! ok~ and so how this affect my sad mood to happy mood? cause, i can't log in to the TARC website! xp and i am eager to see and know and the other part of the deep down me, secretly wishing that the page wouldn't load today! lol~
should i even think and feel this way? arrggh~ what turff~ i am prolly the one and only human that does not wish to know and face the truth! haix~
anyway, it cant load and i have tried it for like gazillion time! *ngehehehe*


Anyway! picturesss~ of my nephews! actually got two ny la~so you all don't get irritated~ngehe~

presenting Yuan! the colgate wanabee~ lol~ he always take photo showing his luscious teeth! lol~ i thought og adding the 'chingg' thingy! lol~

Left is the brother, Han and Yuan himself! ok i caught them here not ready! but what turh~still cute right?! and pardon me stupid lauya fone cause i too took this pictures with the light facing their back! stupid right?! lol xp

They are actually at a salon, and Han needs to get a hair cut while Yuan objected to it and he has got too lil' hair btw to cut! hm~
and i think the jie jie who cut Han's hair helped him gel up his hair and when i came back, Han and Yuan both has their hair all gel and spike up! lol~
Me to Yuan:: fuah! why you so lengcai?just now i see also not so lengcai?!
Yuan to me:: *touch hair* *hoping that i notice*
Me to Yuan:: ohoh~i saw it! you gel your hair?! nice! cool! *pretend like never see b4* eh, korkor also got!
Yuan to me:: Pretty yi~ next time i don't want to go Yi Jia there cut hair cause they no gel and here got gel!


p/s:: Yi Jia is another salon that they usually go too..
p/p/s:: i suddenly felt like i talked more to Yuan than to Han, actually no!! just that Yuan is so damn random till i beh ta han! lol


k0k s3n w4i said...

Ur screenname caught my attention. Vox = Voice. V.O.X = Voice Of eXpression.


AaronxLee said...

Chill la. its streamyx. =]

fluotone said...

hahaha... your nephews! they're so cute! plus your photoshop skills are slowly developing i see (yes it was a form of sarcasm on the earlier post) how on earth did u figure that out? oops I did agonize your life that much huh? hehehe.. ey, it time you got a better camera phone *wink* perhaps with the cheque that is coming out next week hehe..

Victoria said...

@kOk s3n w4I:: arh!! ure one clever dude!! no one ever noes or ask or comment why did i name my blog as Voice Of Expresion and y is it that i names myself vox!!*winks*

@Mr Awesome:: i feel shitty now cause i saw the fucking results@@ i wna die!!

@floutone:: lol~thts a very building sarcasm and i neu it la cx the photos really suck! i noe~ lol~cx actually i dun do photoshop unless the photos damn kaukau cant see la~
and i duno how to photoshop! xp
wait~cheque??what cheque??

fluotone said...

hahaha.. what the turkey! lol u work for free ar? ok perhaps you are one of the good souls who donates all your salary to charity =) good good.. the world needs more people like you :)

Victoria said...

of course i work for moolah but but~whats with the sudden working topic??*blurred*

fluotone said...

u ask about "wait~cheque??what cheque??
lol.. blurcase~~

Victoria said...


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