Friday, November 7, 2008

Bestties Revealed!(part 1)

I have tons and tons of friends. but not all make it to my bestties list!! lolx!!
and so today would be my very first revealed of my number one besttie.
*jeng jeng jeng*

That is Lim Say Kee. the human la of course, is my besttie but that is her bao bei dog named Buble. i have never met him*it is a him*before but he seems such a cute dog to me. oh!! all animals are cute to me!!
anyway... i met her at my most unwanted to go place at all, which is National Service. believe it or not, i cried to the thought of going to a place in which i don't even know where in the world it was and to the thought that i don't even know anyone there. and with my arrogant look*borned that way*, it would be hard for me to meet and be close to new people.
but that thought is so wrong!!
i cherish every moment the day i step into that wretch place.
i, no...we all were so lost at that place because no one was really there to guide us to our rooms, no first hand tour around the site, no briefing, no nothing. just commands that they yell and expect us not in army force to understand what they yelled.

the bestest service that they gave us on our first day are cars that shipped our luggages straight to our rooms. while us, just follow and find our way blindly while cursing in heart all the way for our 'good luck' to be chosen.
anyway, she, Say Kee is the first girl that i talked to.^^
i went into the wrong room the moment i arrived. i went and open the first door that i came across. and saw that it is well furnished and i know that instant moment i was in the wrong room.
and she, just stood there looking at me blindly. i stupidly close the door, cursing all the while at the sight of all those dirty-ness.
"i was in the wrong room right?"
"yea.. our room is this one"
showing me another already open door.
"you choose any bed that you like la since no one here yet"
i wasn't really hearing what she said at that time because in my mind i was like, "i knew it, i knew the place will look like prison."
but i was pleased to see that those beds were not double deckered.
"so have you chose your place?"
"haven yet..where are you sleeping by the way?"
and so i shifted to the bed beside hers and we clicked that instant.
i was like friggin complaining that my whole body is sticky and wanted a bath but don't dare because no orders were given and feared that while i bath, we need to go to the canteen and stuufs. so sat there and talked to her.
it was really hard for me at first because i cant speak any mandarin at all. i can understand la.

i got really home sick for the first week and was actually crying the whole time we were in the dorm. we cant sleep during free time, nothing to do there, don't dare to talk to anyone, dont even dare to read my novel...
she is the only one who were there for me, comforting me, just sat there with her comforting hands around my shoulders. she really make me feel at ease and i felt much better that instant. she really really am my first besttie that i would give anythng in this world to not lose her!!!>.< style="font-style: italic;">pujuk
me. just that i dont know how to express it.
i hope she reads this.^^

i am so sorry that i make you cried that very once. i dont know what got into me. pms i think!! lolx!!
i love you so very much deary!!
i am really missing the days that every morning, it is either you waking me up or me doing the job, rushing to the toilet with you in the blizzard morning, sharing towel with you, looking at you poking your eyes to fit contact every morning, knowing that you eat 6 breads and a big plate of mee every morning, know how you hate the sun and being sweaty, know how you hate to clip your front hair and wear that dumb hat, know that you don't wash your clothes before... many more la that only we both know..hehehehe...

i really missed you a lot lo~
i have always compared you with my friends at college and you are the first gem to fit into my heart as besttie.
it is like we are borned to be sisters ho??
i love you deary!! hope that you will remember me everyday and i am sorry for what i have done to you, you do know that i don't mean it~^^


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